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Found 12 results

  1. I am having some trouble with 2 HCL that have static IP and are controlled by the master HC2, but I have seen that they change back to another IP, and don´t know why Any suggestions?
  2. Hello, I want that my HC2 sends a snapshot to me by mail from my Hikvision DS-2DE4A220IW-DE. I see the video of my Hikvision in my HC2 and the app, but snapshots still not working . I have created the LUA scene SendPhotoToUser to my user ID 2. JPG path: Streaming/channels/1/picture MJPG stream path: Streaming/channels/102/Preview There should be something wrong with the JPG path, so I have contacted Hikvision for the path url's of Hikvision camera's. (See attachment for document). The document shows that Snapshot using HTTP URL should be; http://<IP address of IPC>:<HTTP port>/Streaming/channels/1/picture. (NOTE: If the HTTP port of the device is still 80 (default), then “:<HTTP port>” is not required.) So for me it's: this works in the browser but not in the HC2. I tried with HTTP port and without the port, and with and without http:// and the beginning. Who could help me out with this? Kevin rtsp and http urls.pdf
  3. I try to use my Edimax IC-6220DC but it does not work reliable. Does anyone can help ?
  4. Hello all, Some little scrotum has ripped bits off my car on my driveway so I'm in need of a good camera that can be integrated into my fibaro system. Does anyone have any recommendations for an outdoor camera, preferable wired, day and night with good quality I can use? Thanks
  5. Hi, Running 4.180 version of HC2 SW. But, I have noticed the phenomena also on the 4.170. Not sure about earlier versions though. Situation/Scenario: 1. Leaving home for a week to business travel. 2. Cautious about risks for lightning - pulling all electronics apart from "absolute bare minimum". 3. HC2 is using regular network cable. 4. As HC2 is to run during absence, but rest of network is not, cable between HC2 network outlet and rest of network (switch, router etc) is disconnected to avoid "rolling lightning bolts" still hitting electronics just because they are physically connected. Expected outcome: Any scene triggered automatically, based on time or other local value/setting/trigger device, should still run. Actual outcome: Scenes not triggered automatically. Extra information: Once network cable is connected to switch/router, scene activation starts to work again as per expectation. Please let me know if you need more data to trouble-shoot this phenomena. Kindly, DrPepper
  6. I have below script VD in LUA which detect my phone IP in network - works good :] Now question - how can i must create scene with blocks ? after detect my phone in local network switch lights or etc...... Must first make variable or how? Please help really dont know, try since few hours
  7. Hi, Say that I know the MAC address of a specific device I have and I want to retreive the IP Address. How can I retreive it using LUA?
  8. Hi, I have decided to tackle the cameras part of my setup and I'm looking for some help and maybe some guidance from some of the camera gurus. I have spent the night reading the camera posts and unfortunately I am none the wiser I have decided to take the bold step and create a new post I have 4 Trendnet https://www.trendnet.com/products/ip-cameras/TV-IP311PI dome cameras and they are hooked to my Synology NAS Surveillance station .. all the is working dandy .. but I have this cool HC2 that I'd like to make work a little more for its money... I have the cameras added using the Hikvision Ds2cd2132i plugin. I understand the cameras are the same 'under the hood' In the web UI using chrome I can't see the picture but if I switch to Firefox I can see the picture. The same happens if I go directly to the camera UI so I'm putting that down to some chrome extension that is not compatible. This is the way I have them setup (hc2 settings and camera settings) JPG stream - Streaming/channels/102/Picture MJPG stream - Streaming/channels/102/Preview Ultimately I'd like to be able to detect motion in the area using my sensor and grab a snapshot but would like start small. I have not been able to get any tablet or phone to show the images either on my local LAN or remotely. I have tried iPad2, iPad Air, Samsung Galaxy 4 (10" and 7"), Insignia Tablet (10-" android) or a galaxy S7 or S6 phones Considering what I have and what I have treid could anybody offer a course of treatment I could try (besides throwing the camera in the bin) Thanks in advance -f
  9. Hi, Enyone who can help me turn my Sony reciever str-DN1050 ON/OFF trough HC2 ? Nothing fancy, just an VD for ON/OFF and maybe input source an volume... Is this possible? Cant find anything....
