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Found 21 results

  1. Hi dear, I have the HCL and I should like to know to get the weather yesterday, it's possible? If is possible how to configuration in HCL?
  2. Version 3.2


    Netatmo Weather Station VD-scene standalone INTRODUCTION Netatmo Weather station VD-scene brings complete integration of Netatmo weather station to HC2 users including rain and wind gauges and support for more than one station. PREREQUISITES Fibaro Home Center 2 with firmware 4.160 or greater Netatmo Weather station FEATURES Complete integration of Netatmo weather station with HC2 including rain gauge and anemometer Support for multiple Netatmo weather station
  3. Version 2.7.1


    Weather State & Forecast module standalone IMPORTANT NOTICE! Problem found in Weather State VD not correctly updating GUI and app weather info for wind. After downloading version 2.7.1 please download this code: in LUA format: WS Update button v2.7.2 SA.lua or TXT format: WS Update button v2.7.2 SA.txt and paste it over the code for Weather State VD Update button. Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for using this software. INTRODUCTION Weather state & forecast module enhance HC2 weather capabilities. Weather
  4. Davis Vantage values not updated, update only at startup or when change of port Cannot add Davis Vantage as weather provider
  5. jompa68


    Version 1.0.0


    -- Fetch data from OpenWeatherMap API -- Requires registration, free account. https://home.openweathermap.org/users/sign_up -- List of city ID city.list.json.gz can be downloaded from http://bulk.openweathermap.org/sample/ -- 2019-03-20 - Beta version You can use lang parameter to get the output in your language. OWM support the following languages that you can use with the corresponded lang values: Arabic - ar, Bulgarian - bg, Catalan - ca, Czech - cz, German - de, Greek - el, English - en, Persian (Farsi) - fa, Finnish - fi, French - fr, Galician - gl, Croatian -
  6. My YR weather data is way off. This is unfortunate as I have some anti-freezing scenes which did not trigger. Fibaro Center is displaying data from some other location, most definitely not mine. Weather data has been close enough to fool me a while but now it is off by 10 degrees. Accessing YR weather data through web has the correct weather information for my city. My exact location has been set for Fibaro correctly and this has been double - and triple checked. It matches in coordinates as well on map. Anyone have same kind of problems? What to do??
  7. Guest

    Netatmo Weather Station icons

    Version 2.0.0


    Complete new set of icons for Netatmo Weather station!
  8. Version 1.0.0


    Here are some icons for weather state with corresponding weather code and ID number for easier setup: An here is another set with more icons and corresponding weather code for easier setup: In name of the icon first number is weather condition code from openweathermap.org/weather-conditions to make it easier to setup VD. This icons you can use for modules added by Netatmo plugin: NEW: This icons are used for new Netatmo weather station modules and scene: Scene icon: Main base module icons changing color depending on measure
  9. Hi, I set the HC2 location to the Latitude and Longitude of my location and the time zone to Europe/London and even restarted the HC2 but the Yahoo Weather still thinks it's sunny 24 degrees c..... if only! Has anyone fixed this problem?
  10. Hi, can anyone tell me whether it's possible to use the Netatmo plugin to supply the default weather info to the HC2? I currently use the Yahoo plugin and don't seem to be able to select the Netatmo plugin for this. I can use Netatmo ok in scenes, just not the main weather info. Thank you,
  11. It looks like weather is not updated. It is 2 degree but in reality it is 10. Know issue?
  12. I'm checking the data from YR weather and Yahoo weather and it's very different (5 degrees of difference it's very high!!): Tha yahoo web indicates 8ºC and wind 14 km/h The YR web indicates 10ºC I'm check with the weather iPhone App and the temperature is 8ºC. Any suggestion for this?
  13. This is really a question to the Fibaro development team: I have installed a simple and VERY useful scene to control my electrical snow melting mats outside my house in Oslo, Norway. Previously a considerable amount of electricity was wasted turning on the mats between +2C and above -10 regardless of snow or rain. Now the simple IF Snow OR (Below +2C AND Rain) keeps consumption down and my front door free from snow & ice. However: The Fibaro delivery of yr.no weather data sometimes fails totally. This morning my local yr.no app forecasts snow all morning. Outside it
  14. It seems that after a month or so after an reboot, the temperatur ( seems to be all info, not just temp)stops updating on the ipad and web gui of HC. Anyone seen this, and resolved?, a reboot of HC fixes it, for a month.
  15. Hi guys, i get a lot of useful informations from this community. I want to give something back. Therefore i give away free of charge my Popp Z-Weather. See pic. It's fully working. But not optimal solution if you need very accurate weather readings. (See my other posts). You only pay for shipping! BR kro
  16. I don't know what happened but suddenly I look at the YR weather data and it is what I have in town. Before it was always stuck to random data, never worked correctly. I have not changed anything to make it working. And it also changes during the day! I created a scene to change a VD label when temperature changes and it worked. ok...unfortunately I don't need it.......
  17. Hi, Just spotted the new UR weather device after the 4.11 upgrade It seems pretty accurate for my location can this be queries using lua or through the API Thanks Frank
  18. Log the outside temperature (from the weather) so you can compare it on the consumption graphs with the inside temperatures. This way, you can analyse why the inside temperature suddenly droped or why on particular days your electrical heating consumption went up.
  19. Well Y! weather is not only one suffering from non-workalaithus. it has been reported since 4.082 that YR dose not appear to be FULLY operational some people have wrong wind speed, some have wrong tempiture and now i have completly sunny weather inspite of it being quite cloudy. as such i am posting this thread to find out few things: 1) Is it related to time-zone? (it seemed to me like it was untill well today) 2) In my case it looks like displayed weather is few minutes before what happens in reality, can it be time-offset for certain time or is it presistent? 3) is this problem w
  20. Hi, my HCL home page on the Temperature, Humidity and Wind are always the same values everyday even though i have change the location correctly and saved on the settings. Any things i have missed out? TIA
  21. Hi Fibaros Yahoo Weather data has been very unstable (not because of unstable weather ) approximately the last 5 days. Very inconvenient when I use it to heat control, only the temperature. I have found out that the weather changes exactly once per minute eg -full sun 13 degrees-moon and some clouds 10 degrees-11 degrees fog and rain and 15 degrees and it stays. The shift is exactly when the second pointer is on the 12th Is there anyone who has seen it, and what can you do about it.
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