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  1. Hi, Anyone knows the correct form for the interactive push notification on HC3 please? I have tried local body = { type = "MobilePopupNotification", priority = "info", data = { title = "sampleTitle", text = "sampleText", button = { buttonId = "1", type = "CANCEL", caption = "ON" } } } local response, code = fibaro.homeCenter.notificationService.publish(body) But it doesn't do anything apart from showing a new notification in the UI with nothing in it and nothing on the mobile devices. Thank you
  2. Hi, Lately I suddenly have to restart my HC2 (4.590) often to get the push notifications working again. Anyone have any idea why this is? Thank you in advance!! Kevin
  3. Dear Community. I was wondering if any of you experience the same issue… since a few days I stopped receiving Push notifications on all my iPhones. However, on an Android phone and also on my iPad they work fine. I already updated HC2 to 4.5.81, deleted the Fibaro App on all devices, deleted the phones from HC2 (Access Control -> Mobile devices list), rebooted HC2, reinstalled Fibaro App, read new device IDs from http://<IP>/api/devices... but no success. Same picture as before. I also checked iPhone notification settings for the Fibaro app, they are all turned
  4. Version 0.0.1


    Get a notification/push when IDLock is unlocked by code or RFID Other possibilites Instead of having default value for name (example ->> "name":"User 60") you can easily change from User 60 to a real name instead. In a new scene add this lines and Press Start to set the name local ID = 1067 -- IDLock ID fibaro:call(ID, "setUserName",60, "Jonny") 60 is the slotID you want to change.
  5. Witam. Ja z takim pytaniem odnośnie powiadomień push - czy spotkał się ktoś z taka sytuacja ze oprócz zaplanowanych powiadomień jak np. o alarmie dostaje masę innych pustych wiadomości na telefon? Sprawa ma się tak ze powiadomienia które sa zaplanowane działają bez zarzutu natomiast oprócz tego na telefon przychodzi w ciągu dnia i NOCY cała masa pustych powiadomień - i nie wiadomo skąd i dlaczego? Jest to uciążliwe gdyż zdarza się kilka do kilkunastu razy na dobę! Dodam tylko ze problem występuje tylko i wyłącznie na telefonach z Androidem (S6 i S4) a na pozostałych urządzeniach z iOS
  6. Witam, Poszukuję podpowiedzi ponieważ zrobiłem przy użyciu micro-styku i universal sensor "urządzenie", które powiadamia mnie o tym, że drzwi nie zostały zamknięte na zamek przez co najmniej 5 minut. Zbudowałem do tego scenę, która powiadamia mnie o tym fakcie. Jednak push który pokazuje się na Ipad Air nie wydaje dźwięku. Chciałbym aby push pojawiał się z dźwiękiem. (np takim jak po wykryciu ruchu - alarm). Jak to zrobić? Z góry dziękuje za pomoc. Oto jak wygląda moja scena: --[[ %% properties %% globals --]] a -- zmien) local imgUrl = '
  7. Can someone help me. I have been thinking about how the logic would work and cannot come up with the correct Lua code to make this work correctly. Goal: want the door to unlock when I arrive at home and lock when I leave and send a message (push, email etc..) every time. but if I am home/not home I don't want it to keep locking/unlocking and sending me a message *I already have fibaro looking for my phone to see if I'm present. a global variable keeps a number count present =1 not present = 0 so the logic I came up with is like this:
  8. Chciałem zgłosić problem z aktualizacją przypisania telefonów i urządzeń mobilnych do użytkowników. W momencie np. zmiany telefonu dla danego użytkownika jest spory problem z aktualizacją powiadomień. I to nie chodzi o zmianę karty sim a tylko o zmianę aparatu. Powiadomienia w scenach są przypisane do telefonów a nie użytkowników w związku z tym przy zmianie telefonu trzeba przepisywać wszystkie sceny gdzie te powiadomienia są używane. Jeżeli mamy takich powiadomień sporo to jest to problem. Jak sobie z tym radzicie? Czy nie można by tego zmienić na poziomie oprogramowania
  9. W niedzielę nie działały powiadomienia PUSH. Wczoraj naprawili po interwencji i dzisiaj znów nie działają.
  10. First of all I have to say, that I’m using Fibaro for more than 3 years intensively for myself and some of my customers. So far didn’t find better solution for all use cases I have, but I think its time to start to look more intensively for alternatives. Why? Here are the most critical reasons: Remote system access – each time I do connect to HC from outside, I’m getting little bit nervous whether I do succeed. Its cause mostly by Fibaros issues in past with remote access. Unfortunately its back these days. This unreliability will most probably persist because of past experience. No i
  11. Hello I have noticed that you can not choose which time to start with interactive push in block scenes. Just choose the top one. However, one can save another scene but nothing happens.