  10. Hi Bought a new sonos 5 II today and every thing working fine whith my iphone, but when i would like to connect it to Fibaro it doesnt work The sonos 5 is connected with wifi and i have recerved a IP for it, so it will not change Problem 1 i am loading sonos plugin 1.0 at fibaro HC2 4.100 . Then i press search i get " Unfortunately there are no results for device search " If i point the plugin direct to IP (not searching) it will connect and i got the basic functions (play pause volume ...) Problem 2 I am trying to configure the VD from Krikroff pointing the VD to "ip" and port 80 (i can ping sonos speaker) In debug mode the logg says "comunication error" [DEBUG] 09:37:38: ------------------------------------------------------------------------- [DEBUG] 09:37:38: -- HC2 Toolkit Framework version 1.0.6 [DEBUG] 09:37:38: -- Current interpreter version is Lua 5.1 [DEBUG] 09:37:38: -- Total memory in use by Lua: 226.89 Kbytes [DEBUG] 09:37:38: ------------------------------------------------------------------------- [DEBUG] 09:37:38: Toolkit.Debug loaded in memory... [DEBUG] 09:37:38: Benchmark [Toolkit.Debug lib]: elapsed time: 0.000 cpu secs [DEBUG] 09:37:38: Toolkit.Collections.Queue loaded in memory... [DEBUG] 09:37:38: Benchmark [Toolkit.Collections.Queue lib]: elapsed time: 0.000 cpu secs [DEBUG] 09:37:38: Toolkit.Net loaded in memory... [DEBUG] 09:37:38: Benchmark [Toolkit.Net lib]: elapsed time: 0.000 cpu secs [DEBUG] 09:37:38: Toolkit.Xml loaded in memory... [DEBUG] 09:37:38: Benchmark [Toolkit.Xml lib]: elapsed time: 0.010 cpu secs [DEBUG] 09:37:38: Toolkit.HttpUtility loaded in memory... [DEBUG] 09:37:38: Benchmark [Toolkit.HttpUtility lib]: elapsed time: 0.000 cpu secs [DEBUG] 09:37:38: ------------------------------------------------------------------------- [DEBUG] 09:37:38: -- SONOS Advanced Remote version 1.0.0 [DEBUG] 09:37:38: ------------------------------------------------------------------------- [DEBUG] 09:37:38: SONOS Advanced Remote V 1.0.0 loaded in memory... [DEBUG] 09:37:38: Benchmark [SONOS Advanced Remote V 1.0.0 lib]: elapsed time: 0.000 cpu secs [DEBUG] 09:37:38: HC2 start script at Sat Dec 31 09:37:38 2016 [DEBUG] 09:37:38: Get status topology, look for speakers IP [DEBUG] 09:37:38: Communication error code: 2 [DEBUG] 09:37:38: retry #0 [DEBUG] 09:37:38: Get status topology, look for speakers IP [DEBUG] 09:37:38: Communication error code: 2 Anyone ?
  11. Witam, Tak jak w temacie. Nie widzę obrazu z 1 z 3 kamer z poza sieci lokalnej. W domu wszystko jest ok. Resetowałem wszystkie urządzenia sieciowe, dodałem kamerę na nowo i nic... Możliwe że to po aktualizacji... Do tej pory wszystko było ok. Ma ktoś podobny problem ?
  12. Are the IP Address and TCP Port properties for a virtual device read only in LUA and only able to be changed using the web interface? Tried the following from a scene with no success. fibaro:call(id.vd, "setProperty", "ip", newIP) fibaro:call(id.vd, "setProperty", "port", newPort) fibaro:call(id.vd, "setProperty", "IPAddress", newIP) fibaro:call(id.vd, "setProperty", "TCPPort", newPort)
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