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Found 67 results

  1. Hi all, just to be clear, I'm a new user of Fibraro product, I bought yesterday the Fibaro FGBHMS-001 HomeKit con Multi-Sensor, and I would like to use it through the homekit app with Apple tv 4th gen. At the moment I paired the multi sensor with the philips Hue lamp in my kitchen, and I have created the 1st scene (through Fibraro app) in order to turn on the light when the sensor finds a movement and turn off the light after 30 second without any movement, and everything works fine.... What want to do now is trigger the turn on and turn off the light accordingly with the light sensor.... can you please confirm that is not yet possible??? Thanks in advance for your help. Fabio
  2. Hi All, Newbie here - keen to learn. After heaps of playing around both with scenes and associations I am still having trouble achieving what should be a very basic task for the Fibaro system. All I’m after is motion detected, light comes on for 1 minute, then switches off (unless further motion is detected within this 1minute window then timer restarts). I have this set up in my pantry with a magic scene, works well but can be delayed so I’m hoping for an associations set up to help speed up the process. I have read many many forums and tried everything obvious to no avail. I managed to get the association to work for 1 minute and switch off....only for the light to immediately flick back on and the 1minute timer restart, this continued on a loop until I removed the association. What did I do wrong..?? thanks in advance for any help!!
  3. I have the motion sensor report light intensity throughout the day, and use this info to control exterior and interior light. The graph shows it reports various light throughout the day, but when the dark period starts it ends up reporting 0 lux even if there is more than enough light outside. Is there a way to calibrate the sensor? I am based in Norway. The photo is shot at 23:53 last night using my iPhone 7
  4. Hello, ive got a question to HC2 and Triggers... I would like to set up a scene like this: if the motion detector trips between 5 a.m. and 6 a.m., the shutters should open. Is that possible in the HC2? I cant find this trigger. In HC3 is this time trigger... can help me someone or do I have to buy the HC3 because of that??? Thanks for answers Tschorden
  5. Hello, I am using Home Center Light. I have a Fibaro Motion Sensor and I try to run my roller shutter scene by light control, but I dont get it to work the way I need it. Today the shutters closed when the light sensor changed from 96 to 82 lux, but I want it to close at 10 lux. This is the scene I am using: Since it is in German: Roll_Zu_Status is the Variable for shutter closing clearance freigegeben means enabled Roll_Offen_Status is the Varable for shutter opening clearance gesperrt means disabled I hope this explains it good enough. One condition I want to realize is, that the shutters only close once in the evening and open once in the morning. For this i am using Variables "shutter opening clearance" and "shutter closing clearance". For setting the variable I use another scene. This is for "shutter closing clearance": It enables 30 minutes before sunset. And this is exactly when the shutters closed today. I can't find my error. Does anyone has an idea?
  6. Witam, szukam jakiegoś rozwiązania opartego o Fibaro. Szukam kamer które widza w nocy najlepiej które wykryją ruch w nocy i włącza alarm. Znacie jakieś rozwiązanie które pomogłoby mi zrealizować taki system?
  7. Drodzy instalatorzy!, Czy macie może doświadczenie w kwestii czujnika ruchu i zwierzętami domowymi? czy można jakoś ustawić czułość na 'człowieka' a nie na 'kota'? Po prostu chodzi mi o to czy da się tak zrobić żeby czujnik nie reagował na kota. Pozdrawiam Bartek
  8. I'm trying to build few scenes with motion and door sensors but then I got confused which is the proper activation/deactivation term to use for each device: Armed Disarmed Breached Breached and Armed Breached and Disarmed Safe Safe and armed Safe and disarmed Tamper tripped Tamper not tripped Would it make difference if I select Breached instead of Armed for the Door sensor? If someone can share some example for better understanding, I'd highly appreciate. Thanks, Nikola
  9. I have a fibaro motion sensor and it keeps detecting motion even though there is none about every 10 seconds. turned off all scenes that interact with the motion sensor - still does the same thing. I restarted my HC2 - does the same thing. Motion sensor on latest firmware. *the only time it stops for a while is when the lux in the room goes to 0. but then it will detect motion again. **I do have the sensitivity really low, when I raise it above 20 it seams to go back to "normal" I don't want this at 20 rather it be 8-10. I have two other fibaro motion sensors set to 8-10 with no problems. @T.Konopka do you know what this could be? a bug?
  10. Hello, I'am trying to sett light off after the motion sensor not have seen any movement over a specific time period in the evening on a Fibaro HCL. I have build a block scene for that or use a variable to set day-part. The scene does not work at all. The light is on for hours at night and goes off in the morning. The motion sensor has not seen any movement for hours. What is wrong ? Why does it not work as aspected ?
