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Found 23 results

  1. I am trying to factory reset an FGS-223 unit; according to the manual I should power off, power on, and hold the B-button until the LED turns to Yellow (it says the menu LED should go from Green / Violet / Yellow). However in my case the menu LED goes from Pale Blue / Green / Violet / Green and it never gets to Yellow. So I cannot reset this unit. Is there some other way to reset it? Note: I cannot reset it via software since it is "paired" with a broken Z-Wave USB stick so I cannot access it or transfer it over the new USB stick without doing a hard reset on it.
  2. Hi guys, Thanks in advance for your advice. My electrician is about to install my fibaro modules and I was hoping to get him some advice. Is it possible to run 2 separate two-way switches off the single FGS-223? ie, one two-way switch circuit on S1 and another on S2?? I'm not sure if it is possible, as there is only one L and one N connection - or does this not matter? There is plenty on the net about wiring a single two-way circuit, but I can't find anything about wiring 2 x two-way circuits on the one double switch. Is this possible?? If it is possible, can someone provide me with a wiring diagram that I can give to my electrician? Thanks heaps in advance for your help! Regards, Eugene.
  3. Can anyone explane to me what the difference is between...: FGS-223, Parameter 10 First channel - operating mode 2 - delay OFF function and 4 - auto OFF function Whitch is the best to use to switch off lights after a set period of time Lights are triggerd (switched on) by puls (momentary) switches Thanks, Gary
  4. Is it possible to disable the Association between the S1 switch and the Q Relay? i want to use S1 / S2 for signal to my server, and to let Q1/2 be controlled by the server only.
  5. I have installed an FGS-223 double switch with a HC2. First switch apparently is working fine, even if I use the manual switch, the status is updated in the app. However, for the second switch, works if I use the manual switch, works if I use the app. But when changing manually, the status is not modified in the app (so turning the lights when not at home turns to be difficult). So even if I turn on a light from the physical switch, in the app I see it as OFF. Does anybody have any idea what's the problem? I looked into the topics, search the manual - could not find a solution. One additional question: when added to the z-wave network, this double switch appeared as three items, I left it to unassigned not to confuse the use of the actual two. Can I have only the two which actually exist? Thank you in advance for any help you may provide to a newcomer
  6. I bought four pieces of FGS-223 on the same date, from the same supplier, and they all appear identical, but one of them has a very weird difference in behaviour from the other three... 1) Three of the units are working perfectly according to the specification: when S1 or S2 are connected to 240V, it reports the state = ON, and when S1 or S2 are disconnected, it reports their state = OFF 2) But on the fourth unit the behaviour is the opposite of the specification: when S1 or S2 are connected to 240V, it reports the state = OFF, and when S1 or S2 are disconnected, it reports their state = ON As far as I can tell, all of the units have the same parameter settings too. Question: Is there a way to make the fourth unit behave in the same (correct) way as the other three? Or is this unit physically defective, and if so how can I return it for replacement?
  7. What's the difference between "Toggle Switch" and "Toggle Switch Stable" ??
  8. I installed the fgs-223 about two weeks ago and it associated with my HC2 no problem. I have used the physical switch and used scenes to manage the lights on the switch for the past two weeks. This evening the lights were not turned on via a scene but did still work from the physical switch. On further investigation the switch controller and the two switch devices have just disappeared from the HC2 configuration. During install when I turned the power off they appeared as dead nodes but now they do not exist at all and power has not been lost in any case. Has anyone experienced this problem? Are there any diagnostics I can use to determine what might have happened? Are there any alternatives to re-associating the device? Thanks in advance for any help you can give.
  9. Hi, I have just installed a FHS-223 double switch module for a lighting circuit which uses three low-powered LED bulbs. The module has been configured for toggle switches (parameter 20: setting: 1). The issue is that occasionally the module does not respond to the toggle switch changing status, resulting in the switch having to be depressed a second time. In some instances, the module will also not respond at all to the switch status being changed repeatedly for a few seconds. The default setting for parameter 20 (setting 2), seems to elicit the same behaviour. Could this be a faulty module? Cheers, TM.
  10. Hi, I've installed a FGS-223 switch according to its manual instruction. It was added to my network successfully but it doesn't work when i switch it on and off using my laptop. What i have to check? Thank you.
  11. Guest

