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Found 14 results

  1. I´m replacin old X10 dimmers, all Dimers are connected to more than one momentary switch. The current wiring takes a single wire from the momentary switch to the dimmer. This wire closes the line (L) circuit. In order not to have to add one more wire to all of the installation, i tried to connect the cable that comes from the momentary switch directly to the S1 and everything works. The connection scheme is attached. As you can see it does not correspond to any of the options in the manual, before buying the rest of the Dimmer 2 modules, I would like you to con
  2. Hello All, Can someone provide a clear table with regards to Bypass<->Dimmers compatibility? I wonder, if I can I use Bypass ver 1 (FGB-001) with Dimmer FGD-212 or FGD-213 and the opposite- Bypass ver 2 (FGB-002) with Dimmer FGD-211? Thanks Maciej
  3. Hi, I am having a problem with the inclusion of my Dimmer 2 module (FGD-212 v3.5 ) into the Z-Wave>Me system, using a Razberry module (unfortunately, I don't use the Fibaro HC). Everytime I try to include the Dimmer, I get the error message "Inclusion takes a long time to start up.". I tried several inclusion menus: Add Device -> Fibaro -> Dimmer 2 v3.4 -> Start inclusion Add Device -> Add new Z-Wave Device and identify automatically -> Start inclusion Switching to the Expert-UI -> Network -> Control -> Start inclusion (Safe mode and norma
  4. Hi, I found a circuit setup that exactly matches my wiring needs. It is meant for FGD-211. Can this setup also be used for FGD-212. You can find the picture below and also following this link: http://blog.smarthome.hlc24.de/tasterschaltung-stromstossschaltung-relaisschaltung-bzw-treppenlichtschaltung-mit-dem-fibaro-dimmer-im-sicherungskasten/ In my understanding fgd-211's output terminal "O" corresponds to the output terminal of fgd-212. best, ypoosn
  5. I have a Fibaro micro dimmer that works but doesn't play nicely with HS3, Homeseer3. The icons do not display what is really going on and neither do the stats.I tried excluding and including, I tried re-scanning. Sometimes, the kW works for a few seconds as does the dimming level, then it resorts to junk. Any suggestions as to what to try? The FW version is 3.4 and I would like to update to 3.5 but I cannot find where to download the update. Any suggestions would be welcome.Oct-29 17:55:36 Z-Wave Device: Energy House Front Eaves Power Set to INVALID VALUEOct-29 17:55:36 Z-Wave
  6. Hi, I am new to HA and Fibaro. I have installed a FGD-212 Dimmer 2 module as a proof of concept. It is controlled via Home Assistant and OpenZWave. The module is wired using 3-wire connection and a toggle switch. Everything is working well so far. When the light is turned on/off it fades to the target max/min brightness % respectively. Is there a way for the light to go immediately to the min/max target brightness without fading? I have experimented with some of the advanced parameters, but cannot get this to work. I suspect it's possible that OpenZWave may not not be
  7. Witam Jak w temacie jakie żarówki będą się ściemniały? Kupiłem już dwa ściemnialne modele i niestety można je tylko włączyć i wyłączyć ściemnianie nie działa. Może być podany model albo jeśli coś takiego istnieje jakiś parametr po którym, można taką żarówkę znaleść. pozdrawiam
  8. Hi, I have several momentary switch points where I have a L & N wire and just one signal wire.to the dimmer module. Is it possible to connect the Dimmer with only one signal wire and use the L or N on the switch instead of Sx? regards: Klaas
  9. Hi, I'm trying to get associations to work between two FGD-212 modules. S2 on Module1 should control Module2 According to docs Module2 should be configured in Association Group 4 and 5 of Module1. However I can't get it to work. Both modules are within 2 meters range. One thing I noticed when configuring associations was that the ID that is displayed after "To be set" is not the same ID as Module2. Should the "to be set" ID match the device ID of the module I want to control? Or is this some other ID? Maybe my device data
  10. I am using the Fibaro Dimmer 2 in several places around the house, and have had no problem with it until now. I replaced an Elko GLE 315 dimmer with a Fibaro Dimmer 2. My problem is that dimming with the S1 connected momentary switch does not work. When off, clicking once results in lights going to 100% with a very slow start. Clicking and holding to dim down does nothing while holding, when releasing the lights seamingly goes off, but HC2 reports dimming level around 10%. The same happens with just one click. I am unable to dim the lights to any level with the switch, but doing this through H
  11. Hi, Is there a way to associate a RGBW controller (FGRGB-101) as a master, with a Dimmer 2 module (FGD-212) as a slave, either as a Z-Wave direct association or with a LUA script on the main controller? My goal is to dim LEDs connected to 110-240V AC, with a distant low voltage RGBW module. LEDs are connected to a Dimmer 2 module. 30 feet away, a 12V DC RGBW controller interprets the variable output of an analog sensor. I'd like to dim the distant LEDs accordingly to the level the RGBW module would set if it was directly connected to equivalent 12V DC LEDs. In other wo
  12. Hi, I have installed three (3) Fibaro Dimmer 2 (FGD-212) switches in my home. Number 1 dimmer is in my front room Number 2 dimmer is in my hall (with immediate <1 Meter proximity to dimmer 1) Number 3 dimmer is in my master bedroom (top of stairs) ~15 Meters away from the hub controller I am using a Smartthings Hub 2 controller. All devices have been found/discovered and are paired to my Smartthings hub and visible on my Smart phone app. All devices operate (on/off/dim) as expected using the physical switches connected to the dimmers
  13. Hello I am looking to automate some light switches and was initially intending to use a Fibaro FGS-222 but on reading about them found that this was not possible due to 3-wire requirement, mine are 2-wire. I have already installed and got working a couple of FGD-212 Dimmer 2 modules but wasn't thinking to use those (dimmer not really required), but they are 2-wire capable, so it does appear to be an option. Question is, is this the best/only option for just switching lights on/off. One advantage of the FGD-212 is that I will also get power metering as well, so not all bad if I go down this
  14. Usually I don't consider myself stupid, and I have meddled with z-wave for some time, but the topic of association is beyond me. At least when trying to make the S2 button on a Dimmer 2 (FGD-212) turn on and off one or both of the relays in the FGS-222. In the association panel of the dimmer on HC2 (latest firmware) I am presented with Endpoint 0 and Endpoint 2, the meaning of which I don't get either by Googling or by reading the manuals. Under Endpoint 0 there are five groups, Endpoint 1 has three. Which to use, I wonder? To make it short, what am I to do to get the desired result? I
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