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  1. This Quickapp retrieves power consumption, power production and gas usage from the (P1 Monitor) energy and gas meter All power consumption of all HomeCenter devices is summarized The difference between the total power consumption and the power consumption of the HomeCenter devices is put in a unused device (unless the powerID = 0 or empty) In the QuickApp labels power consumption, power production and gas usage is shown The net consumption is also shown in de log (under the icon) Version 1.0 (15th Januari 2021) Changed routine te get Energy Device ID's f
  2. This QuickApp can be used as your weather provider. The Buienradar Weather QuickApp contains the current Dutch weather measurements, the weather forecast and the 5-day forecast. The current observations are measured by KNMI weather stations spread across The Netherlands and are updated every 10 minutes. The weather report is updated several times a day by the Buienradar meteorologists. This QuickApp is plug-and-play. The only thing you can do, is change the Station ID to a weather-station nearby from the list or add some nice icons to the devices. Wind Chill (based on
  3. Hello, Did someone know if its possible to get outside temperature in garden (Tuin) room? I have installed YR weather. Can i do it with a scene or is it not possible? Thanks.
  4. A thread to share some coding techniques for QuickApps? Because QAs are "long running scenes" (they don't have to be loaded and restarted for every event) - it is actually worthwhile to build up a library of "nice to have" code and include them in QAs. Here is Fibaro's manual for QuickApps. Here is Fibaro's manual for creating QuickAppChild devices Here is Fibaro's manual for using MQTT client Here is Fibaro's manual for WebSocket client List of posts: Introduction to the QuickApp anatomy - tutorial Part 1. Lua functions and object-ori
  5. QA for Philips Hue devices (for HC3 5.040 GA or above): - support of philips hue lights, switches and sensors (motion, temperature, light) and some ikea lights connected to hue bridge - unlimited number of hue bridges - all logic and setup are centralized in QA HueMain - creating of hue devices via click on buttons in HueMain - a lot of parameters for advanced users - automatic update of all devices in case of new versions - centralized setting of favorite buttons,colors and icons (also possibility to override settings via local variables in every QAs) - power consumption
  6. Hello, I found a project who reverse engineered the Wi-Fi protocol from the Mertik controller connected to my fireplace. Yeay! 🥳 With the following (simplified) NodeJS code I can send the standby command to my fireplace: var net = require('net'); const prefix = '0233303330333033303830' var msg = "3136303003"; var packet = Buffer.from(prefix + msg, 'hex'); var client = new net.Socket(); client.connect(2000, ''); client.write(packet); I know how to open a socket in HC3 QA but I don't get how to convert the message to a RAW buffer. The JavaScript line
  7. This is a thread for the fibaroapiHC3.lua sdk that is under development (keeping it separate from the HC3 QuickApps coding - tips and tricks thread) I've started to run and test HC3 QuickApps offline and have made a fibaroapi.lua file that can be included to emulate the fibaro calls and call out to the HC3. This means that a whole QA can be developed offline, debugged and verified before deploying to the HC3. Something that significantly reduces the development process. fibaroapiHC3.lua: fibaroapiHC3.lua(v0.152) Latest version always here https://raw.githubuserconte
  8. Generic Fibaro HC3 Alarm system Hi Luabuilder Sharing is Caring I have see a lot of talk using Fibaro HC3 for Alarm system. I love the idea - i want that, so i tried to describe what a Generic Alarm system should be build of. Several people already tipped in with things they made og thoughts they have, issues they identified. Why invent the wheel when great tuff already has been made. @jgab has created the EventRunner4 and ChildrenOfHUE - All-in-one QA framework for HC3 - this can be used for arming and disarming the alarm - An example is provid
  9. This QuickApp gets the actual water levels from rivers in France. The latest water level of your selected hydro station is updated in the value of this QuickApp. See for more information: https://www.vigicrues.gouv.fr Service d'information sur le risque de crues des principaux cours d'eau en France Version 0.5 (16th August 2020) - Error message instead of debug message in case of error - Adjusted the date/time in the label and debug message. If the json file was in a different order, a wrong date/time could show. - Changed method of adding Q
  10. If I restore a dead device connected to the HC3 through the mobile app. Then the device recovers immediately after the push of the button. But if I do the restore by code (in a HC3 QuickApp) then the device does not restore. I use (wakeUpDeadDevice(deviceID)) for this. local parentID = 201 fibaro.wakeUpDeadDevice(parentID) fibaro.sleep(1000) fibaro.call(parentID,'turnOn') Is there any other code similar to the code the mobile app uses?
  11. Hi In a Quick App UI i can define a slider. https://manuals.fibaro.com/home-center-3-quick-apps/ function QuickApp:updateViewSample() self:updateView("label1", "text", "Device on") -- updating the text for 'label1'. self:updateView("button1", "text", "on") -- updating the text for 'button1'. self:updateView("slider1", "value", "99") -- updating the text for 'slider1'. end Is there a way to set properties on the slider - if i want to pre-define that that value accepted should be 0-5 ?