    Asocjacja RS2 z FGS-223

    Cześć, Kupiłem na test Roller Shutter 2 i FGS-223. FGS-223 podłączony do przycisku roletowego z Simona. Próbuje wykonać asocjację w taki sposób, aby naciśnięcie przycisku wpiętego do S1 na 223 działało identycznie jak naciśnięcie S1 na RS2 i analogicznie to samo z S2 (przyciski fizyczne na RS2 nie są podpięte). Teoretycznie asocjacja zrobiona w FGS223 - ustawienia 223: 10 - 0 15 - 0 20 - 1 30 - 0 35 - 0 i niestety brak reakcji rolety po naciśnięciu przycisku na 223. Próbowałem też 20 ustawione na 0 bez zmian. Na 223 do grup asocjacyjnych 2 i 4 dodane RS2. Całośc zapięta do HomeAssistant przez Razberry, ale to nie powinno być problelem bo asocjacje powinny zadziałać między 223 a RS2. Marcin
  12. Hi to all, I have been fighting with 2 FGS-223 relays for about a week now. I have finally got them to connect to the HC2 and have feed back from both switches but the contacts on the units allways pass power so they are closed. I though maybe this was a setting in the HC2 or maybe the relay itself but now Im convinced that the relay is buggered. To make things worse they are brand new out of the box. I can hear the relays clicking when switched but the contacts stay closed. Has any one experienced this.
  13. Hello all, I would like to connect the Fibaro FGS-223 to operate 2 lamps but don't know how, can anyone tell me? Thank, André
  14. Greetings is it possible to use the FGS-223 without any physical switch connected to it? I want to switch in wall electric socket, which does not have any switch. The manual states: In order to include the device in your zwave network, press switch1 3x. tricky without a pyhsical switch connected? Thanks Dakky
  15. Hi, can some help to tell me how it works with the scene sent function? I'd like to do: with one click to start a 1st function with two clicks to start a 2nd function But it comes out that the response of the switch looks like its random if it detects one or two clicks. I played with the parameters but I can't see any better. Is it at all possible to have two functions?
  16. Hi, i have bought two FGS-223 Modules because of there Power Measurement capacity. There are currently two devices connected. The devices change there power consumption during Use. My problem is that this does not shown in the power consumption. i should only see the power consumption if i switch it on. In Example, my lawnmover needs during charge 50W, conservation charge 2,6W and if it is driving 2,4W. If i switch the power on, the system shows me 2,6W all day, even if it is chargeching. Other Example are my pumpcontroll... it need during pumping 600W and if its in standby just 10W... . the system shows me all over day just 600W. I have changed for testing Parameter 50 = 1% , Parameter 51 = 10s , Parameter 53 = 0,01kwh but it does not change anything. Where is my fault? Does anyone should have the same issue ? Thanks in Advanced
  17. Hi all Is there a way to synchronize the 2 relays from FGS-223, I mean when I change a relay, the other one is set in the same state. I didn't found any parameters I have a wall switch I would like to associate to a FGS but association can be done only on relay 1. On this FGS, each relay is plugged to a light and I would like to switch on/off the 2 lights together. That's why I would like to duplicate the status of relay 1 to relay 2 Thanks
  18. The manual for FGS-223 (combined manual for FGS-213/FGS-223) indicates that either can be used with 3-way switch arrangements. It isn't clear to me how this can work with the FGS-223. Can anyone explain how to do it?
  19. Hi, I have 2 light switches on top of each other: - One is part of a two way switch - The other one is a "normal" switch In http://www.zwave-review.com/Anleitungen/Wechselschaltung_Fibaro.php (sorry I've found only a german link) it says I have to define Paramter 13 to 0 to use the switch as a two way switch. The description is for FGS-212, which seems to be a single switch. FGS-222/FGS-223 have two switches (as said I have 2 light switches) - Is it somehow possible to use one switch as two way switch and the other as "normal" switch. Or do I need two FGS-212, one for each of the two switches? Thanks!
  20. Hi, i got a FGS-223 Double Switch. I connected it to 230V, to different Lamps on Q1 & Q2, both 230 V. I didn`t connect any Switch because i want software control only. Inclusion worked well. But now i cannot switch Q1 by the software. Q2 works well. i´ve tried a reset, i swapped the lamp-wires... nothing helped. Q1 is dead. Is there something i did wrong or is the switch damaged? Any suggestions? Regards Ernst
  21. When I try to add my double switch (controlling two light) to the Home Center Lite i get 3 units in HC? -1 Master and 3 Slaves Shouldn't it only be 2 units since its a double switch connected to 2 lamps? /John
  22. Hello I would like to connect FGS-223 to an AC outlet, Anyone know how I should connect this? the power on is 230V
  23. I have a Fibaro FGS-233 installed behind an AC outlet. Paired with fibaro home center lite. But when I try to put the FGS-223 on in the control panel, nothing happens. When I press B on the FGS-223 I will hear a click and the power it on and in the the control panel, I can see that the power is on. If I press B again you will hear a clicking sound and I can see in the control panel that the power is off. So why it will not respond when I press on in the control panel?
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