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Found 16 results

  1. Hello, I want to use 'Roller shutter3' with my smartthing hub, So i used DTH from' https://github.com/philh30/smartthings/blob/master/fibaro-fgr-223.src/fibaro-fgr-223.groovy ' this website but my rollershutter is not understand about 'Stop' order. How can i fix it?
  2. Is it not possible to perform the latest firmware update without a Fibaro hub? Is there a link somewhere to the new firmware? Usually manufacturers provide a file and updates can be done even with a simple generic z-wave stick. I have both a Zooz Z-Wave Plus S2 USB Stick as well as a Aeotec Z-Stick Gen5 which I've used in ths past for other updates for various manufacturers.
  3. I am desperate and need help I’ve been trying to pair a couple of Fibaro double switches FGS-223 and roller shutter 3 using Smartthings hub actually its a full set of smartthings wifi which has a built in ST hub I’ve followed all installation instructions however i am unable to find these devices on ST app, i will be listing down all the trials i did after installation with no hope to even connect: Using Double Switch 2: 1- pressed S1 3 times but couldn’t find it. 2- pressed B button 3 times but the same. 3- reset (yellow indicator) and did the same steps but didn’t work. 4- disconnect power and reconnect and do the steps again but not working. 5- I’ve tried another 3 switches with no hope. Note: during these process I haven’t seen any flashing lights that can be indicator that I’ve entered paring mode. Using Roller shutter 3: I’ve done exact the same except I have only one device to try, also i’ve been able to see a flashing green/yellow light indictor for pairing mode. Last, I couldn’t find the fibaro in brands so i’ve been trying Z-wave generic, I’ve tried another account with a UK region where i was able to find fibaro in the brands list but couldn’t pair as well. Looking for help as i am not sure if i should go and pay extra money to get Home center hub or its another issue Thank you
  4. Dzień dobry, Jak poprawnie skonfigurować Pralko-suszarka SAMSUNG WD90N740NOA QuickDrive w systemie fibaro? System Fibaro połączyłem z kontem samsung i pralka automatycznie się dodała. Pralka ukazuje się wraz z innymi urządzeniami, ale jedyne co wyskakuje wysyłam w załączniku. Czy da się jakoś to zaprogramować aby wykorzystać funkcje tej pralki ( w aplikacji smartthings dostępne są zdalnie wszystkie funkcje pralki). Pozdrawiam
  5. Hi there, I just purchased a Smart Implant to connect my smoke detector and carbon monoxide alarms to my SmartThings system. Before I try to write a Device Handler to make it work, does anyone already have a Smart Implant Device Handler they would be willing to share? Thanks, Ben
  6. Hello, I am new to the Fibaro product line. I have a smartthings hub and am trying to use one of the FGBS222 inputs to activate a z-wave command which I could then program an automation to trigger a chime always, and turn on lights between sunset and sunrise. The driveway sensor is connected to a Security panel zone, which can provide a dry closure or an active low output. The FGBS222 is powered from the control panels 12vdc supply. I can add the Fibaro module to smartthings as a door /window sensor and it shows contact status open. (I didn't see any option to add it as a UBS device) However, when I apply or remove a ground for an extended period to in1 or in 2 the status doesn't change. If I cause a very quick ground, then it will toggle open & closed respectively. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  7. Hello, I've got a Samsung Smartthings WiFi hub and I'm trying to add an RGBW LED strip via the Fibaro RGBW Controller model FGRGBWM-441. I've tried using the default FIbaro RGBW Controller device type in Smartthings. Then, after reading some forum articles, I added the Device Handler created by richb1 on github (https://github.com/richb1/FIBARO-Official-SmartThings-Device-Handlers/blob/master/FIBARO- RGBW Controller). In both cases, the LED strip lights and flashes a few times (both the white channel as well as a greenish hue on the RGB LEDs. Then it shuts off and I get an error message: "A network or server error has a occurred. Try again later" on my SmartThings app (on a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 smartphone). The two devices are next to me less than one meter apart. I've excluded and then re-added the Fibaro controller a number of times, but for the life of me I cannot get this to work. I've tried two different ways of physically connecting the Fibaro controller to the LED strip - one as pictured on the instructions (with the four "In" pins being tied to Ground) and I've also tried it without the "In" pins being connected. Same result in both cases. I got a cheaper German-designed RGBW ZigBee controller to work out of the box the first time with this same LED RGBW strip - one would think getting a Fibaro to work with SmartThings would be simpler than this. I'm open to any suggestions the community might have! Thanks, Forrest
  8. Hi everyone, I have a few Dimmer 2s (FGD212) and an RGBW (FGRGBWM-441). One Dimmer 2 is wired up (3-wire install) to a double switch. S1 controls the wired light. S2 is also connected. The dimmer works from my app for the single light just fine. If I set S2 to control another Dimmer 2 via association group 4, it works perfectly. If I try to set S2 to control the RGBW via association group 4 or 5, nothing happens. Has anybody achieved this? If so, what am I missing? I'm very grateful for any help the community can provide. I am using a Samsung SmartThings hub, not HCL. I will ask the question in their forum too. Thanks for your time. JDB
  9. Hey guys, Has as anyone tried using any of the Samsung smarththings devices directly with fibaro hc2? if anyone could give any feedback as to what works well and what does not, that would be great!