  12. Hello, Does anyone already re-made the QuickApp for Siren Gen5? I want to use the different sounds of the Siren like in the HC2 with the VD.
  13. This QuickApp gets PM2.5 and PM10 data from a specified sensor somewhere in the world form the SENSOR.COMMUNITY. That sensor doesn't have to be your sensor, any sensor can be used, just find one in your neighborhood. @Barend76 pointed on a particle meter from luftdaten.info to measure the amount of particles PM2,5 and PM10 (and temperature and humidity). You can build your own sensor, but you can also get data from the sensor.community from any other sensor. The sensors are all over the world, most of them are in Europe. Sensor.Community is a contributors driven global
  14. This QuickApp predicts the rain in The Netherlands (and Belgium, a part of Germany and a small part of France and England) with data from the Buienradar, two hours in advance. The value of this QuickApp represents the minutes until rain. If there is no rain expected, the value is set to 0. If it rains, the value is set to 999 and the amount of rain (mm/h) is shown. Buienradar updates every 5 minutes with intervals of 5 minutes until 2 hours in advance. If rain is expected within the first predicted 5 minutes or less, the QuickApp assumes it is raining. If rain is expected or
  15. This QuickApp reads the PM2.5, PM10, Temperature, Humidity and Air Pressure values directly from a sensor. With this sensor you can measure air quality yourself. This QuickApp will send notifications when PM2.5 or PM10 readings reach a breakpoint. The Air Quality sensor is a DIY setup for less than 50 euro. It is very easy to assemble and ready to make kits are available, see also https://sensor.community/en/sensors/airrohr/ for more info. You can order seperate items from for example AliExpress for the lowest prices, or order a complete set from: http
  16. Hello everyone,.. I am pleased to announce that the first version of QA for controlling the iEAST streamer has already been published. It's the Lite version. You can download it here on the Marketplace: https://marketplace.fibaro.com/items/ieast-hc3-lite-player Current version: Lite 1.0.0 Date of publication: 7/08/2020 Last update: 17/08/2020 FUNCTIONS The functions of this Quick App are: Allowing to control iEAST Player from Home Center 3. You can control one device. It does support basic and advanced functions:
  17. How are y'all updating your QuickApps? If it's just a one instance, it's easy; that's the one I'm working on. But I have my app 7 times in HC3 and going manually over all and copy-pasting new code seems pretty dumb.
  18. Is there a way to get a notification into a QuickApp whenever given devices changes? I.e. register for changes from device ID xyz using callback in "init" method of QuickApp and then when the value changes the callback method will be called. I know I can poll the device every now and then, but polling seems to be waste of resources given a simple callback style programming would solve it nicely.
  19. Locally I can place the current class (self) in a variable and call an Object in this class. This code is working (localy): function QuickApp:onInit() local sender = {value='Yes', class=self} sender.class:localPrintValue(sender.value) end function QuickApp:localPrintValue(value) if value == nil then value = 'No' end self:debug('Can I print this : '..value) end [15.09.2020] [13:22:42] [DEBUG] [QUICKAPP105]: Can I print this : Yes If I send this variable to another class using fibaro.call(id, 'action', variable) , the call disappears into the darkness.
  20. I am looking for ways to change the fontsize and/or color of a QA panel. Seems to me that it should be done trough updateView, but I can only find the "text" and "value" properties documented (or rather, mentioned in this forum) Is there a way to change the appearance of a QA?
  21. Hello, I have a problem. After some time, when playing is stopped, Quickapp can't refresh fcPlayerStates and prompts :error fcPlayerStates: "Operation canceled". I'm using your app since 2 weeks or so, and that's the first situation of debug error. Similar situation was appaired when ieast device was disable and disconnected. Bart
  22. I am creating a QA to list doors that are still open when I switch on the alarm. And I want to display the doors that are still open on the QA interface, one below the other. I have been trying to insert a return character in the text to be inserted in the label with self:updateView() in order to achieve a nice list of doors. But whatever I try to insert in the string to be displayed (\n, \r, string.char(13), <br \> etc) the separate lines remain on one line in the label. What is the correct procedure to insert a CR in this case? Or is there an alternative like dynamica
  23. Is there a way to cancel "callback" scheduled using `setTimeout` in QuickApp? Something like i.e. `clearTimeout` known from JS world? The `setTimeout` does not seem to return a value, but maybe there's some trick.
  24. Hi, I'm new to Fibaro (HC3) and just finding my way around things. I've seen some reference in other forums that Quick Apps (buttons / controls) are not currently available in the Home Center mobile app - is this correct and still the case? Seems like a pretty basic requirement to be able to use Quick Apps doesn't it, or am I missing something? Otherwise, what is the point of them and how do you use them from your mobile other than building individual scenes for each action you want to take with it? Is anyone aware of a mobile app update on the horizon soon which will a
  25. Hello I wrote a QuickApp for controlling my Sony Bravia TV but I can´t find it in the Android app?
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