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Found 3 results

  1. Version 1.0.0


    Icon of netatmo presence camera
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Icon of netatmo presence camera
  3. Witam jest stworzony przez kolegę z Germani " Boomx " prosty kod aby uzyskać ip i url do Kamerki Netatmo Welcom. A że dzisiaj zainstalowałem Netatmo Presence chciał bym wam ułatwić zadanie z dostępem do Presence. trzeba podmienić poniższy kod w wirtualce dla welkom cam. function oAuth(nextFunction) local request_body = 'grant_type=password&client_id=' .. client_id .. '&client_secret=' .. client_secret .. '&username=' .. username .. '&password=' .. password .. '&scope=read_presence access_presence' dla leniwych cały kod : --[[%% properties%% globals--]] -- DIESE DATEN ANPASSEN wprowadzić swoje dane local client_id = '55xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx69' local client_secret = 'quoLyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxtuRlwnpNPbP5'local username = 'dkonecko@xxxxxxxxx'local password = 'xxxxxxxxxx' local language = 'german' -- german/english -- AB HIER NICHTS MEHR ANPASSEN local token = ''local request_body = '' Debug = function ( color, message ) if (debug == 1) then fibaro:debug(string.format('<%s style="color:%s;">%s', "span", color, message, "span")) elseif (debug == 0) then endend DebugChange = function ( color, message ) fibaro:debug(string.format('<%s style="color:%s;">%s', "span", color, message, "span"))end DebugError = function ( color, message ) fibaro:debug(string.format('<%s style="color:%s;">%s', "span", color, message, "span"))end fibaro:debug('netatmo welcome cam finder v1.0b') if (language == 'german' or language == 'english') then DebugError( "green", "Debug: " ..language)else DebugError( "red", "Please choose a language for debug") fibaro:abort();end local sourceTrigger = fibaro:getSourceTrigger(); function oAuth(nextFunction) local request_body = 'grant_type=password&client_id=' .. client_id .. '&client_secret=' .. client_secret .. '&username=' .. username .. '&password=' .. password .. '&scope=read_presence access_presence' getResponseData('https://api.netatmo.net/oauth2/token', request_body, function(data) if (data.access_token ~= nil) then token = data.access_token gethomedata() else if (language == 'german') then DebugError( "red", "oAuth-API-Call konnte nicht durchgeführt werden! oAuth 2.0 lieferte keinen Wert zurück") elseif (language == 'english') then DebugError( "red", "oAuth-API-Call Error. oAuth 2.0 returns nothing.") end end end )end function getResponseData(url, body, func) local http = net.HTTPClient() http:request(url, { options = { method = 'POST', headers = { ['Content-Type'] = 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded;charset=UTF-8' }, data = body }, success = function(response) func(json.decode(response.data)) end }) end function gethomedata() request_body_cam = 'access_token=' ..token.. '' getResponseData('https://api.netatmo.net/api/gethomedata', request_body_cam, function(getData) --fibaro:debug(request_body_cam) if (getData.body ~= nil) then if (language == 'german') then DebugError( "green", "API-Call durchgeführt.") elseif (language == 'english') then DebugError( "green", "API-Call was done.") end for w, v in pairs(getData.body.homes) do for a, b in pairs(v.cameras) do if (b.is_local) then if (language == 'german') then DebugError( "green", "Lokale IP der Kamera gefunden.") elseif (language == 'english') then DebugError( "green", "Local IP of cam was found.") end findLocalPresence(b.vpn_url) else if (language == 'german') then DebugError( "green", "Lokale IP der Kamera NICHT gefunden.") elseif (language == 'english') then DebugError( "green", "Local cam NOT found.") end end end end else if (language == 'german') then DebugError( "red", "API-Call fehlgeschlagen") elseif (language == 'english') then DebugError( "red", "API-Call Error") end end end )end function findLocalPresence(url)local selfhttp = net.HTTPClient({timeout=2000})url = url..'/command/ping'selfhttp:request(url, { options={ headers = selfhttp.controlHeaders, method = 'GET', timeout = 5000 }, success = function(status) if status.status == 200 then if status.data ~= nil then --print(json.decode(status.data)) for k,v in pairs(json.decode(status.data)) do if (k == 'local_url') then local cam_url = v local url_new = string.sub(cam_url, 8, #cam_url) one, two = url_new:match("([^,]+)/([^,]+)") fibaro:debug('Cam-IP: '..one) fibaro:debug('JPG-Stream: /'..two.. '/live/snapshot_720.jpg') DebugError( "green", "coded 4 siio.de/siio.com") end end end else print ("failed") print(status.data) end end, error = function(error) print "ERROR" print(error) end}) end oAuth() dane uzyskane w wirtualce jak IP I url do obrazu kopiujemy do zakładki kamera bez użytkownika i hasła. miłej zabawy.
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