  10. Fibaro is great company with great products that are also compatible with Samsung SmartThings Hub / system. Are there any plans for Fibaro Intercom and SmartThings integration? (simple things like, accepting push for call, button for opening gate for start)
  11. Hi, I have installed the Fibaro Double Switch 2 with Samsung SmartThings as the hub. Using the official device handler from https://github.com/richb1/FIBARO-Official-SmartThings-Device-Handlers For some reason I do not see two switches after connecting it to the hub, but only one. I also get an error saying: "Failed to complete the network security key exchange. If you are unable to receive data from it, you must remove it from your network and add it again". I removed it and added several times but the error still returns. Any advice on what is wrong? Thanks
  12. Some months ago I bought a new ST Hub v2 (from Amazon UK) and 4 new fibaro motion sensors z-wave Gen5 (from Versternet UK). Both are UK versions. I had not used them till last week, but when I tried to set-up them in my home in the Netherlands and I manage to pair pair 3 of the 4, relatively easily. However I can no way manage to have the 4th detected by the Hub. I reset both (following the steps I saw on internet), and I also tried to exclude the sensor by following the general exclusion option in the mobile app but also this didn’t give any result. From ST support they told me to confirm if the sensor works also in the UK frequencies, and I checked that this is indeed the case. I have managed to include in the ST hub a number of other sensors etc. so it seems that the Hub is Ok. I am about to check the options for returning this brand new motion sensor, supposing there is also some sort of guarantee. But, before doing that, is this a common issue and is there anything else to try?
  13. I have installed the flood sensor using external power supply. The sensor is connect Samsung Smartthings Z Wave Plus hub. The sensor status was dry and available upon installation. Now the sensor shows Unavailable on Smartthings. If I move the sensor it will report motion trigger and then return to dry status. Why does the sensor stop reporting availability? Should I be concerned the unavailable status means flood detection will not trigger? Device Health is set to On in the hub Is this the expected behaviour? Thanks
  14. IS there any alternative similar to ActionTiles (Smartthings) for Fibaro user?
  15. Hi There, I am a little new to HA. I just bought SmartThings Home Hub v2 from Amazon and since it is from US, it's Z-Wave Frequency is US-based. However, I am based in Singapore and is thinking of getting another hub, most probably it is Fibaro Home Center 2 to control the lights at my house which is based on Z-Wave EU frequency. Despite both hubs are on different frequency, it is possible for them to be bridge/primary/master? As in I can add SmartThings Home Hub to my Fibaro Home Center 2 as a secondary controller, despite it being on different frequency?
  16. Hi, I have installed three (3) Fibaro Dimmer 2 (FGD-212) switches in my home. Number 1 dimmer is in my front room Number 2 dimmer is in my hall (with immediate <1 Meter proximity to dimmer 1) Number 3 dimmer is in my master bedroom (top of stairs) ~15 Meters away from the hub controller I am using a Smartthings Hub 2 controller. All devices have been found/discovered and are paired to my Smartthings hub and visible on my Smart phone app. All devices operate (on/off/dim) as expected using the physical switches connected to the dimmers, so they are all fully functioning as expected. I can connect to and control dimmer 1 from my smart phone via the Smartthings app and I have full range of control and dimming as expected. I CANNOT control dimmers 2 & 3 at all via the Smartthings app (they are simply unresponsive to any control commands sent to them - e.g. on/off command or dimming level commands). They are all installed (wired) identically in line with the first dimmer (1). Would you know why the dimmers (2 & 3) are not responding? Would you be able to share some root cause analysis steps with me to help me resolve this? Note: This is not a range issue as I have physically moved the Smartthings Hub 2 to be in range (beside) each of the installed Fibaro dimmers. Thanks Ciaran
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