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Found 7 results

  1. In the manual for the Switch 2 (and other devices; I am using the Switch as an example) installation is described with the following steps: Connect wires in wall box Turn on mains voltage Add (include) the device in the network etc. For step number 3 the manual states: "Place the Switch 2 within the direct range of your Z-Wave controller". At this point, both controller (HC2) and device (e.g. Switch 2) are more or less fixed in their locations. The switch is literally fixed to the wires in the wall box. The controller is active, connected to an outlet, and cannot easily be unplugged and restarted near the switch. Several other devices may already be included in the network, some of them presumably acting as repeaters. How do you handle this practically if the switch and controller locations are far apart? What is considered the direct range in a single story house? 3 meters? 20 meters?
  2. Has anyone successfully implemented beacons into Fibaro? I have been looking around the forums but cannot find a solution that meets my needs. Overview: looking to turn on specific lights in the room depending on the person in the room. Logic: if user_1 walks into room_1 then lights_1 turns on if user_2 walks into room_1 then lights_2 turns on Devices: smartphone, beacons, z-wave lights execution: user_1 has smartphone in pocket. walks into room_1, beacon_1 sees that User_1 is in range, beacon_1 sends command to fibaro to turn on lights_1 Does anyone have any ideas solutions?
  3. Emilio

    Bluetooth HUB

    Hello All, I'm using the Door Sensor, in combination with my Apple TV but the apple tv is to far away for the bluetooth, We moving with my phone in the room everything is working when placing the Apple tv in the same room it's also working. Do the Fibaro devices act like a Mesh network? So i can place an other Fibaro homekit device between the Door sensor and the Apple tv to get the connection working? it's running ver 1.20 but also unable to update the firmware via the app only getting the eroor än error occurred during Firmware upgrade"" Thanx al for you reactions Kind Regards Emiel
  4. pooya.zamani1@yahoo.com

    Zwave range in homes

    Hello I have problem. Actually I dont know how to choose the real place of HC2 in my network. I have attached the simple plan of on 400m2 appartment. Where should I place the HC2 ? How is its range ? Consider that building structure is from Concrete. thanks
  5. Hi, I have a Dimmer 2 that I'm using with 16x 5w Megaman dimmable LED GU10s (141391). It's in a 3-wire configuration. I'm using them with a Vera Edge but I don't think that's important for my issue. My issue is that it doesn't dim down anywhere low enough. At full brightness they report 87 watts, but at 1% dim, they are currently reporting 20.3 watts which is still pretty bright! Also, the dim range is far from linear. There is almost no decrease in light/power dropping from 100% to 50%. It's only when I get below about 40% that there is much noticeable decrease. I've done a couple of re-calibrates but it doesn't seem to help. After doing so Variable 1 (min brightness) is set to 10 and 2 (max) is set to 46. I've tried setting variable one lower but the value doesn't seem to stay. Would the Dimmer Bypass 2 maybe help me out here? Thanks Richard
  6. Is there a way to increase the range of a Fibaro door sensor? Other z-wave (non-battery) devices re-transmit signals, but not battery operated devices? I'd like to monitor my garage door, but it's too far away.
  7. Hi Every morning i forget to disarm my permitter (night) alarm. Now I would like to create a scen that does it for me :=) Senario: in the morning between 6-7am monday to friday then motion is detected in the bathroom then disarm So I need some help with he lua cod for the timerange ==================================================== --[[ %% properties 9 value %% globals --]] if ( ( tonumber(fibaro:getValue(9, "value")) > 0 ) -- Motion detected and THIS ===> ( (os.day= monday to friday) and (os.time = 06:00 to 07:00) ); ) then fibaro:call(61, "turnOn"); -- example code for disable permiter... End ====================================================== THX in advance