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  1. I have added Intercom Qapp (HC3) Trying to create a trigger to sound siren when Button is pressed on Intercom. However I can't get the trigger to work; { conditions = { { id = 347, isTrigger = true, operator = "==", property = "buttonTwoIsPressed", type = "device", value = true } }, operator = "all" } Any ideas how to get it working?
  2. I have an intercom powered by POE to work properly, except the microphone. You can not hear who is ringing the bell. Does anyone have Intercom working properly? Thank you.
  3. Hello, I am upset. So in France we could pre order the Intercom : Great !!! But... After looking description, the is only Apple Device compatibility......???????????? No possibility to use with Android Tablet and Smartphone ??? When ? At least, would it work in standard Android smartphone and tablet apps (Not intercom app, because not existing).
  4. Hallo, I'm trying to connect my android smartphone via bluetooth with the fibaro intercom without any success. The same process is working fine with my iPhone but whatever i do (reboot intercom, turn BLE on/off, remove all devices) it's not working with my Pixel XL and Pixel 3 XL. When trying to connect there is not Pop-Up show on the android device to finish the pairing process. Intercom Version is: 4.1.4_85_e0ec43a_REL Android Versions are Android 9. (Details are attached) App Version (iOS) 1.3.0(1) Any help or ideas? Cheers Mast
  5. hello ,I want to know which inter come from dahua can work with fibaro ? I have two models: DHI-VTO1210C-X/DHI-VTH5221EW-H :DHI-VTO2111D-WP/DHI-VTH5221EW-H If there any models can support that please mention it thanks in advance
  6. I'm trying to connect my ip fix phone to Fibaro Intercom ( I have generated password for SIP via https://intercom-web.fibaro.com/#/settings_sip (user:fibaro pwd: 3..... ) I have tried different combination of setting based on Fibaro manual - SIP integration usage with GrandStream (fill proxy, without proxy etc.) but results are same: "Registration failed" Does anybody know how to connect Intercom to SIP phone ?
  7. Intercom and it’s app is driving me mad! Recent behaviour of app is that it won’t make a call to the intercom on 4G. Will on WiFi though? Preview still works on both? I still get no notification sometime that intercom has been pressed rendering the whole doorbell pointless!!! When I get a failed notification I check recording history and it’s marked in history as ‘cancelled call’. How do you even cancel a call from the intercom if it never even notifies you on your iPhone??? Beyond frustrating. The most expensive Fibaro device and the least suppo
  8. I couldn't get Synology Surveillance Station to work with the Fibaro Intercom I followed these instructions but without any succes; Guide In “Add Camera Wizard” choose Complete Setup. Fill the gaps with data. Name: set your camera name Brand: [User Define] Type: Streaming – HTTP Path: http://[username]:[password]@[IP]:[port]/[video_path]* You have to replace data with your data: username: [email protected] localpass: Camera IP: Port: 8080 Video_path: /live/mjpeg Got to this link emanuel
  9. Dmitry_Bryce

    SIP Settings

    Hi all! I'm still trying to connect Fibaro Intercom to the touch screen monitor with sip protocol support. Did someone do it? For example, connect a softphone via sip? (According to the instructions: https://manuals.fibaro.com/knowledge-base-browse/integration-of-fibaro-intercom-with-grandstream/)
  10. Is there a possibility that the device records upon motion detection - similar to the possibilities of the Ring Doorbell?
  11. Due to changes in certificate handling by Apple, recordings and live preview may become unavailable on FIBARO Intercom for users with newer versions of iOS system. As a temporary solution we recommend setting connection type to 'Remote'. In order to change that: Go to Settings. Find Intercom on the list. Tap Connection type. Set Remote. We're working on getting this fixed as soon as we can. We would like to apologize for all the inconvenience.
  12. W związku ze zmianą certyfikatów zaufanych przez Apple użytkownicy nowych wersji systemu iOS mogę uświadczyć trudności z dostępem do funkcji nagrań i podglądu na żywo. W ramach tymczasowego rozwiązania prosimy o przejście do trybu zdalnego. Można tego dokonać w następujący sposób: 1. Przejdź do Settings. 2. Znajdź Intercom na liście. 3. Wybierz Connection type. 4. Ustaw Remote. Trwają prace nad rozwiązaniem problemu. Pragniemy bardzo przeprosić za wszelkie zaistniałe utrudnienia.
