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Found 19 results

  1. Witam serdecznie Temat stary jak świat. Czy ktoś już przeszedł katusze z uruchomieniem kamery Hikvision DS-2CD2143G0-I. Próbowałem chyba 1000 rożnych wariantów linku do streamu i dla 1 i dla drugiego strumienia. Niestety nie znalazłem odpowiedniego. Kończą mi się pomysły. Czy mógłby ktoś pomóc? Może to nie kwestia konfiguracji w HC2 a konfiguracji w kamerze? Wielka prośba o pomoc! Sprawdzałem na http://www.ispyconnect.com/man.aspx?n=Hikvision - brak tego modelu Pozdrowienia Jarek
  2. Hello, I want that my HC2 sends a snapshot to me by mail from my Hikvision DS-2DE4A220IW-DE. I see the video of my Hikvision in my HC2 and the app, but snapshots still not working . I have created the LUA scene SendPhotoToUser to my user ID 2. JPG path: Streaming/channels/1/picture MJPG stream path: Streaming/channels/102/Preview There should be something wrong with the JPG path, so I have contacted Hikvision for the path url's of Hikvision camera's. (See attachment for document). The document shows that Snapshot using HTTP URL should be; http://<IP address of IPC>:<HTTP port>/Streaming/channels/1/picture. (NOTE: If the HTTP port of the device is still 80 (default), then “:<HTTP port>” is not required.) So for me it's: this works in the browser but not in the HC2. I tried with HTTP port and without the port, and with and without http:// and the beginning. Who could help me out with this? Kevin rtsp and http urls.pdf
  3. I want to simple test the function /Event/notification/alertStream on my Hikvision camera by using the virtual device for Motion detection on / Off (found in the forum and works fine) and added a button for Motion_DETECTED. -- MAIN cam = Net.FHttp(ipaddress,port) cam:setBasicAuthentication(username,password) fibaro:debug('test') response,status,errorcode = cam:GET('/ISAPI/Event/notification/alertStream') fibaro:debug(response) during debug session only "test" appears and nothing further. My aim is to see the "response" variable in a string format. any idea what is going wrong?
  4. Hi all... I have purchased a Smart Implant to add to my HC2 so that I can capture the Alarm Output from my Hikvision DVR. The aim of this exercise is to capture the alarm breach from my DVR when someone crosses my drive which is monitored by a CCTV camera. The camera is setup to generate a alarm output signal which I believe can be captured by Smart Implant and trigger an action on HC2. I have successfully included the Smart Implant into HC2. I have connected the cable marked IN1 to Alarm 1 Output and GND cable to G 1 Output on the DVR. However, it is not picking up anything. Have I connected the correct cables?? Thanks in advance.
  5. IP camera support on Fibaro is about to become history. I love my HC2 but unless Fibaro implement simple "digest authentication" for IP cameras, support is about to die off. Here's why: Recent vulnerabilities have forced some IP camera manufacturers to REMOVE basic authentication. Fibaro ONLY supports basic authentication. Digest authentication has been around since the 90's and is one step above basic or "plain text" authentication (visible in packet captures). It is becoming more difficult to upgrade or buy new cameras that support basic authentication. Dahua - Since early 2017, basic authentication is now disabled in Dahua firmware. - In 2016, Dahua started signing its firmware which stops downgrades to unsigned versions. - So there's no solution once you have newer firmware installed. Not to mention the lack of support for RTSP, with MJPEG becoming obsolete. Digest auth is needed just to keep existing functionality. Beware of upgrading your IP cameras!
  6. After having my HC2 since 2015/6 ish.. Why in 2019, is there still no easy support for Hikvision cameras? They are one of the world leading... The "plugin" does absolutely nothing Has anyone got their DS-2CD2385FWD-I camera working? So many issues... This should be easy!
  7. After my last update, my installed cameras did not want to work anymore. the models are DS-2CD2F42FWD-IWS, ds-2cd2142fwd-i, ds-2cd2442fwd-iw, and another camera with ip noname I do not have her model. How can I recover the impeccable camera in the fibrous home center2. Please help me to make a scene like when the door sensor at the entrance to the house changes the condition of the camera to send me a picture of who entered / exited the mail. Thank you in advance
  8. Have you tried hikvision intercom devices with Fibaro HC2? Looks like they support SIP and pretty cheap. https://sassec.wordpress.com/2015/09/14/highlights-hikvision-ip-intercom-familly/
  9. Has anyone experienced / overcome the following ? My overview pictures don't work, but if I click a camera button the camera works fine, ( click the camera number button ) in realtime, and all is well, then when I rotate the phone to get full screen, I get a "No Video" and black screen. Going back to the overview I generally have to refresh network to get the smaller view showing again. The cameras seem to work fine otherwise, I can even pinch in in the overview screen. HikVision Turret and Cube cameras all exhibit the same behaviour. Any thoughts on where to start ? Cheers, al.
  10. How do I add this model Hikvision DS-2CD2142FWD-IS. There is only 2 model when look into Fibaro Device list. I have a Fibaro Lite model.
