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  1. After finally having my connection back to my HC2 from my iPhone (with the old app) I'm back zo square zero. I updated my iPhone to the last iOS and again I can't connect to my HC2 anymore. The old app doesn't connect at all, the new app seems to connect, but only shows some scenes. The scenes do work. How do I get my devices back and the rest of the scenes? What is the problem with updating iOS?! The last time my connection was restored after my alarm got triggered. I don't want to have to do that on purpose, specially not when my family is at home.
  2. I have set up a few push notifications to my iPhone 7+ to alert me of key events triggered by my Fibaro HC2. The following problem occurs: (1) With the Fibaro iPhone app closed, push notifications shows up both on a closed as well as an open iPhone screen as expected. However, the Fibaro Icon is marked with the red "alert icon", but the Notification tray in the app is empty and the Log shows zero entries. (2) With the Fibaro iPhone app open, nothing happens. No sound alert, no message, empty "In tray", zero log as above. Has anybody an idea how to solve thi
  3. Due to changes in certificate handling by Apple, recordings and live preview may become unavailable on FIBARO Intercom for users with newer versions of iOS system. As a temporary solution we recommend setting connection type to 'Remote'. In order to change that: Go to Settings. Find Intercom on the list. Tap Connection type. Set Remote. We're working on getting this fixed as soon as we can. We would like to apologize for all the inconvenience.
  4. W związku ze zmianą certyfikatów zaufanych przez Apple użytkownicy nowych wersji systemu iOS mogę uświadczyć trudności z dostępem do funkcji nagrań i podglądu na żywo. W ramach tymczasowego rozwiązania prosimy o przejście do trybu zdalnego. Można tego dokonać w następujący sposób: 1. Przejdź do Settings. 2. Znajdź Intercom na liście. 3. Wybierz Connection type. 4. Ustaw Remote. Trwają prace nad rozwiązaniem problemu. Pragniemy bardzo przeprosić za wszelkie zaistniałe utrudnienia.
  5. Has anyone experienced / overcome the following ? My overview pictures don't work, but if I click a camera button the camera works fine, ( click the camera number button ) in realtime, and all is well, then when I rotate the phone to get full screen, I get a "No Video" and black screen. Going back to the overview I generally have to refresh network to get the smaller view showing again. The cameras seem to work fine otherwise, I can even pinch in in the overview screen. HikVision Turret and Cube cameras all exhibit the same behaviour. Any thoughts on where to start ?
  6. Hello Everyone. I have what I consider a pretty typical setup. A nest and FIbaro lights and smokes. Pretty basic 10 circuits, nothing special happening here. While I think the Fibaro app is pretty decent, I wanted something I little more focused and polished for me. So, I have built a Android and IOS app which is modelled on the look and feel of the Savant app: https://www.savant.com/product/savant-app The app is fully working, just need a visual improvement - but it looks decent already. Its a side project - so dev will happen when i have time.
  7. I have a HCL and motion sensor. I'm trying to send a notification on my mobile "iPhone 5s (ios 11.2.1) " i've downloaded the latest version on the application as well as upgraded the HCL to the latest firmware. When I made a scene and add a push notification on it it doesn't work at all. I wonder why do I have this problem. Any Help?
  8. I find that the current app design no longer meets the current standards. In my opinion, the app is really not nice anymore. I find the app very important because you use it every day for a variety of things. The system is in my opinion the best in Fibaro but the app does not match the quality Fibaro has otherwise. Best Regards SerrII
  9. Hi, I have some questions regarding some parts of the Tablet UI (Android and iOS) application. I hope someone of you guys to help me understanding better this apps. For which I thank you in advance 1a. If I set in a room an external Thermostat (Danfoss Link RS) - as you can see in the first picture (web UI screenshot), I have a Climate Panel Control (second screenshot - tablet) 1b. If I don't have an external Thermostat but the thermostat is "declared" to be any of the one of the Fibaro TRV's slave component (first and second web UI screenshot),
  10. Hello! This is a piece from our Knowledge Base but I think it's also worth sharing it here: https://manuals.fibaro.com/knowledge-base-browse/fibaro-intercom-ios-app-installation/ It's a description of a setup process of the FIBARO Intercom on iOS.
  11. Hi, I'd like to pass a message to the Fibaro team behind the iOS app: Could you please make the home screen a little more configurable? My initial idea was to mount an Ipad in the kitchen and use it as control panel for my system. But it turns out that with only 6 positons where I can add my own devices, scenes etc it is too limited and not very useful. The screen usage looks as follows (approximately): Application header : 13% Weather information : 29% Energy graph : 6% 6 configurable blocks : 28% Footer
  12. Is there no Intercom App for the iPad - or for the desktop/OsX ? Notification/Ring to the iPhone app is unfortuntaly only inconsistently working.
