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Found 7 results

  1. Hello, I can't change the location of my house. The problem looks like a bug in the system. At first, I couldn't find the possibility to change the location at all, as the Longitude and Latitude information appear like static labels on the Configuration->Location page. Then, after using Safari browser, I found a hidden button (please see screenshot #1). But, after clicking this button, I was redirected to the page with the broken map (please see screenshot #2). I stuck on this page as no matter what I do, the location doesn't change. - If this is a bug, how to notify HC2 developers so they could probably release a fix in next firmware version? - If it's not a bug, how to overcome this problem? Thanks
  2. cag014

    Location Tracker

    Version 1.0


    Many users are trying to use GPS feature, but the functionality and use of HC2 location data are very confusing and most of the time don't work correctly. The major advance of this scene that there is no use of HC2 defined locations and localization. The scene triggered by location change, which received by HC2 and tracks users' presence according to predefined places. The scene sends notification (and could announce on user location in case TTS system has been defined and set) in three conditions: User arrived to one of the predefined places. User approaching to one of the predefined places. User leaves one of the predefined places. You can define as many favorite places as you need. For example: Shopping Mall, School and etc. to track your family members. It helps to know if your kids are actually at school, and your wife at work and not at shopping mall. Please note that in most of the time there is a gap of few minutes between user's actually location (physical) to location received by the system. Unfortunately in some cases no update received at all. I'm using this scene for few years and still don't have full understanding how the GPS mechanism works... when, how and why the location is updated by Fibaro mobile application and I believe if the application closed on your mobile, no updates sent at all. Based on above facts, I do not suggest to execute any actions based on user location (like to open gate, lights), but I do suggest to turn on heating system (gap of few minutes better than nothing, or you already at home and your system anyway is ON) --=========================== USER CONFIGURABLE PARAMETERS =============================== eMailId = {2} -- user IDs to send email. To include more users use: eMailId={2,5,20} eMail = true -- if true, email will send popupNote = true -- if true, popup notification will send to all users. pushNote = true -- if true, interactive push notification will send to users, which can receive Push notifications as defined at "Access Control" panel at "Mobile devices list" section. _TTS = false -- text to speech message. Please before setting to true, make sure to update locationTts() function with your TTS setup. Default code in function based on Text to Speech - Android phone/Tablet scene and could be downloaded from https://forum.fibaro.com/files/file/180-text-to-speech-android-phonetablet/ --list of users ID and names (the reason to include names, is because the name could be email address in the system). Set scene %%properties accordingly to IDs in list. Please update according to your system GPSuser = {{2,"Alex"},{190, "Tammy"},{457,"Leon"}} --list of points of interest to follow users' arrival, approaching or leave. Please update/add according to your favorite locations. Make sure that place coordinates are few times more accurate than locAcc variable below. GPSplace = {{"Home","62.1747177;64.8820022"},{"Work","62.244312;64.842668"}} ignoreGps = 1 -- Amount of hours to consider the location is too old and ignored. Default to ignore over one hour old user location. locAcc = 300 -- Defined GPSplace area in meters, to assume presence in place. distGap=150 -- Distance between current and previous locations to avoid messages in case same location received several times. By executing the scene manually, table with users' last location and their distance from predefined places will be displayed. Please use this feature to verify that the users' location data is receiving and updating by HC2. hasGPS column shows if user has GPS (means if location has been ever sent from this user) and how frequently GPS position is collected. When the scene is triggered, follow information on debug window displayed: User name, his previous and current location and timestamps. Current distance of the user from all predefined places I hope it will do the job for you.
  3. Hi, I set the HC2 location to the Latitude and Longitude of my location and the time zone to Europe/London and even restarted the HC2 but the Yahoo Weather still thinks it's sunny 24 degrees c..... if only! Has anyone fixed this problem?
  4. Hi All, I tried to use my iphone for presence/location detection in combination with the fibaro mobile app & HC2 locations. current location in the HC2 looks good. I tried making 2 blokscenes to test, one to send me an e-mail and push when leaving an area with range 100m and one for entering an area with range 100m. However, I never receive any push/mail, it looks like nothing is happening. The fibaro app has access to location data of the Iphone all the time. Am I missing something or is this just not working ?
  5. Distance check is a LUA script to turn on the lights when you’re coming home, for example to turn on the garden light. It uses the GPS functionality of the Fibaro HC2. The script tries to manage the delays or the errors that sometimes there are acquiring the user's location by the Fibaro/GPS and it requires an interval of 1 minute for the Fibaro HC2 parameter "How frequently GPS position from the user’s iPhone should be collected". It has been tested in scenario where you are some kilometers away from home and you are going to home. How it works. You can define four areas: large area and small area, gap area and extra large area. The area are circles around the location of the house. When you enter in the large area the light is turned on and a timer is started. If you reach the small area before the timer has expired the light will be “confirmed on” otherwise the light will be turned off. Perhaps you was not going to home but you have entered in the large area for a while. When the light is “confirmed on” by the first timer a second timer is started. If you exit from the small area before that this timer has expired the light will be turned off. This second timer avoids that the light remains on when, for example, you pass near the house (inside the small area) without to stop at the house. If you remains in the small area the script will continue to run to check when you will go away from home just to reset at the condition where it checks when you area arriving to home. The reset happens when you will be out of the “large area + a gap distance”. Large area + gap distance define the gap area. The gap area is to avoid that the script switches exactly on large area border when you are going away from home. Infact it could be that the road you are on goes in and out from the large area or that the FIBARO GPS reports different values (greater or less than large area radius) when you are next to the large area border. So, without the gap area the script could turn on the light when you are going away from home. It is important to note that even though the script should erroneously turned on the light when you are going away from home the light will be turned off after the first timer is expired since you will not enter in the small area. Anyway the gap area avoids this kind of error and it is used only when you are going away from home. Link for script (ZIP file) and documentation (PDF) download: http://domotica.gposta.it
  6. I have HCL and scene when I'm outside my living area to make my danfoss LC-13 change temperature to 12^C, it's working but only once after I leave . I have also a second scene where it's checks when I'm in area to put temperature high and it's working and every 2 hour checking I'm still there as when it change temperature it dose it on 2 hours Both scenes are active When I'm leave are When I'm coming home Is there some bug or GPS has priority higher than checking? GPS location is working on both phones me and my wife
  7. Svartbacken

    Family Members Locations

    Hi I have just hade my HC2 for a week or so. But can’t get user locations to work. I have enabled GPS tracking every 15 minutes on the members of my family. I have logged in the iOS app with separate users. But I can’t seem to get any location data in my HC2. I can see on of the family members in the “Your House” view but there are no location data. Am I doing something wrong or doesn’t this work on 4.035?