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Found 11 results

  1. Hello, I am trying to build a Lua script that will tell Fibaro if I am working from home, working at home or off work. Here is what I have so far but I need some help to get the scene trigger when either I am at home or at work when all the conditions have been met at the specific times. Does anyone have a similar scene or suggestions? --[[ %% properties %% events %% globals --]] local currentDate = os.date("*t"); local time=os.date('*t'); local ct=os.date('*t'),os.date("%H:%M",os.time()) if (fibaro:countScenes() > 1) then
  2. BLE Detector v1.2.zip I recently came up with an idea to keep track of each resident presence with Bluetooth devices they keep taking with them. To achieve that I bought iNode LAN device, which can bring BLE devices into existence in Ethernet network. The idea was not really that... fresh as I thought. Just see here. But I definitely didn't want to use any other pieces of equipment. And this post is about how to get all these things work together (HC2 + iNode LAN) with full source code attached. What you need (except your HC2): iNode
  3. Greetings, I see there is a value "atHome" for every user on HC2. Can be changed by API? It looks very promising for alarm functionality.
  4. A smart home should know you have arrived without being told. Arriving on a pitch dark freezing cold November evening in Oslo, Norway loaded with carrier bags and all lights turning on when you approach the door. Wonderful idea. So I dived into HC2 Geofencing. Only to find that a useful position update frequency (5-10 seconds) killed my mobile battery. Started thinking of ways your LAN could tell HC2 that the Master had returned, but found the limits of my network competence. Now enter this clever French guy: https://www.domotique-fibaro.fr/topic/2613-detection-de-prése
  5. Hi all, I want to install Philips Hue lightstrip (led tape) under and over mirror and trigger this light basing on presence/absence in bathroom. I can't figure out how to determine: 1) if someone is still in the bathroom (maybe my wife is laying in the bath and relaxing ) 2) if someone came in / came out 3) if another person just opened and closed the door I was trying with variables whit determine if someone is in the bathroom base od motion detector and door sensor but all are mess. I have 2 move detectors and window/door sensor, can anyone help me how to
  6. Hello to all, I implemented to my HC2: IP Smartphone Presence Check V2.2 (http://www.domotique-fibaro.fr/index.php/topic/2613-detection-de-présence/) including some small changes but I identify one problem with data presentation on PC and on iPhone. Three way to view and three differents view:-( code are very simply: function Label(color, message) if color ~= "" then fibaro:call(selfId, "setProperty", "ui.Message.value", '<font color="'..color..'">'..message..'</font>') else fibaro:call(selfId, "setProperty", "
  7. Has anyone successfully implemented beacons into Fibaro? I have been looking around the forums but cannot find a solution that meets my needs. Overview: looking to turn on specific lights in the room depending on the person in the room. Logic: if user_1 walks into room_1 then lights_1 turns on if user_2 walks into room_1 then lights_2 turns on Devices: smartphone, beacons, z-wave lights execution: user_1 has smartphone in pocket. walks into room_1, beacon_1 sees that User_1 is in range, beacon
  8. Can someone help me. I have been thinking about how the logic would work and cannot come up with the correct Lua code to make this work correctly. Goal: want the door to unlock when I arrive at home and lock when I leave and send a message (push, email etc..) every time. but if I am home/not home I don't want it to keep locking/unlocking and sending me a message *I already have fibaro looking for my phone to see if I'm present. a global variable keeps a number count present =1 not present = 0 so the logic I came up with is like this:
  9. Version 1.0.0


    Want to share my Geolocation and Presence Detector scene i use in my Fibaro setup In wife's and my own smartphone i use both geofency app and wifi presence to check if we are home. A VD runs scheduled and will update a global variable with value "0" or "1" depends if smartphone is active or not. Geofency app is the most reliable and correct app i use myself because the smartphones wifi turns into "sleep" mode often to save battery.. You could of course only run Geofency if you want. Instructions for Geolocation setup https://forum.fibaro.com/index.php?/topic/18383-tu
  10. amatt

    Guest presence

    Has anyone been able to create a functioning Guest "mode"? I was thinking about making my guest mode do something like the following but is not functioning correctly. everytime a guest is present add 1 to the "guests" variable then everytime a guest is not present minus 1 from the "guests" variable I already have the presence setup with a VD that finds the guests phone via Mac address. the problem is that when it detects that the guest is present it adds 1 to the variable everytime it finds the guests phone (I have it looking every 30min) has anyon
  11. Witam jest stworzony przez kolegę z Germani " Boomx " prosty kod aby uzyskać ip i url do Kamerki Netatmo Welcom. A że dzisiaj zainstalowałem Netatmo Presence chciał bym wam ułatwić zadanie z dostępem do Presence. trzeba podmienić poniższy kod w wirtualce dla welkom cam. function oAuth(nextFunction) local request_body = 'grant_type=password&client_id=' .. client_id .. '&client_secret=' .. client_secret .. '&username=' .. username .. '&password=' .. password .. '&scope=read_presence access_presence' dla leniwych
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