  13. Hi Fibaro Team, I bought a Fibaro Intercom and am a bit confused after reading the manual. According to the product page it withstands rain and heat. The manual shows explicitly NOT to mount at places where rain can hit it or direct sun. I took temp. measurement with an IR cam and even in free air it reaches temp. of 46°C. Attached two pictures of the front and the side (heatsink). The manual shows max. operating temp. of 40°C. Mounting it in a wall will exceed it by much. Our walls are equipped with thermal insulation and the Intercom needs to be m
  14. What what be REST API endpoint and protocol / documentation for opening the gate on Fibaro Intercom? Like, there is mjpeg on http://ip_address:8080/live/mjpeg Thank you
  15. Witajcie mam pytanie odnośnie obsługi dostępu poprzez Bluetooth oraz sterowanie głosowe czy ktoś z was używa lub ma klienta który używa tych rozwiązań ? Czy faktycznie jest tak że nie trzeba sięgać do kieszeni wystarczy powiedzieć czarodziejskie hasło lub zbliżyć się z aktywnym bluetoothem by otworzyć furtkę na posesję a następnie drzwi do domu ?
  16. Hi guys, is there a way to stop the ringing or cancel the call using lua or an api call? Sometimes I just walk to the door and open it. But the intercom keeps ringing. Thanks
  17. Hello, Can I have a lookback of recorded motions on my iPhone ? Also I like to delete some of these messages, but I can't use the edit (pencil) function! Regards, Hans
  18. I am looking for help integrating a Fibaro Intercom doorbell with a zoned audio controller. I have a Russound zoned audio amplifier with a 12VDC input page trigger and would like the Fibaro Intercom to play my doorbell chime through the Russound amplifier and output to zoned speakers. If anyone has experience or input on a solution, It would be greatly appreciated. Perhaps there is a forum post that explains this already, but I did not find one after searching the Intercom threads. Thank you for your time.
  19. Hi there! I use the intercom for a long time without any special problems. The device is connected via LAN and works. 4 days ago I could not log in via the intercom app or via the new web frontend. When logging in via the app my front door appears, but the further logon fails with an error message. All attempts remain futile. Internet is/was OK, LAN connection perfect. Then I reset the intercom to factory settings and set up completely new. Then it worked a few days and today the same mistake is back. What can
  20. Hi, I am unable to install Android App from Google Play store - Fibaro Intercom: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fibaro.intercom It says: This app is incompatible with your device. My phone is last updated (Android 8.0) Huawei P10 phone. What could be the reason for it? Maybe missing some hardware features? What is reason in app manifest? Thank you
  21. I've started to play with my new Fibaro intercom before I install it under my front porch. When someone presses the main button on the intercom, I get a notification on my apple watch and/or iPhone. I then have to get my iPhone out, unlock it and open the Fibaro Intercom app (either from the notification or the usual way) and wait for it to connect, before being able to answer the intercom. Its a very time consuming process. I'm assuming there must be a better way to answer the intercom? I was expecting that after someone presses the intercom button that I'd be able to
  22. Any plans for firmware update on Fibaro Intercom device. Normally, we have one house/building, with multiple/separate apartments, sharing the same main building doors. I think it should be "easy" to update "just software" and bring this nice feature/functionality. Inside app "Fibaro home", implement multiple "Apartments", invite user for each apartment. Ability that person / building visitor, chooses to ring, and choose a number of apartment (1,2,3..), to ring just to this apartment users. What do you think? Any chance to have this kind of firmware upgrade on su
  23. Fibaro is great company with great products that are also compatible with Samsung SmartThings Hub / system. Are there any plans for Fibaro Intercom and SmartThings integration? (simple things like, accepting push for call, button for opening gate for start)
  24. Hello, I bought Fibaro Intercom, and was very disappointed after figuring out that there is Android application, but only for usage, and not for configuration/settings. Anyhow, I have good neighbor who borrowed me iPhone for several minutes to do one-time installation and configuration of Fibaro Intercom. Anyway, I still do not understand, what are Fibaro plans for Android Intercom application, will it have settings options? will I be able to listen history and do video recordings playback? If answer is yes, please provide any ETA, how long does we (users) need to wa
  25. Have you tried hikvision intercom devices with Fibaro HC2? Looks like they support SIP and pretty cheap. https://sassec.wordpress.com/2015/09/14/highlights-hikvision-ip-intercom-familly/
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