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Found 23 results

  1. "Fibaro Home Center with UHAS will boldly go where no one has gone before!" UHAS UPDATE INFO CURRENTLY WORKING ON - LAST UPDATED (29.12.2020) Advanced Notification Center (ANC) Advanced Lighting Control (ALC) System module Watchdog NEXT PLANNED WORK Blinds module Security module Safety module NEW INTEGRATIONS PLANNED Netatmo thermostat WeatherFlow Tempest weather station Moodo smart aroma diffuser Sensibo smart air conditioner controller UHAS INCLUDED INTERGATIONS Netatmo
  2. Version 3.3


    Netatmo Weather Station suite standalone INTRODUCTION Netatmo Weather station suite brings complete integration of Netatmo weather station to HC2 users including rain and wind gauges and support for more than one station. PREREQUISITES Fibaro Home Center 2 with firmware 4.160 or greater Sankotronic Lab. Emoji VD standalone Netatmo Weather station FEATURES Complete integration of Netatmo weather station with HC2 including rain gauge and anemometer
  3. Dear Fibaro users, Here is a list of all standalone products available on Fibaro forum download section made by Sankotronic LabTM: NEW Netatmo Weather station suite v3.3 brings complete integration of Netatmo weather station to HC2 users including rain and wind gauges and support for more than one station. It is availabl here for download: Fourm download (UPDATED on 20 April 2021) Changes in this version: Changed name Now requires Emoji VD to be installed Corrected code that should update Weather State & Forecast when set to us
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Just another package of flat weather icons for Weather State & Forecast suite by Sankotronic
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Just another package of flat icons for Netatmo Weather Station by Sankotronic
  6. Version 2.8


    Weather State & Forecast suite standalone UPGRADE PROBLEM? Only for users that upgraded from previous versions. After upgrade if you have following errors: Weather State VD Update button: [ERROR] 18:29:16: line 366: attempt to index field 'acc' (a nil value) Weather Forecast VD Update button: [ERROR] 18:22:34: line 30: attempt to index field 'unl' (a nil value) Weather State & Forecast scene: [DEBUG] 18:35:57: 2021-04-15 18:35:57.190869 [ fatal] LUA error: /opt/fibaro/scenes/47.lua:141: attempt to index field 'acc' (a nil value) SOLUT
  7. Version 1.4.3


    Very Smart Lights™ v1.4.3 Hello everyone! I am so excited! Very Smart Lights™ scene just get smarter!!! Thanks to all of you for valuable feedback and requests! We are listening and acting! So here it is, completely rewritten, smarter, better scene to control your home lighting! NEW UPDATE v1.4.3 (09 Apr 2019) This update brings support for Philips HUE AIO VD v3.0 standalone! I have updated instructions for setting up HUE AIO VD in scene code and als
  8. Version 2.2


    INTRODUCTION ARM VD collects radiation levels from all available stations around the world and shows 5 nearest stations to your location and one station with highest reading. It is using map of radiation detector stations on [email protected] website. [email protected] is a Polish science project using the distributed computing capabilities of the BOINC platform. The main goal of the project is to create a free and continuously updated map of radiation levels available for everyone, by gathering information about gamma radiation using sensors connected to the computers of volunteers willing
  9. Version 1.0


    INTRODUCTION Advanced Battery Check VD (further in text ABC VD) scans for all included battery devices and adds them to the list sorted by either battery level, device ID or room ID depending on user settings. Also it can send list of all devices or just devices that needs battery to be replaced to e-mail and/or popup. Can also send push notification with the worst battery status. PREREQUISITES Fibaro Home Center 2 with firmware 4.160 or greater FEATURES Scans for all
  10. Main scene FTBE v 1.3.4 Hello everyone! NEW version is OUT! More about scene and download you can find here: WHAT'S NEW: Main scene FTBE 1.3.4 - changed function for time of day calculation and added use of SleepState global to set time of day to morning when Awake regardless of current time Main scene FTBE 1.3.0 - cleaned some bugs, added some more checks to prevent scene from stop running due to errors. Optimized and compacted code, removed unnecessary comments. DemoMode only stops changing timers while user code and schedu
  11. Version 1.0.0


    Classic indoor E27 bulb for dimmers. Includes icons for off state and 10 to 100% brightness.
  12. Version 1.3.4