  12. A couple of days ago my push and email notifications stopped working. I haven't touched the system nothing has changed. I deleted and re-added my iPhone 8, uninstalled and re-installed the app, but still no luck
  13. Hi, I think there is an issue with PIN protected scenes that are triggered from LUA configured popup or interactive push notifications. Scenes that should be PIN protected run straightforward when triggered from "YES" button on such notifications. Here are tutorials for setting such notifications up - courtesy of @Sankotronic: - popup notifications: - interactive push: Best regards, Andrzej
  14. Please help! I added a scene a while back to test push notifications to a mobile phone. Long story but basically I left it running and now theres 999+ notifications on my Android app (see screenshot). Does anyone know how to clear the "Current" notifications? There's too many to clear individually. I tried deleting the mobile device in HC2 and re-adding it. Also tried deleting the Android app data. Thanks, Elton,
  15. it is happening for any scene that I create with variables. I do not get an instant notification but rather hours later or even days then they will populate all together. Fibaro please fix!
  16. Since the last update and last night Im not receiving any type of notification from my HC2. Its connected to net (accessible from outside), no major changes made in settings except of time adjustment because it was 4 minutes late. Any idea what to check to resolve this issue?
  17. Hi, I set up a scene to get a mail and push notification when the front door of my house opens. The scene worked fine for 2 days but when I created a new scene to sent me notifications when temperature in room was over 27C, system stop sent me any notifications. I deleted and create again only the door scene, I reboot but I don't get notifications, I created a "debug" variable to check if scene works and it works fine except the mail and push. Can anyone help me understand what went wrong? Kostas P.S. My HCL has the 4.082 firmware and I haven't done any update since I create the scene for
  18. Does anyone know if HC2 can send a notification to your phone on which user (person) unlocks the door?
  19. It'd be great to get status of sending email and push (true/false). For example: when there is Internet connection problem. It should be easy to implement for Fibaro team and it'd give us more reliability. local mailSuccess = fibaro:call(2, "sendEmail", "title", "message") local pushSuccess = fibaro:call(2, "sendPush", "message") It'd be used in @AutoFrank SMsgH to queue messages.
  20. Hi, well beyond my capability and I have no idea how easy or difficult it is to do but I would like to get information from owl intuition PV energy monitor and display it in the HC2. The owl intuition has an api and can push data via multicast or UDP, information attached. I have also attached a PC program that displays the data from the network owl. There is an explanation of how this works here: https://theowl.zendesk.com/hc/en-gb/articles/201284603-Multicast-UDP-API-Information along with some other programs. If anyone is interested in a little project, I would be v
  21. Witam, chciałem zdefiniować notyfikacje, która jest wysyłana via PUSH podczas gdy Alarm jest uzbrojony. Zadaniem tej notyfikacji jest poinformowanie mnie o wykrytym ruchu przez którąkolwiek z uzbrojonych czujek ruchu, gdy zostanie aktywowana. Czy mogę w panelu notyfikacji pobrać nazwę czujnika który zgłosił 'breach' ? Docelowo tekst wysylany na telefon powinien mowic: WYKRYTO RUCH NA CZUJNIKU xxxx I tu pytanie, czy ten xxx można jakoś globalnie pobrać?
  22. Any one have an idea how I can make a scene that sends me a push or e-mail on a specific time with the temperature reading from one of my outdoor sensors?
  23. as some of you maybe already recognized, Fibaro push messages does not contains anymore the HCx serial but the HCx name set in the Wizard. I think most people set there just the default "home", but sometimes it does make sense to have different name. To change the name (i could swear there was something in the UI already, but can't find it anymore) simply call the Wizard again: http://HC-IP/fibaro/en/wizard/?steps=hcname and set the name you wish to see in push messages
  24. Hello, I'm hc2 can work normally, but I couldn't get a push notification from fibaro phone app, mobile phone has no closing software notification, push and no effect, I hc2 version is 4.09, and I come from China. Thanks
  25. While many of us want to voice interaction or even one way communication - voice alerts, or voice informations and Fibaro did nothing to help, i’m thinking of another way instead of expensive Sonos. Probably most easier way is using old iphone and configuring it only as fibaro-push-voiceover reader. So in the morning my iphone could say eg: „Good morning ! It's Friday. I’m opening shutters and disarming the house.” or warn me before closing shutters or so. Unfortunately voiceover reads whole push notification. So it looks like „Fibaro (long HC number) and my text". The ques
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