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Found 11 results

  1. schata

    Problems with iPhone and iPadd

    Hi Fibaro Team, I kindly ask to support me to solve some problems. 1. The ipad where I´m running your app on doesnt ring when it is locked. I have to leave it always on when I want to be notified about a visitor. Thats not really acceptable from several points. 2. The sound is scratchy and there are cuts in transmission, so several words may be missed. Not acceptable for an Intercom at all. 3. I also experienced that the ring function stops working sometimes on the device itself. I press the ring button an nothing happens. Normally it makes a sound with blinking blue lights. Sometimes it does not and in this case no notifications are sent to the iOS devices. The Intercom needs to be restarted to get it work again. 4. The ring tone cannot be changed. The app ring tone it horrible. The problems exist on both WiFi and LAN connection. I really love the disign of this cute device but all the points above make it unusable at all. Thanks Alex
  2. Hi, Wondering if there is a way to mix scenes and devices in one tab perhaps the overview screen ? I want my elderly mother inlaw to access lighting and a couple of devices. I can do what i need through a scene, there's only a couple of switches she needs access to and I have an iphone kicking around. my thoughts were to have just one screen with scenes required and a couple of devices, but I don't want her to have to scroll through tabs etc .. I know I can restrict what she sees with her access but can we mix them up any way ? If not, I'll have to run a local web page for her and just have the commands on that I suppose. Cheers, al.
  3. Hi, Wondering if the following thoughts could be considered for a future update. It would be nice to be able to tap the energy consumption figure on the top left and see what items are running. It would be great if the activity log was available to an iphone so you could get a little more info and finally the last breached that we have in the web based displayed ( even as an option switch ) for the doors, windows, motion and locks. This is all of course over and above a bit more flexibility in the layout, it would be good to be able to drag and drop icons outside of their "containers" rooms/scenes/cameras etc .. Cheers, al. It would make the app more functional in my opinion.
  4. Hi, I have an issue to control some devices by iPhone or iPad. Most of the time I can't switch a VD by iPhone or iPad. It either responds very late 20min to 1h or never, but sometimes it goes directly. The VD's are AC's and TV's controlled by IR converter iTach. The icon on the phone/pad changes directly but no response at the device. I checked the iTach and it works correct if I operate it directly by other software. Currently I'm running 4.153, but the problem was there before. Any suggestion are welcome
  5. qmoreira

    iOS app not logging to HC2

    Anyone help! after adding some virtual devices the logging from iOS devices was normal... i geed accesss to those new VD to other users, saved it... and then made a backup... suddenly all iOS devices can't connect to HC2... i get the message "trying to reconnect"... i have change the password for my poweruser, erased the app and reinstalled it and i keep getting that message... all in local network and with APP... on browser it logs normally... and in iphone if i turn off wifi and thought browser i go to home.fibaro.com i can login in... its just the apps and in all of the users (different devices) in local netwrok
  6. I have updated my HC2 and app however after logging back in on my iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 no devices error shows when selecting lighting and no rooms show in the rooms icon. I can login via my Samsung S6 and is fine. Please help.
  7. bob_kelso527

    iCloud HC2 Bridge

    Hi folks. After some time, I have been looking for a (good) solution to track phones (iPhone) and its position. Existing solutions have not worked satisfactorily. So here's my solution. Still under construction but should work. The method relies on to get the coordinates from iCloud (Find My iPhone). I run the script on my local server. If someone wants to be involved and contribute (there are instructions for getting started) https://github.com/raess1/iCloud-HC2-Bridge In the latest version on Github, I have also added 1. Battery status 2. State whether the phone is loaded or not. 3. Timestamp of when the data was last fetched. Things that should be added: create a variable to print the address on the coordinates where the phone is located. And to convert the timestamp to a more reader-friendly. Merry Christmas
  8. While many of us want to voice interaction or even one way communication - voice alerts, or voice informations and Fibaro did nothing to help, i’m thinking of another way instead of expensive Sonos. Probably most easier way is using old iphone and configuring it only as fibaro-push-voiceover reader. So in the morning my iphone could say eg: „Good morning ! It's Friday. I’m opening shutters and disarming the house.” or warn me before closing shutters or so. Unfortunately voiceover reads whole push notification. So it looks like „Fibaro (long HC number) and my text". The question is how to disable this „long HC number” in push notifications ? Any ideas ?
  9. My HC2 recently crashed and ended up on 503 error so I had to undertake a recovery mode, update to the latest version (4.09) and then do a backup of my configuration. Every since then all of remote access, and local & remote access via (home.fibaro.com) & iphone/iPad apps do no longer work. Access via Chrome browser works fine and everything is functioning as expected. I have another Fibaro HC2 hub at another location and remote access, iphone and ipad apps all work for that location so i know its not the apps or home.fibaro.com. Has anybody experienced this before and what is the remedy? Fibaro, please help i need my ipad screens and iphones screens to function ASAP Many thanks Bret
  10. I just bought and setup a Fibaro HC2 system and it worked well - finding it through fibaro finder, adding removing devices and accessing system from iPhone app. Then I upgraded to beta 4.062 and the following happened: * iPhone app crashes on startup, just after "loading data.." appears. Tried fresh installs multiple times from two different iPhones, both on iOS version 9.2 with same result. This happens when connecting to the local ip, when trying with remote access I get error message that home center is not found. App becomes visible in HC2 access control so it does have contact at least. On my iPad the app works perfect when connecting through LAN. * Long delay when adding new/removing new devices - can take up to 60 seconds before add/remove dialog is shown after clicking add/remove and takes a lot of timing and attempts to make it work. * HC2 is not found through Fibaro Finder * No serial number is shown in Configuration UI (not sure if it was before) * No front panel led activity at all OR only during startup and a few minutes afterwards. So I rebooted from recovery disk and reverted to some old 3.X version and problems remained. Upgraded to latest stable version, still same problems, then I again upgraded to 4.062 beta and the problems above remain. The HC2 is connected to an Apple Airport Extreme router and internet through fiber, I have set up port forwarding on port 80 to HC2. Besides the above problems remote access is not working at all, home.fibaro.com is unable to connect to my HC2 (this I did not even try before installing 4.062 beta). Anyone else having similar problems? It might be same root cause for all, maybe just finding out why it's not showing up in Fibaro finder makes the other problems disappear?
  11. Hello, I have a HC2 unit set up with a couple of sensors so far. I can active the alarm using my iOS apps (usually on my iPhone) , i.e. => choose "Alarm", select area/room, "Set Alarm", "Select" results in green light armed. If I then test the motion sensor by walking nearby the sensor (Fibaro HW) lights up. However, no alarm sounds and neither is any email or push notification triggered. Only when I relaunch the Fibaro app on the iPhone do I receive a notification (in the app itself) and the alarm sounds. It then displays the min / secs since the sensor was triggered. (i) Any advice on how I can get the alarm to be triggered right away when the sensor notices any activity - and how can I set up push and email notifcations? (ii) iPhone app (when on mobile data) takes ages to load (usually around 20sec) - "loading data". Any advice on how this can be improved without opening ports of setting up a local VPN interface? Thanks, TS