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Found 8 results

  1. Is anyone has succeed to use https connection? I did follow Fibaro's procedure to install certification Download the certificate. In the Windows Start menu search for mmc app and open it. In the MMC (Microsoft Management Console) app go to File > Add/Remove Snap-In. Add Certificate Snap-in: Certificates > Select “Computer account” > Next > Next > OK. Now go to Certificates > Trusted Root Certification Authorities and right-click on “Certificates” Import the certificate. Find the certificate downloaded from the FIBAR
  2. HI, First i'm new with the forum. So hello I looked for a easy way to set up my heating zones. There are a lot of posts about it but they all requerer LUA and i don't have that in my HCL. Is there someone who can help me. My situations is: 5x fibaro heat controllers al in different rooms and all with the temperature sensor. 1x Secure SSR 303 Thanks in advance
  3. Just bought the siren from Aeotec, and tried playing around with it yesterday. If I add the device with "Add in security mode if device supports it" it has trouble reading parameters, and if I press on the sirene does not react. However, if I add it without selecting secure mode, the sirene works as expected and I can change parameters and turn it on and off as I like. Another weird thing I see: when I include the sirene, it defaulted to being on. Weird behaviour, but I believe this is a problem with Aeotec. Have anyone else seen this problem where s
  4. I cannot arm some devices and I notice that they have the lock symbol which I gather means that Included them in secure mode. Is it possible to undo the secure mode or do I have to delete the device and add it again? Thanks
  5. From time to time my SRT323 loses the network connection and the display looks s follows: How can I reconnect the thermostat to my network? I have not found a way how to wake it up manually..... So far, I always have to exclude the SRT323 and include it again which is quite cumbersome. Does anybody have a solution?
  6. Hello, I have installed a multi-zone heating on my HC2 Fibaro. 2 rooms have the danfoss LC13 radiator heads with the Danfoss room sensor. 2 roomas have the Danfoss LC13 radiator head with the Secure room thermostat SRT321. I did et-up heating panels for al the 4 rooms and they work fine. Both type of room thermostat haven the posibility to adjust the tempratur in the room. Aswell the Danfoss room thermostat as the Secure thermostat this wont work. Any idea why? Thx,
  7. After to many hours of trying to get my fibaro system and horstmann/secure getting to work here a howto what worked for me: 1. Install the relais and the thermostat separate to the fibaro system (don't connect the devices to each other as the manual suggest) 2. Include the thermostat using the include mode on the thermostat (dip switch to 1 to on and turn wheel to I and press) 3. Include the relais by a. first remove device in fibaro system and press network button on the relais b. include the relais by getting fibaro in include mode and press the network button on the relais
  8. Hi everyone, for security reasons and the unavailability of https I would like to connect to my HC2 through an reverse proxy. This generally works well. Now I want to protect this access also via .htaccess because I don´t know how secure the login of the HC2-surface is. I now secure access with htaccess, so the login fails at the HC2-surface. I get the message "wrong password". But the login without .htaccess configuration works well with the same password. I suspect an error in the code of Fibaro. Can anyone confirm this? How can i solve this problem? Thanks in advance
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