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Found 25 results

  1. A few days ago I found a first generation UBS in an old box and I decided to use it. The UBS is connected to two DS18B20 sensors that I have mounted on my underfloor heating pipes. After that I included the UBS in the Z-wave network and the sensor readings look great. However, the HCL GUI is showing some other weird things (with corresponding icons) : 3x motion sensor and 1x remote control ... There is no icon similar to the UBS circuit board (I also checked the master device) Does anyone know what is causing this? Thanks!
  2. Guest

    All about icons

    Version 3.1


    Did some rework on Fibaro and Aeon sensors icons and few others The stand alone sensor icon actually has a little human figure stand still (white color) to use as part of inactive motion icon. Added linear icons
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Some of the standard icons i customised to get a better look and feel for my HC2 - - - - - 11.07.2018 - adding some new icons for a unicorn led lamp - - - - - - - - - - 29.08.2018 - adding some new icons for different temperatur sensors - - - - - Some icons for the on/off state of different devices i used with a Fibaro Wall Plug Icons for a Bora BIA extraction hood Icons for a MCO MH7 Different icons and colors for a Philips Hue Iris black or if somebody used the older Philips LivingC
  4. Version 1.0.0


    More then 300 scene icons
  5. Hi all, My apologies upfront if this is not a relevant question for the forum, but I'm very interested in learning how users are making their own icons for devices / scenes, etc. I'd like to create some of my own and load them into the Downloads/icons forum if anyone feels they are good enough. Can someone point me in the right direction?
  6. Great Job ! Is it posible to add a Sonos Logo or Speaker as Icon to the QA ? Regards Hans
  7. I have both iPhone apps installed, both the old and the new. (personally, I prefer the old). A few days ago, the "Rooms" display in the old app changed appearance: several rooms displayed no icons, as shown in the first screen dump below. All these rooms have icons, as shown by the second screen dump using the new app. Up until now they displayed properly in both apps, now suddenly only in the new one. So what changed in the old app recently?? I changed nothing at my end. (I haven't double-checked, but it may be that the missing icons are the ones where I have imported custom icons, not f
  8. Hello I tried to upload the attached icons, after choosing the files when I press "Add" the interface go black with blue rolling balls and then back. The icons are not uploaded and the files fields are empty ... No error message Note that some other Icons are uploaded Any help welcome Thank you
  9. Version 1.0.0


    Some of the icons I use for different scenes (e.g., TimeBasedEvent by Sankotronic or a scene for the sun protection in summer time) - - - - - 21.08.2018 - adding some new icons for a "battery check" and a "ambient light" scene - - - - - - - - - - 29.08.2018 - adding some new icons for a "check door/window" scene - - - - - - - - - - 14.09.2018 - adding one new icon for the roller shutter control and some different colored icon to create a variable - - - - - - - - - - 10.12.2019 - adding two new icon for the sleep state and the sleep child state - - - - - R
  10. If you prefer flat icons for your Fibaro Z-Wave Gateway, you can find some to download at http://www.smarthome...com/flat-icons/ I prefer designing such minimalistic icons to give the HomeCenter a more modern look. Some SmartHomeConsult clients want exact replication of their expensive design lamps. I'll do such work on demand.
  11. Guest

    Sankotronic scene icon pack 1

    Version 1.0.0


    This is first package of the icons for scenes if you like this type of design.
  12. Version 0.6.0


    Automatic Icon Downloader What does this device: Device can automatically download from dedicated web-page all icons that you use to your HC2. The device can be used by installers to easily download their favorite sets of icons to new HC2, by end users to get back icons after recovery or any other purpose. Device before uploading any icon to your HC2 check if any of selected in IconSet already exists so it should be safe to click on "Download to HC2" button many times. This solution has to separate parts: vd and portal. Version history: 0.6 - first publi
  13. Version 1.0.0


    Some of the icons I use for the different rooms in the house. These icons based on the furniture or special marks of the rooms. If somebody want I can do this for every room in the own house. - - - - - 29.08.2018 - adding a new icon for the child room - - - - -
  14. Hi, I found this source earlier, you can download any 100x100 icon for free and they upscale to 128x128 great Here are some I did this morning, there are all different styles https://icons8.com/web-app/for/all/music enjoy !! -f
  15. chciałem najpierw z Wami podzielić się nowym urządzeniem wirtualnym - nie skończyłem jeszcze wszystkiego, ale dalsze prace zależą od tego czy jest sens je kończyć.Co to za urządzenie?Każdy z Nas po recovery czy przy nowej centralce jest zmuszony na żmudne dodawanie ikon do centrali i trwa to dłuuugo... ale nigdy więcej ! Od teraz możecie wejść zaimportować urządzenie wirtualne, skonfigurować, skorzystać z dedykowanej stronki i ikony same znajda sie w Waszej centrali ! What does this device? Everyone of us after recovery or new installation has to download and add icons to HC2
  16. Version 1.0.0


    KRK Volume UP and DOWN icons
  17. domin12

    Home Icons

    Version 1.0.0


    Home Icons
  18. HI, I found what looks like a great source for icons for both the HC2/L and imperihome http://www.smarthomeconsult.com/flat-icons/ -F
  19. Hi As most people know the custom icons get 'broken' after a recovery I experienced this a few weeks ago and I went to clean up my system today and noticed an odd behaviour. As you can see below the broken icons are below Note - There are 10 that need to be deleted Clicking delete.. and the number broken is 3 Deleting one of the broken icons gives the following... Note - There are now 9 broken icons Can anybody else replicate this HC2 running 4.120, windows 7 machine, Chrome browser thanks
  20. Hi I (foolishly ) offered to outline how I create icons using GIMP so here goes... Disclaimer - I am not a graphics designer and I'm sure there are better ways to do this but this is what I do if you are a graphics designer - please be kind INTRODUCTION Using GIMP to create a Fibaro icon (128 x 128 px png with transparent background) This is about working with images that are already created. It’s important to remember that the background in both the webui and apps is dark so I dark image will probably not work well I always start
  21. msta

    Icon data base

    There are plenty of messages containing icons. It is quite difficult to go through all of them. Can FIABRO make some icon directory (with subdirectiries) where users could upload icons? Such directories are built in other similar services.
  22. I recently changed all of the device and scene icons in the HC2 but when I go into the app, none of them show up. They were all 128x128 and came from a website specifically for Fibaro icons. Anyone else had this issue and found a fix?
  23. Hi ALL, i was trying to add one icon for a VD and i got weird error Anybody an idea?
  24. Hi Does anybody know if it is possible to specify the icon for a scene or a VD within the la itself as opposed to the usual method Thanks -f
  25. I'm unable to upload new icons to my Fibaro HC2. I've just restored to try to resolve this. I was able to upload and change 1 icon before this error occured again. Once I choose a file, before adding/uploading it, an exclamation mark appears in the right menu: I add the second file, and press Add, this happens: The icons are in fact 128 x 128 pixels, and I've tried both 8 bit and 32 bit PNG. Icons I've tried is attached: The exclamation mark is obviously a sign that something is wrong, but I can't figure out wh
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