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Found 12 results

  1. I can see the HCL on the router, so I know its ipaddress. When I type it in teh browser, it returns " refused to connect". What does it mean ?
  2. Hi everybody, Can I have Master-Slave Gateway-Connection between two Home center with different frequencies? Like have a US and a EU versions at same home? Best Regards to all
  3. Hello guys, I want to connect two HC2 over internet using gateway connection, but how can I do that. When I try to add a HC2 over gateway connection I enter the public ip and and the creditials but it says that you must check if HC2 is connected to the internet.
  4. Hi, my google home fibaro dude ( weird having a different voice ) keeps finding my hc2 with the correct serial number then when I select the number one for the device he finds he tells me “I wasn’t able to select home centre” .. so I’m not sure how to disentangle him from my google to resend the setup link and I’m so close its more frustrating than when I was using IFTTT !! Pretty fast responses too! Anyone know where / how to view connections in both directions so I can clear them and try starting again ? I’m on 4.153b and wonder if that has anything to do with it ? Cheers, al
  5. Hi all, where can i find information about Master-Slave Gateway-Connection between two Homecenter? I have established such a connection between HCL (buero) and HC2 (home) via VPN and like to get some help – sharing devices, scenes, alarm, video etc. Is there an official guide from fibaro?
  6. Hi to all, I'm new for this forum, but not for Fibaro system. My problem is very strange, and I don't know what to do in this case. So what is going on.... I have several sensors and devices like : Fibaro Smart Plug Aeotec Smart Plug Fibaro Smoke Sensor Aeotec Multisensor 6 Remotec IR blaster and so on... Also I have Fibaro HC2 and 2 Fibaro HC Lite. And the problem is that I can't add any device on any of this HC. Putting any sensor or device in adding mode, then Pushing add button in Add device, HC standing in learning mode. And nothing, 30 seconds, and nothing. I tried sensor reseting, HC resetting, Network and location changing, i tried everything. Also i asked from my friend, to add some of my devices to his HC Lite, not working. Then I asked to add some of his devices to my HCenters. NOT working! Also we tried to add his devices to his HC. NOT WORKING! I can't understand, what is going on? Anyone have the same problem?
  7. Hello experts! This is kind of very strange and I hope, I am just missing something and that I find someone, who could point my nose on it: I just switched to a different, newer, better, faster, quieter router (AVM Fritzbox 7490) with 4 LAN ports. The Fibaro HC2 is connected (as well as e.g. the Philips Hue bridge, NAS and TV). All devices are working and shown as connected on the UI of the router. But HC2 is NOT! Strange enough, the LAN network light on HC2 (2nd from the right) is illuminated. But the router does not "see" the device. I plugged it back into the old router and everything works fine again. Back on the new one: Nothing! I tried Fibaro finder, but as expected, it can't find it. Any thoughts, ideas, ...? Thank you so much for helping!
  8. Hi, I have an ipad that is always on and always connected using the Fibaro app. Ever since 4.110 upgrade, it looses connection every few hours and I have to press "refresh". Anyone else experiencing this??
  9. Hi Bought a new sonos 5 II today and every thing working fine whith my iphone, but when i would like to connect it to Fibaro it doesnt work The sonos 5 is connected with wifi and i have recerved a IP for it, so it will not change Problem 1 i am loading sonos plugin 1.0 at fibaro HC2 4.100 . Then i press search i get " Unfortunately there are no results for device search " If i point the plugin direct to IP (not searching) it will connect and i got the basic functions (play pause volume ...) Problem 2 I am trying to configure the VD from Krikroff pointing the VD to "ip" and port 80 (i can ping sonos speaker) In debug mode the logg says "comunication error" [DEBUG] 09:37:38: ------------------------------------------------------------------------- [DEBUG] 09:37:38: -- HC2 Toolkit Framework version 1.0.6 [DEBUG] 09:37:38: -- Current interpreter version is Lua 5.1 [DEBUG] 09:37:38: -- Total memory in use by Lua: 226.89 Kbytes [DEBUG] 09:37:38: ------------------------------------------------------------------------- [DEBUG] 09:37:38: Toolkit.Debug loaded in memory... [DEBUG] 09:37:38: Benchmark [Toolkit.Debug lib]: elapsed time: 0.000 cpu secs [DEBUG] 09:37:38: Toolkit.Collections.Queue loaded in memory... [DEBUG] 09:37:38: Benchmark [Toolkit.Collections.Queue lib]: elapsed time: 0.000 cpu secs [DEBUG] 09:37:38: Toolkit.Net loaded in memory... [DEBUG] 09:37:38: Benchmark [Toolkit.Net lib]: elapsed time: 0.000 cpu secs [DEBUG] 09:37:38: Toolkit.Xml loaded in memory... [DEBUG] 09:37:38: Benchmark [Toolkit.Xml lib]: elapsed time: 0.010 cpu secs [DEBUG] 09:37:38: Toolkit.HttpUtility loaded in memory... [DEBUG] 09:37:38: Benchmark [Toolkit.HttpUtility lib]: elapsed time: 0.000 cpu secs [DEBUG] 09:37:38: ------------------------------------------------------------------------- [DEBUG] 09:37:38: -- SONOS Advanced Remote version 1.0.0 [DEBUG] 09:37:38: ------------------------------------------------------------------------- [DEBUG] 09:37:38: SONOS Advanced Remote V 1.0.0 loaded in memory... [DEBUG] 09:37:38: Benchmark [SONOS Advanced Remote V 1.0.0 lib]: elapsed time: 0.000 cpu secs [DEBUG] 09:37:38: HC2 start script at Sat Dec 31 09:37:38 2016 [DEBUG] 09:37:38: Get status topology, look for speakers IP [DEBUG] 09:37:38: Communication error code: 2 [DEBUG] 09:37:38: retry #0 [DEBUG] 09:37:38: Get status topology, look for speakers IP [DEBUG] 09:37:38: Communication error code: 2 Anyone ?
  10. Fibaro technical support asked us to open ports on our sky router to allow them connection in. I'm not sure how they plan on getting through / what exactly they require as it's hard to understand due to the language barrier sometimes? Can someone possibly talk throught the steps requred to allow remote connection via port forwarding and SSH?
  11. Hi, I am a newbie but eager to understand and learn the HC2 which I have found to be impressive after only a few days exploring. I want to experimentally connect the RGBW to a 5mtr LED strip that arrived with its own 12V power supply and a 240 volt plug. I have found and understood how to add the module as a device into the HC2. No problem there. I can see that I will need to connect the RGBW wires into the corresponding colour connectors on the RGBW Fibaro module. I can see where I can get the 12v DC and where it needs to be connected same as the ground or negative. What I dont get is the IN1 - IN4? All I want to do is simply see my Iphone APP control the strip, change colour, change intensity, turn on turn off. So I am thinking short all 4 "IN" ports to ground? Short only one "IN" port to ground? Any help on this would be appreciated, thanks
  12. Hi All, someone know how is possible to configure http proxy settings on hc2 in order to connect to internet? My internet connection require to set an http proxy, and seems i'm not able to find this settings form in the hc2 configuration section. ng--
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