  11. Hi all. I am new to fibaro and have started trying different systems to it. The last system which i tried was to add an IP camera from Hikvision model DS-2CD2142FWD-IS. I have tried to add this IP camera. But I didn't get the correct model number in plugins. so i just tried with DS-2CD2132FWD-IS instead. But the problem is that it didnt provide any video for me. and when i searched over internet i found a streampath for this cam..Streaming/channels/102/picture. But it just give me image and I cant view the videoover ther Hope someone will reply back soon noTE: I havent connected the NVD. Hope it will work without NVR with fibaro
  12. Hello evereybody, yesterday I tried to include my hikvision camera into HC2. Therefore I used the HIKVISION Plugin. It was included successfully - and I could saw the stream of my camera. But after going to Home Overview, the Browser crashed after a few seconds. Then I had to reload the browser - and the same happend again. Finally I excluded the camera and everthing worked fine again. Somebody with similar problems?
  13. Hi there, my first time here, I am trying to capture a multipart XML-alertstream from a Hikvision IP camera, but since the stream never closes I never receive a response. The information within the stream, such as VMD, LINEDETECTION, FIELDDETECTION etc. will be used to trigger other scenes or VD's in my HC2 (v4.080). This is my test scene so far: fibaro:debug(tostring(fibaro:countScenes())) --to indicate how many instances are running local http = net.HTTPClient() http:request ('', { options = { method = "GET", headers = { ['Authorization'] = 'Basic XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX' } }, success = function (response) fibaro: debug (‘OK’) end, error = function (err) fibaro: debug (‘ERROR’) end }) fibaro: debug (‘End of Script’) When running the code, no OK or ERROR will show up, but immediately shows this: 1 End of Script Running the code again shows: 2 <-- is this an indication that the HTTP connection from instance 1 is still open? End of Script Additional info: The GET method works fine directly from my browser (http://<user>:<pwd>@, but the connection stays open while xml data is continuously being added. There’s no authorization issue since I am able to get a good response (single XML response) from a simple GET request. Final goal, of course, is to read response.data in order to do nice things with it. But since nothing shows up… Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance.
  14. Hi I would like to manage notifications or other settings in Hikvision camera. According to Hikvision guides http://www.hikvisioneurope.com/portal/index.php?dir=Integration and Development Materials/03--Protocol/01--HIKCGI Protocol/ It's possible to send these kind of commands in a virtual device? Something like this: PUT /System/time/ntpServers/1 HTTP/1.1 Authorization: Basic YWRtaW46MTIzNDU= Content-Type: text/xml Host: Content-Length: 268 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <NTPServer> <id>1</id> <addressingFormatType>ipaddress</addressingFormatType> <ipAddress></ipAddress> <portNo>123</portNo> <Extensions> <synchronizeInterval>60</synchronizeInterval> </Extensions> </NTPServer> Is this possible? Using HCL and 4.105
  15. Hi, I'm having trouble getting my fibaro to send my hikvision screen shots to my email address. My foscam works fine, but the 3 Hikvisions dont. When I press the "snapshot" bottom, nothing happens. I know my mpeg and jpeg settings are correct because when I set the device to refresh every 3 screens on the home page, it works fine. I've tested this to make sure it's using the jpeg path and it is. Any thoughts? I'm using the new Hikvisions 2142 4MP cameras. Thank you,
  16. Hey guys, I have the relatively new Hikvision 5mp cameras (model number below). Model: DS-2CD2142FWD-IS Firmware: V5.3.6 build 151105 The send screens button does not work and I've tried nearly everything. Has anyone else had any luck with their new cameras or can point me in the right direction? Thank you,
  17. I address this question to Hikvision IP camera users. I've bought camera: DS-2CD2120F-IWS http://overseas.hikvision.com/europe/Products_accessries_158_i8595.html I set up MJPG second stream. I use url like this: http://<ip>/Streaming/channels/1/preview http://<ip>/Streaming/channels/2/preview http://<ip>/Streaming/channels/102/preview ... (tried many similar) Main problem. First connection work fine. But when I try to watch stream from second device(or second tab in browser). Camera returns me error xml. <ResponseStatus xmlns="http://www.hikvision.com/ver10/XMLSchema" version="1.0"> <requestURL>/Streaming/channels/1/preview</requestURL> <statusCode>4</statusCode> <statusString>Invalid Operation</statusString> </ResponseStatus> 1. Please tell me, do you have such problem? 2. I didn't find any info about such limitation in documentation. 3. I updated firmware. 4. Is it possible to turn of such limitation?
  18. Witam. Mam kamerę HIKVISION DS-2CD2032-I. Chciałbym ją podłączyć do HC2. Mam plugin, ale do kamerki DS-2CD2132-I i wygląda na to, że nie działa... Pytanie: - czy da się? jeżeli tak to: - jakie parametry ustawić w pluginie (ip, user i passwd mam ok - chodzi o strumienie) - jakie parametry ustawić na kamerce - jeżeli trzeba (sepcyficzne parametry dot. video lub obrazu). Pozdrawiam Łukasz
  19. Hi everyone. I want know if is possible add hikvision dvr as virtual device in Fibaro Home Center 2? Thanks.
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