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Found 25 results

  1. Good Morning, I'm searching for new icons for new profiles, but I see no possibility to add new icons nor the restrictions for new profile-icons. Did I overlook something? Thanks in advance Dieter
  2. With Yubii Favorite Screen some of my Heating Icons have a filled background some not. What should that mean to me? That the valve are open / closed ? Any suggestions are welcome.
  3. Hello, I have created multiple virtual devices but never found out how to change the main icon. I have used: fibaro:call({id of VD}, "setProperty", "currentIcon", {id of icon}) but it doesn't work. I need a solution to setup an icon that stys unchanged, even if buttons are pressed. Thank you!
  4. A few days ago I found a first generation UBS in an old box and I decided to use it. The UBS is connected to two DS18B20 sensors that I have mounted on my underfloor heating pipes. After that I included the UBS in the Z-wave network and the sensor readings look great. However, the HCL GUI is showing some other weird things (with corresponding icons) : 3x motion sensor and 1x remote control ... There is no icon similar to the UBS circuit board (I also checked the master device) Does anyone know what is causing this? Thanks!
  5. Hello, Is it possible to change a scene icon in LUA? The scene is just a simple toggle: local switchState = tonumber(fibaro:getValue(59, "value")) == 1 if switchState then fibaro:call(59, "turnOff") else fibaro:call(59, "turnOn") end Thanks
  6. I want to change the virtual device icon but there is no "add icon" button for the icons. Anyone have any idea how to cheat?
  7. Hello, I have more than 6 thermostats in my house connected to fibaro (McoHome MH8) and i have changed all the icons of my devices but the only thing I cannot change are the thermostats icons. I do not see any reasons to not have that option as the icons do not change when there is a change in the thermostat. I think it would not be too hard to add the custom icons to thermostats too. Thank you!
  8. I want to change the icon on some of my devices. According to the knowledge base, the procedure is: 1. Push the Tool button of the device 2. Push button "Change Icon". This is supposed to open a panel with choices for different states (on/off for example), and a Choose File button next to each one. In my case, all I get when pushing the Change Icon button is a panel showing a limited number of icons and the message "Choose icon from the list": This appears directly after I push "Change Icon". How do I get to the desired option for choosing file names?
  9. Version 1.0


    This is second package of the icons for scenes if you like this type of design.
  10. Does anyone have icons that would show a Christmas tree turned off (not lit up) and one that would show a tree turned on (lit up with lights) thanks for the help
  11. Guest

    Icon-Problem in iOS-App

    Hello everybody! If I change the icons on my RGBW controller, they will not appear in the iOS app. HC2 / 4.503 iOS App / 2.23.1 Greetings Karl Heinz
  12. Hi guys, I recently purchased a home center 2. Very cool happy with it. Now I want to change some of the icons for devices. But when I upload an icon I am redirected to a completely white page and nothing happens anymore. I downloaded some new icons from this forum and checked them with photoshop if they are ok. 128x128pixels and png format. So should be okay then right? Does anyone know what I can do about it? I am using a Macbook Air 2013 model by the way.
  13. Cannon_82

    Sonos Play:1

    Version 1.0.0


    Some of the icons i use for my Sonos Play:1 VDs if somebody need other colors or some more states (e.g., skip or special radio stations) you can contact me and i try to realized that.
  14. Version


    Some of the icons i use for my VDs for the different home states (e.g., home, away, holiday ...)
  15. Version 1.0.0


    Some of the icons i use for my VDs for the netatmo weather station
  16. Version 1.0.0


    KRK Volume UP and DOWN icons
  17. Suggestion: Maybe on the Fibaro Market site, to support a page where it would be possible to upload and download icons for the HC2 / HCL https://marketplace.fibaro.com/
  18. Hello everyone, I have this code local myDeviceID = fibaro:getSelfId() local value1 = fibaro:getGlobal('bg_ramendeuren') fibaro:call(myDeviceID, "setProperty", "ui.Label1.value", value1) if value1 == "Open" then fibaro:call(744, "SetProperty", "currentIcon", 1008) else fibaro:call(744, "SetProperty", "currentIcon", 1010) end But what I want it to do (change the icon based on the global variable) doesn't work and I have no idea what's wrong. The code is running within the "main loop" section of a virtual device. the virtual device only has one label, no buttons. debugging the main loop gives no errors. Hope someone can help me out here.... Greetings, Vincent
  19. Hi, I have 4.130 on my HC2. When i backup or i reboot my HC2. My icon VD not display. One idea ? Thx.
  20. I'm unable to upload new icons to my Fibaro HC2. I've just restored to try to resolve this. I was able to upload and change 1 icon before this error occured again. Once I choose a file, before adding/uploading it, an exclamation mark appears in the right menu: I add the second file, and press Add, this happens: The icons are in fact 128 x 128 pixels, and I've tried both 8 bit and 32 bit PNG. Icons I've tried is attached: The exclamation mark is obviously a sign that something is wrong, but I can't figure out what. Any help is appreciated!
  21. I have in my system some door/windows sensor and according to type of door i'm trying to change the icons, which are to be changed in pairs. It seems that I can only change the slave i.e. door contact, but the master icon is the ugly fibaro box see below. Only this device is displayed in the devices page. Am I doing something wrong?
  22. Is it possible to add feature that when VD main icon is changed that are also changed icons of all buttons on that VD with the same icon at the same time? It is really tiresome to change icons on all buttons one by one, especially if VD has plenty of them like the ones that are remote controls? It would be really nice to have this feature. Pleeeease Fibaro in some of the next releases.
  23. I'm guessing it's not currently possible to set a virtual device icon to a url as of 4.082? Gave it a shot and was a little amazed this isn't possible. Since custom plugins have been disabled, I guess it leaves virtual devices as the only method for controlling 3rd party systems and devices. Not very easy to work with FIbaro. Making a nice Squeezebox remote has been a headache and looks pretty nasty. Was hoping to at least use the cover art for the icon. Is there any other workarounds? (or a way to "inject" custom plugins? )
  24. Hi, I successfully installed my fibaro motion sensor and I got 3 devices registered in my HC Lite: motion, temperature and luminosity sensor. The problem is that after some time the icon for the motion sensor is now like a broken image (please see attachment). The motion sensor flashes its light every time I get detected but it is not reporting it to the HC Lite. It seems some kind of configuration problem. Do you have any ideas of how to fix this? Thanks
  25. Hi all I look for someone that could help me to modifying icons.. I would like to create icons for scenes (doors check, windows check and roof windows check) Does some could modify my attached icons inserting the warning icon in the lower right of the door, window and roof window icon... I would like the warning icon to be placed as on the last icon that is a example of position.. I don't know how to set the warning icon transparent !!! I'm very bad in graphics but maybe it is easy for designer Thanks a lot
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