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Found 11 results

  1. I am desperate and need help I’ve been trying to pair a couple of Fibaro double switches FGS-223 and roller shutter 3 using Smartthings hub actually its a full set of smartthings wifi which has a built in ST hub I’ve followed all installation instructions however i am unable to find these devices on ST app, i will be listing down all the trials i did after installation with no hope to even connect: Using Double Switch 2: 1- pressed S1 3 times but couldn’t find it. 2- pressed B button 3 times but the same. 3- reset (yellow indicator) and did the same steps but didn’t work. 4- disconnect power and reconnect and do the steps again but not working. 5- I’ve tried another 3 switches with no hope. Note: during these process I haven’t seen any flashing lights that can be indicator that I’ve entered paring mode. Using Roller shutter 3: I’ve done exact the same except I have only one device to try, also i’ve been able to see a flashing green/yellow light indictor for pairing mode. Last, I couldn’t find the fibaro in brands so i’ve been trying Z-wave generic, I’ve tried another account with a UK region where i was able to find fibaro in the brands list but couldn’t pair as well. Looking for help as i am not sure if i should go and pay extra money to get Home center hub or its another issue Thank you
  2. Hi everyone! I’m quite new to the Fibaro world. In fact I’m just fiddling around with my newly bought set of equipment in my “test lab”. I can get everything to work as expected and wanted except for one thing: Associations on the fgs223 don’t seem to work at all. I tried everything: - including both a wall plug and a fgs223 non-secure - including both a wall plug and a fgs223 secure - resetting everything (including HC3) to factory defaults - setting all relevant parameters to all possible values - looking into the jsons the api provides What I can achieve is: - Associate a button of my KeyFob to a WallPlug - works charming even when the HC3 is not present. - set the association in a fgs223 for either endpoint 0 or endpoint 1 to the correct id of a WallPlug (json confirms that the association is set accordingly) Whatever I do the associations won’t trigger neither a WallPlug nor another fgs223. Is there any known issue according to associations with the fgs223? Maybe some trick to get it working? I could (and most likely will) help me out with scenes, but that’s not want I want... What am I missing? Any help or pointing into the right direction is very much appreciated! Best regards to all of you, Ben
  3. Is it possible to disable the Association between the S1 switch and the Q Relay? i want to use S1 / S2 for signal to my server, and to let Q1/2 be controlled by the server only.
  4. i have included a FGS-223 and configured as momentary switch (S1) and as a scene controller (S2). For a few days it works very well, but then there is no reaction for the scene-controller, because the local switch (S2) - status doesn’t report to HC2. The same for S1 – the light goes on but on UI and App there is no status-change. In the other direction (UI / App- switch on/off) – the FGS223 reacted. I see on sniffer (@tinman ) that the signal is going out and the receive is ok. Here on Fibaro Forum there are posts that say change parameter 20 from 2 – 0 – 2 will fix that issue. I try, but the modification will not be executed. (see attached pictures). I take a ticket an Fibaro support (202307) and get this answer: ..We’re aware of this issue and we’ve already forwarded it to our engineers, who are currently working on resolving it as soon as possible. I’m very sorry for the inconvenience it caused but I have to ask you for a little more patience. .. Has anyone a idea or way to fix this issue? I suspect Fibaro engineers are very busy on HC3-progress, so that problem will be fixed at very later date...
  5. I (plan to) use 5 FGS 223 to supplant Insteon modules to control 3 lighting points ( or 3 circuits ). These are controlled from 2 different switch locations. 1 of the FGS 223 is configured as a slave (DIN module). Ideally one would use associations ( response times...). When associating 1 fgs223 endpoint 1 with the corresponding endpoint 1 on the 2nd fgs223 ( association set in assoc group 2) , the associations do not work. When i replace the FGS 223 with A Qubino flush 2 relay ( and associate it ) , the Qubino as master can perfectly control the FIB fgs223. The other way around - FGS223 to Qubino - does not work . Resetting multiple times 1 of the FGS 223 back to factory defaults made the FIBARO parameter template unavailable ( setting of parameters has to be done in the basic approach , parameter by parameter... ) question to the community : has anybody experienced difficulties in associating multiple FGS 223? HC2 version 4.560 txs
  6. Hi! I have a FGS223 where I connect the mechanical switch inputs directly from the output of two 230V relays (which are controlled by my alarm). The idea is to have my smart home controller to look at the states of these inputs and act accordingly. The outputs are not connected to anything. I have configured both of the inputs to be "Toggle switch (Persistent positions)" and it works just fine. Until suddently it doesn't.... My problem is that it keeps missing, so when power is on to the switch it reports as off. It worked fine when I set this up and tested it out, but it keeps getting more and more unreliable. I have no reason to suspect my Home Automation controller since I have many devices, including a bunch of Fibaro stuff and it all works well except for this particular device. Any ideas how to work around this?
  7. Hi, Is this setting allowed to do? I need this because I do not have a (L)ine at the second switch. In domoticz I will switch Q1 and Q2 togheter, when the sensor detects somebody.
  8. Hi, I have installed an fgs223 as a toggle switch with 2 other wall switches and electrically does everything work fine. In Homeassistant via ZWAVE I can also Control the switch. But in Homeassistant it Shows its 2 channels seperatly. If i toggle the fgs223 with the direct connected wall switch the 2 channels toggle both: one on, one off For toggleing by homeassistant I have to toggle each channel seperately, here they are not connected. Is there a Parameter Config set known, that the double switch Shows up in Homeassistant an 1 switch and not seperated in 2 channels?
  9. Hi, I can´t include my FGS223. I use a AEOTEC Gen5 USB Z-Wave Stick on Synology DS. I´ve still included 24 Nodes (Danfoss LC13, Fibaro Smoke Detectors Rev2, Fibaro Roller Shutter and another FGS 223). They all work fine. I reseted the FGS223 in the Menu (yellow light, tapped the B-Button). The inclusion neither work with the Aeotec at the Station (distance about 3 Meters, 1Floor up, the other FGS223 included fine about 6 Meters and 2 Floors), nor with the Stick in Hand and using it manually directly to the FGS223. Any suggestions what i can do else? Regards Ernstl
  10. Can the new FGS223 and FGS213 be used as dry contact relays?
  11. Hello, I am just in the middle of my domotic intallation using Fibaro switches (but not using a HC2 controller). I am interested to use the new FGS-223 instead of the FGS-222 (because of the Zwave+). I have a problem with the state auf the switch 2. The state is not automatically sent back to my controller (I use Jeedom) if I press the switch manually (no problem for the first switch). I then searched a little and try many other controllers (incl. Eedomus, domotics,...) and all of them have the same problem (actually, it seems only the HC2 works without problems). For all of then, the polling has to be activated to update the status of the second switch (not an option for me). Can somebody tell my if it is a problem of the newly switches and that it will be corrected or can I forget it (fallback to FGS-222)? I wrote to the Fibaro support, but they didn't answer me. Thank you for your help JP
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