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Found 7 results

  1. Zachowanie Roller shuttera 3 niezrozumiałe przy kalibracji, po dodamiu urzadzenia suwak działa prawidłowo po zmianie na bramę garażow z pozycjonowaniem prosi o kalibrację. Wciskajc ikonę kalibracji roller przeładowuje interfejs w ligach leci że zraportowano nieznane położenie rolety i cisza nic sie nie dzieje, wymuszajc kalibracje na parametrze 150 rusza w jedna stronę log [22:56:31] ID 402: Otrzymanie raportu parametru nr 150, wartość = 1 [23:06:21] ID 402: Otrzymanie raportu parametru nr 157, wartość = 304 I zatrzymuje sie być może osiaga krańcówkę, i poowinna iśc w druga stronę, niestety nie wykonuje funkcji, próba zmiany suwaka w skrajne położenie daje log . 22:57:54] ID 402: Application rejected request Po probie ponownego wciśnięcia kalibracji log przesuwajc suwak słychać ze przekaźnik załacza [22:59:53] ID 402: Zaraportowane nieznane położenie rolety, proszę przeprowadzić kalibrację. Roller podłczony na stole, bez przycisków, silnik w pełni sprawny 150w poboru. Parametr 151 pozycja 0 by wykluczyć przeciażenia. Chciałem zmienić z 2 na 3 bo potrzebuje wiecej funkcji dla bramy suwanej, gdzie RS 2 działał idealnie podłaczajc RS3 same problemy. HC2 4.530 Roller shutter FGR-223 ZW5 v5.0
  2. Hi everyone. I have a number of Roller Shutter 3 modules. All worked fine for a year or so. Now one lost connection but it still works when I physically press the switch button. Although it takes approx 2 seconds before the shutter starts moving (irrespective of whether it is to go up or down). Previously it was instantaneous. Likewise all other roller shutter modules work instantaneously (when I physically press switch button or via app). In the Fibaro app and via Home Centre 2 this roller shutter module is disconnected and waking dead nodes doesn't do anything. Any idea what might be the issue here? I checked and all cables seem connected. Thanks.
  3. On my roller shutter 3 I don't have a wired switch. Therefore I bought an Aeotec WallMote Quad. Scenes for opening and closing is not a problem and moving to certain positions as well. I have a Zipatile 1. I need a scene that stops the roller shutter 3 from running or even better: on button pressed check if the roller shutter is running and then stops the shutters. I've tried the example in the attachment, but it doesn't work. Any suggestion? Thanks!
  4. Hi Fibaro community, I have HC3 and RS3 set as "blinds with positioning" (not venetian blinds). In the desktop browser interface, in the device preview, it is possible to set "Favourite Position". See attached pictures 1 and 2. (button with star). I have set the "Favourite Position" to position 25%, where my roller blinds are closed, yet with hole-gaps for the sun to come through. 0% would be fully closed (dark room). 100% is fully open. Does anyone know how this position can be called or used in scenes? In the desktop browser interface it works, however is quite useless. I doubt someone would be controlling his devices from the browser interface. I also went to have a look in my iOS app and there is a special button ("III" symbol, see attached picture 3). I hoped this would be the "favourite position" button. However this button does the same full close as the close button. Does any of you know what is the meaning of this "III" button? Thank you, Peter
  5. Hej, Próbuje wykalibrować Walli Roller Shutter 3 ale mam problem z mocą silnika. Mianowicie, domyślnie wykrywanie krańcówki w Fibaro ustawione jest na 10W. W spoczynku Fibaro raportuje zużycie 0.7W, w trakcie ruchu góra/dół jest to powyżej 100W, natomiast na krańcach 3W. I teraz jak ma się do tego ten parametr ustawiony na 10W? Jak zostawie domyślnie albo zmienie na mniej (5W, 3W, 2W, 1W) to efekt kalibracji jest taki, że roleta podjeżdza do góry i się zatrzymuje a kalibracja nigdy się nie kończy (biały pierścień LED mruga non-stop). Dopiero jak przestawiłem wartość parametru z 10W na 100W to zadziałało... Ktoś miał coś podobnego? Może źle rozumuje ten parametr? Pozdrawiam, W.
  6. Dear all, i am about to start the installation of my HC2 system. The Main moduls in the beginning are the RS3 to operate all electrical exterior blinds. Our electrician did install one RS3 in order to see what happends. With surprise we discovered, that without having an HC2 in operation the blinds won’t work anymore. So, that doesn’t really concern me, but I wonder if you’ve got a tip for me, how i can get all 21 RS3 integrated /“learned on” to my system while having the HC2 placed in my server rack in the cellar?!?! The reason I am asking are the many comments that it is necessary to have the HC2 close to the modul when learning on. Is there a way arround? As the RS3 are being mounted next to the windows spread over three levels around the house. Thank you and greetings from Germany. Markus
  7. Hi all, I've upgraded a couple of my blinds from the Roller Shutter V2 to Roller Shutter v3. Everything worked properly (after some initial problems) and I did manage to calibrate. My problem now relies with the association of a FGR-222 button and the Roller Shutter 3 (FGR-223). As I've done multiple times, I created the association group 2 (assigned to the second switch connected to the FGR-222) to both blinds and additionally I set the parameter 15 to the value 1. «Parameter No. 15 - Operation of the Dimmer and Roller Shutter Controller - enabling this option allows the user to dim lighting/shut roller by associating Dimmer/Roller Shutter Controller and holding or double press of double switch (only mono-stable switch). 1 - Dimmer/Roller Shutter Controller control is active» Although this setup works well with the Roller Shutter V2, I cannot have it working with Roller Shutter V3. Does V3 uses different endpoints?
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