  13. I have some strange issues with custom device images. When i put custom images devices, VD buttons, etc. there is a difference between images in web based acces to my HC2 compared to the images in the IOS app. On the IOS app I see images I did use in the past. Eevery time when I perform a backup recovery, the problem turns back. If I then import a lot of new images, delete them again (this will increase the images ID number) untill I reach a fresh image name, than the images between web based access and mobile app are in sync. So I did find myself a workarround However each time I do a r
  14. Dear all, is there any solution to use the app on an iPad in vertical mode? I hope so, because the is the only space left in my configuration. cheers Erik
  15. Anyone help! after adding some virtual devices the logging from iOS devices was normal... i geed accesss to those new VD to other users, saved it... and then made a backup... suddenly all iOS devices can't connect to HC2... i get the message "trying to reconnect"... i have change the password for my poweruser, erased the app and reinstalled it and i keep getting that message... all in local network and with APP... on browser it logs normally... and in iphone if i turn off wifi and thought browser i go to home.fibaro.com i can login in... its jus
  16. Hell All! I am a new user to Fibaro... so far so good... A few questions though... 1. How can I set a widget (iOS) to toggle a device? I assume create a scene, but scenes need trigger, there is no "button" trigger as sone other systems have... This would allow me to toggle a specific device on and off from iphone today screen 2 .I'm not quite sure what a virtual device is, seems like just devices that are IP based? 3. Do not understand variables panel... I can create them IE: Alarm is armed... but doesn't tie into anything... 4. Will the alarm, ARM itself if I ha
  17. In a webbrowser i can see the time when a door or window was open. In the app i can't see that. Is it possible to add that information in the app?
  18. Hello everybody, I'm new in this forum and also in this "business" so please tell me if I make any mistakes and so on. At the moment I'm doing a renovation in my new house. We have decided to make all the electronic and cabling new. A bus system like KNX was discussed but in the end to expensive in my opinion. For the moment I "only" would like to control my rollers, my two jalousies, two LED stripes and maybe the spots at the ceiling via smartphone and if possible additionally via Amazon Alexa. The first idea was to use Warema web control bec
  19. Hello there, Till i write ticket to support i want to ask a community. First of all customer has HCL, so please no lua. Jest received info from a customer that notifications does not work on his iPhone 7. Do you experience same issue or is it working for you? Customer has set some push messages in Notification panel. He set some push on device status change (device configuration) and made some scenes for it. Those scenes were starting manually. Maybe there is topic regarding that and if is, please point me to it. But i do not want to "necrofile"
  20. Hi guys. I somehow lost the possibility to switch some of my powernode ports. This might have happened on the upgrade to 4.120 I still can switch those set as light. But not the ones set as TV, Radio and so on. Anyone else experiencing this? In HC2 everything works like before. Thanks
  21. Hi. I have a short question: I use several virtual devices and to control my home. I use Android tablets, Android phones and also iPhones and iPads. My problem is, that the font size of the VD on all iOS devices (iPhone, iPad) is extremely large, so I have to scroll within the VDs to see all buttons. On Android devices (tablet and phones), the font size is perfect. Is there any possibility to configure the font size for iOS devices? Thanks, Torsten
  22. Recently, I've had a lot of problems accessing Home Center Lite Adminstration page. Right now the page load freezes completely with Safari 9.1.3, Chrome 54.0.2840.71 and my iPads Safari. After logging in via home.fibaro.com I am forwarded to black home page (picture1) and when i click 'main page -link' I see a dimmed main console and get endless load bar on top. My apps work fine on Android and iOS meaning my Fibaro Lite is not down - just can't access the system with browser. Anyone having similar problems??
  23. We decided to try the beta version of the HC2, upgrading to 4.057, we used a Windows 7 PC, everything run corectly , but when we tried to access via a Mac with captain IOS we stuck on the blue circles and cannot access the HC2, but with any windows system works fine. Also when it was 4.051 we could access fine using the mac. Any thoughts?
  24. When I include the Zipato RGBW Bulb I can see the panel and can use it in the web interface. But it is not working with iOS nor Android App. In iOS I can see a panel. But nothing is functional. In Android I cannot see anything. This makes the usage of the Zipate RGBW Bulb rather impractical. Any ideas when this will be fixed - or if at all? Otherwise I would rather send the Zipato RGBW Bulb back to Z-Wave Europe and buy a Philips Hue instead.
  25. Hi Guys! I´m pretty new to the Fibaro system and have a problem with the iOS push notifiactions in scenes or alarm. I tried the HCL for several weeks and is was horrible. The HCL froze periodically after restart and I wasnt able to connect to the web interface. The scenes als did not work anymore once frozen. That was the reason why I switched to HC2. Now the problem is that I do not get any notification via push. Only emails arrive (in case of an alarm or when set in scenes). There is a second device running Android. There is no problem. All push notifications are shown imm
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