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Found 15 results

  1. Version 1.0.0


    Zestaw wielu ikon dla Walli Switch in controller.
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Added first Fibaro Walli outlet to my system just to realize that it gets classic switch icons ? To make it clear that it is Walli device and can see its status I made this icon set. Enjoy
  3. Hello i use rs 3 locally to Control shutter All works well i have added Walli Controller to control All of them ať once via scenes. If i start the scene from app All is good. However when i try to Control All of them via the Walli Controller It behaves as one button both buttons now can be used to open close despite of i have set It up as scene controller the other things is i have to click 3 times the same button in order to make All shutters the action I want otherwise one go down second is still another one is Going up .. so how to set It up in order to recognize the status of the shutters and make the action accordingly? in general All my other Walli controllers which i use for lights with associations where 1 light has more than once Controller associated i have to click twice first push makes green light second push Switch on / off the lights and they are set up as 2 buttons with no double click Thanks so much
  4. Problem: Cannot add the WALLI Controller device to Home Center Lite 3. Devices Specification: - Home Center Lite 3, YH-001, HCL3-001 (Z-WAVE Plus) - WALLI Controller FGWCEU-201 (Z-WAVE Plus) Examined Steps (following official WALLI Controller documentation): 1) Setting the main Z-Wave Controller to addidng mode. 2) Quickly pressed one of the buttons (response is red light) (I suppose it is the normal button, I didnt notice any hidden button under the cover) 3) Waiting 30 seconds, tryied to press both buttons and on the HCL3 is never any repsonse in logs, the device is not added. Also noticed that 3x quick press + 1 long press leads to green flashing - as well with no any response. Battery was checked and is OK (3.6V). Distance between Controller and HCL3 is 1 meter. Noice: The Walli Controller was already paired to some other device, the device I bought was unpacked and returned to shop, before I bought it. Possibly some reset might be required? Thank you for your help.
  5. Hi All. I want my Walli Dimmer 2 buttons 1 & 2 change the behaviour from default: button 1 switch ON, button 2 switch OFF the light To the following: both buttons switch between the actual ON/OFF state i mean, touching any button it just switches the light Is this possible?
  6. Hej, Próbuje wykalibrować Walli Roller Shutter 3 ale mam problem z mocą silnika. Mianowicie, domyślnie wykrywanie krańcówki w Fibaro ustawione jest na 10W. W spoczynku Fibaro raportuje zużycie 0.7W, w trakcie ruchu góra/dół jest to powyżej 100W, natomiast na krańcach 3W. I teraz jak ma się do tego ten parametr ustawiony na 10W? Jak zostawie domyślnie albo zmienie na mniej (5W, 3W, 2W, 1W) to efekt kalibracji jest taki, że roleta podjeżdza do góry i się zatrzymuje a kalibracja nigdy się nie kończy (biały pierścień LED mruga non-stop). Dopiero jak przestawiłem wartość parametru z 10W na 100W to zadziałało... Ktoś miał coś podobnego? Może źle rozumuje ten parametr? Pozdrawiam, W.
  7. Hi there, I have HC3 and band new Walli Controller which I want to add it as secure. I need to control FIBARO Double Switch 2 which is in secure mode already. Every time I try to add the Walli Controller, it adds the device to HC3 and the Walli Controller lights up as green. According to manual, it should light up as magenta when it was added as secure device and green in non secure mode. I tried this numerous times and I also tried to hold the Walli Controller 3-5 cm from the HC3, but no success. Any ideas?
  8. Hi All, I'm in the process of wiring an extension for a spare bedroom and have a situation where I have 3 way light switching. I'm wiring with the Walli switches in mind, but trying to understand if, in a 3-way switching setup, I can install 3 Walli switches in the 3-way switching setup, or if only 1 is permissable / possible, and the other 2 switches must be "non-intelligent" / normal switches. I'm fully aware of how to wire a normal 3-way switch setup using standard household switches, but am a bit lost if I want all the switches to be Walli ones The wiring diagram in the Walli Switch manual for 3-way switching shows the following: Although the diagram is clear, it doesn't really show if switches 2 and 3 can also be Walli switches or not. Anyone had any experience with this?
  9. Dear community. I'm switching my dumb roller shutter with a walli. The guide doesn't seem to cover my existing wire layout. How do I connect these? I'm in Norway, by the way.
  10. Hi all, is anyone of you using an HC3 (Version 5.030.45) and able to add a Fibaro Walli Dimmer? When I start the inclusion on my HC3/ Walli Dimmer I only get the following message in the log and one new Device (191) without any child devices...so I'm not able to control the dimmer. [13.04.2020] [15:08:36] [TRACE] [ZWAVE]: Home Center in learning mode [13.04.2020] [15:08:50] [TRACE] [ZWAVE]: Device added[13.04.2020] [15:08:50] [TRACE] [ZWAVE]: Requesting neighbours, please wait... [13.04.2020] [15:08:53] [TRACE] [ZWAVE]: Requesting neighbours done. [13.04.2020] [15:08:53] [TRACE] [ZWAVE]: Add node status protocol done [13.04.2020] [15:08:54] [TRACE] [ZWAVE]: Adding devices complete I'm wondering if this is a a Problem with the HC3 or if the Walli Dimmer is broken in some way. Thanks Cheers and happy Easter
  11. Version 1.0.0


  12. Version 1.0.0


  13. SerrII

    Lamp flickers

    Hello, i tried today to install my Walli Switch, which in itself works but the lamp starts as soon as I switch it on via the switch to flicker. I do not know why it can be. Maybe I connected the switch but wrong why I search for help here in the forum. Note: I do not have a neutral, which is why I bridge the over Q Best regards SerrII
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