    Main scene FTBE v1.3.4 UPDATE (30 December 2019) Changed only Main scene FTBE code. Changed function for time of day calculation and added use of SleepState global to set time of day to morning when Awake and current time is between midnight and sunrise time. KNOWN ISSUES v1.3.4 Sunrise and Sunset VD will not show correctly default sunrise and sunset time set by user in Main scene in case that that times are used due to problem with HC settings. If sunset time is before sunrise time then user must check that night time is not set to start after sunrise.
  13. Version 1.0


    Twinkly Light VD v1.0 (standalone version) INTRODUCTION Twinkly lights brings amazing effects and most stunning light animations to users fingertips. This beautiful Christmas lights can now be controlled by our Fibaro gateways. PREREQUISITES Fibaro Home Center 2 with firmware 4.120 or higher At least one Twinkly light (1st or 2nd generation) connected to home WiFi network with static IP address setting. VD is tested with 190 RGB LED icicle and 250 RGB LED strings of 2nd generation and also strings of 1st generation at the time of publishing
  14. Version 1.0.0


    Nanoleaf released new panel lights called Shapes and they come in several shapes Hexagons and big and small triangles. I have tested and it is compatible with Shapes! Here is first set of icons for Hexagon shapes. Enjoy!
  15. Version 1.1


    Ambient Weather Station VD standalone INTRODUCTION Ambient Weather station (AWS) VD reads measurements provided by Ambient weather stations which are connected to ambientweather.net service on internet. VD is tested with Ambient Weather station WS-1401-IP OBSERVER, but should also work with other similar types of Ambient weather stations. PREREQUISITES Fibaro Home Center 2 with firmware 4.560 or greater Emoji VD standalone must be downloaded and installed for AWS VD to function properly. At least one Ambi
  16. Version 1.0.0


    Added first Fibaro Walli outlet to my system just to realize that it gets classic switch icons ? To make it clear that it is Walli device and can see its status I made this icon set. Enjoy
  17. Universal alarm v1.0 Hello everyone! Here is one simple scene that can be used for FIRE, FLOOD or OTHER ALARM purpose. When triggered by sensor it will send you popup, push and e-mail notification. It can also activate additional alarm sounders. You can also add additional actions to turn On lights, lower blinds or whatever action you like to happen when alarm is breached and also when sensor get back to safe state. There is no global variables needed! If you use HomeTable then you can just uncomment line where this table is read to the scene.
  18. Guest

    Nanoleaf Canvas light icon set

    Version 1.0


    Nanoleaf new Canvas light square panels are just amazing. Here is icon set for this light panels. Same icon pack is included in Nanoleaf Canvas VD that can be downloaded here: Forum download Nanoleaf Canvas VD
  19. Guest

    Sankotronic scene icon pack 2

    Version 1.0


    This is second package of the icons for scenes if you like this type of design.
  20. Guest

    Sankotronic scene icon pack 1

    Version 1.0.0


    This is first package of the icons for scenes if you like this type of design.
  21. Hello, Recently , I tried to install Fibaro system in My friend's home. He wants to illuminate his all outdoor leds ( 5W, 7W, 12W) respectively. I connected home center 2 (Entrance Main lobby) and then Fibaro single switch 2 (outdoor entrance) . The distance between them Is hardly 12 to 13 meters. Sometimes it runs sometimes it gives communication problems. It is not stable. Then i tried to connect one more relay between them to settle the signal problem . But same problem is still there. Same is the case with all the outdoor Modules. 3 modules ( Relays) ar
  22. This is a simplified Alarm Clock that was created to work in conjunction with @Sankotronic Main Scene 1.2.4 You need to have this installed for my VD and code below to work Thanks to @Sankotronic for allowing me to leverage his scene Step 1 Create 3 variables (top variable panel) WakeUp_weekend WakeUp_weekday WakeUp_time Step 2 Import the VD 'Simple Clock' below Adjust the preset alarm times to suit your household patterns I have it setup so the middle one of the normal one and the left and right are a little earlier and a little later
  23. First you need to setup runSceneSchedHour and lets say that your setup looks like this: local runSceneSchedHour = {{"wakeup_time"},{"07:55"}}; This "wakeup_time" can be any string value, can be "time", or "what" it really doesn't matter as long as it is some string with quotes!. After that you can see that position of this string is 1st table and also 1st in subtable, so you need to add following line to function extraUserCodeFirst() runSceneSchedHour[1][1] = fibaro:getGlobalValue("WakeUp_time") And that should work! -------------------------------------------------------
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