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Found 14 results

  1. When I tried to include a new device (a Sensative Strip), the HC2 responded by displaying the message "Requesting neighbours, please wait" every 5 seconds. The device was not included. I have been through this twice now, once with "Network wide inclusion" checked, the other without. The only way to terminate the loop is to restart the HC2. What is going on? My software version is 4.600. I re-meshed the entire network between the first and second attempt, to make sure that the z-wave mesh is OK. What else can I do?
  2. knuth


    For devices that support Network Wide Inclusion (NWI), is there any reason not to use NWI when they are included? As most new devices are Z-Wave+ (or at least support NWI), I would think that NWI should be the default method when including a new device.
  3. Hello, Today I received my brand new HC3 to replace my Homey Pro that has terrible z-wave performance. I unpacked and installed according to the setup steps. Software updated to 5.021.38. I excluded a Qubino Flush Dimmer from Homey and tried to add the device to HC3. The console shows HC3 going into learning mode but adding the Qubino (3 x switching) failed. Factory reset the Qubino and tried again with auto-inclusion and then again "normal" inclusion. No joy. Unpacked a brand new Fibaro Dimmer 2 and tried to add the device. Again, HC3 goes into learning mode but de
  4. Dear all, I have 4 FGK-101 sensors that cant be included any more. They were wrongly forcefully excluded and now i have tried to reintegrate them, tried to exclude them again and also tried reset several times with no luck. Anyone that have suggestions on how to save them? Best regards, Daniel
  5. In the manual for the Switch 2 (and other devices; I am using the Switch as an example) installation is described with the following steps: Connect wires in wall box Turn on mains voltage Add (include) the device in the network etc. For step number 3 the manual states: "Place the Switch 2 within the direct range of your Z-Wave controller". At this point, both controller (HC2) and device (e.g. Switch 2) are more or less fixed in their locations. The switch is literally fixed to the wires in the wall box. The controller is active, connected to an outlet, and cannot eas
  6. Hello, I have many Fibaro Wall Plug (2500W) devices (they were connected to another z-wave network, connected to another z-wave controller. The old controller is dead now.) and when I’m trying to add (include) any of this devices to my new Home Center 2 controller, I have a problem with it. The log: [14:25:36] Home Center in learning mode [14:25:38] Device added [14:25:40] Add node status protocol done [14:25:40] Adding devices complete [14:25:40] Adding devices complete [14:25:54] ID 45: Set association for group 1 [14:25:54] ID 45: Received association report from group 1 [14:25:5
  7. Always when I include the Aeotec range extender it stays unconfigured . Any ideas?
  8. Hi, I'am new to the Fibaro community so first of all: hi! I’m having problems with pairing my shutter FGR222 to Fibaro home center. I already searched for similar problems, but no solutions yet. Hopefully you can help me. When I put my HC2 in learning mode and press the “B-button” for three times nothing is happening. What I tried: Switch connected to the s1 input pressed for three times -à nothing happens Only connect supply voltage and press B-button for three times à nothing happens I bought this device second hand so it could b
  9. Hi, I am having a problem with the inclusion of my Dimmer 2 module (FGD-212 v3.5 ) into the Z-Wave>Me system, using a Razberry module (unfortunately, I don't use the Fibaro HC). Everytime I try to include the Dimmer, I get the error message "Inclusion takes a long time to start up.". I tried several inclusion menus: Add Device -> Fibaro -> Dimmer 2 v3.4 -> Start inclusion Add Device -> Add new Z-Wave Device and identify automatically -> Start inclusion Switching to the Expert-UI -> Network -> Control -> Start inclusion (Safe mode and norma
  10. Hi all, I have just installed a new HCL and am switching over from Zipato. Question is, do I need to go and exclude all my devices from the Zipato network before running inclusion with the HCL? Or, will triggering each device into inclusion mode, and the HCL into inclusion, automatically add the device to the new HCL and unpair it from the zipato network? Thanks!
  11. Hi, I can´t include my FGS223. I use a AEOTEC Gen5 USB Z-Wave Stick on Synology DS. I´ve still included 24 Nodes (Danfoss LC13, Fibaro Smoke Detectors Rev2, Fibaro Roller Shutter and another FGS 223). They all work fine. I reseted the FGS223 in the Menu (yellow light, tapped the B-Button). The inclusion neither work with the Aeotec at the Station (distance about 3 Meters, 1Floor up, the other FGS223 included fine about 6 Meters and 2 Floors), nor with the Stick in Hand and using it manually directly to the FGS223. Any suggestions what i can do else? Regards
  12. Dear All Here is a feedback of my last inclusion/exclusion for doors sensors from Fibaro (FGK) I had 2 FGS that were not communicating with my HC2. Why, I don't know because they were working since many months !!! So I tried soft reconfiguration without positive results. I decided to exclude them and include them again. I'm always affraid with inclusion/exclusion with FGK First FGK. I succeeded to exclude it. Then I tried to include it. First inclusion, I had a cardboard box recognized as a simple fibaro zwave device. Not a door senso
  13. 1167 Hi everyone! I had to do a system recovery after HomeCenter2 halted all operation completely (reboots etc. did not help). Now the system has lost knowledge of all moduls in the house. I tried to reset the moduls as explained in the user guide I found online on fibaro pages (e.g. press B-button 14sec). No success. I tried to exclude/include the moduls by pressing B 3x quickly while system is in learning mode. No success. I tried to cut power prior and put it back on prior to trying above steps. No success. What do I have to do to include the moduls (dimmers, roller shutters, rela
  14. Hello, I got my HCL and one FGR222 module (roller shutter 2) last week. I did HCL basic setup easily (general setting and rooms creation) but I didn't success to include my FGR222 module. So here is what I've done and the result I got : - I set HCL to learn mode from the interface (by clicking "add" button into "add/remove device panel) - I connected the power supply on FGR222 - On HCL interface, I saw a log meaning inclusion is in progress. Here is the log (sorry it's in French) [22:57:15] Home Center en mode apprentissage [22:57:23] Module ajouté [22:57:24] Ajout du protocole de
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