  11. Hi Have made some scenes that turn on the light by motion sensor and turn it off again if there been no motion for a set time It is a lot of traffic in this area so the scene turning off the light "locks" and the light does not go off and I get the notification about to many instances. How can I fix this? Is it better to use association? Or can I set up the scene different or change some parameter for the fibaro Motion sensor. Will it help changing the parameter 6 6. Motion detection - alarm cancellation delay
  12. Witam, chciałbym by motion sensor zareagował zamykajac zawory jesli w krótkim czasie np. 2 min spadnie temperatura o 3 stopnie czy ktoś już takie coś przerabiał? nie mam door/window a chciałbym wykorzystać za pomocą sceny ms Czy w tą stronę kombinować?
  13. In iOS 11 Apple made the ability for BLE devices to have much faster triggers for HomeKit. This requires a firmware update for the module and iOS 11. How far off is the update for the Motion Sensor?
  14. I have relatively simple automation to develop. If temperature is too low - switch on Wall-Plug. If too high - switch it off. I have three temperature sensor in disposal: "Motion Sensor", "CO Sensor", and Elgato Eve. I was trying several automatons with different sensors, IFs, WHENs, etc - no way. I am not able to control Wall-Plug using temperature value. Any idea to solve my issue? Regards, Tomek
  15. I have a Aeon Labs multisensor 6 connected to my Home Centre Lite. On the Devices tab, it shows, in a graphical format, the operation of each of the functions of the sensor (temperature, humidity, lux AND Motion); Under the devices tab, Motion was last detected 3 hours ago (see first attachment); However, I know there has been motion in the last 3 hours. When I go into the Event Panel, I can see motion occurred less than 20 minutes ago (time now is 9.09pm) (see second attachment). Why is this? Any help would be appreciated
  16. Witam wszystkich serdecznie. Jestem początkujący i mam prośbę o pomoc, potrzebuję ustawić włączanie światła w zależności od obecności domowników po zachodzie słońca. Tj. jeśli jest po zachodzie i przez ostatnie 1,5 godz czujka wykryła ruch to włącz oświetlenie zewnętrzne na tarasie. Naczytałem się, na patrzyłem się, rozumiem że to powinno być oparte na zmiennych ale coś nie bangla. Kolejna sprawa że czujka ruchu wykrywając ruch odpala kolejne instancje dość szybko można można uzyskać ulubiony komunikat wielu z was "Limit instancji został przekroczony" Zerknijcie proszę uprzejmie czy robię to dobrze. Centralka HCL dzięki Piotr zmienna wygląda tak a tu scena
  17. Mam do Was wielką prośbę. Otóż. Niby proste sceny: 1. Jeżeli wykryjesz ruch i oświetlenie < xx lux alarm nieuzbrojony to zapal światło (i nie gaś) 2. Jeżeli światło włączone i nie ma ruchu przez 10 sek to zgaś światło W obu scenach wyzwalaczem jest czujnik ruchu. Wywala mi cały czas, że przekroczona liczba instancji .Dodatkowo potrafi powiesić centralkę (raz na jakiś czas). Poza tym mam lag na włączeniu. W motion sensor mam następujące paramerty Parametr 2 Detekcja ruchu - czas bezwładności - obecnie mam domyślny 2 Parametr 6 Detekcja ruchu - czas podtrzymania alarmu obecnie mam 5s W scenie zadałem wyłączenie oświetlenia 10s po zaprzestaniu ruchu Proszę wskażcie gdzie mam błąd. Jakie wartości powinienem wpisać w parametrach 2 i 6 w MS? Coś jeszcze powinienem ustawić? Męczę się tym dobry tydzień. Niestety na tą chwilę wymiana na HC2 odpada :( Sceny w załączeniu
  18. Just out of curiosity, I wonder how you installed the Fibaro Motion Sensor in a corner of a room. Usually it's like this ... but I'm into symmetrical solutions as below. Any good idea's? You can call me weirdo, I don't mind ... Photos welcome.
  19. Hi I've had weird issues with my Z-Wave network for a while that seem impossible to diagnose and resolve... notably a slowdown of the network (lights may take 10 seconds to turn on when a motion sensor is activated). Support have remoted to the device and are unable to diagnose the issue. The latest issue is that Fibaro motion sensors seem to just get dropped or forgotten from the HC2. They don't get set as dead nodes... they just don't register motion, and to resolve I have to delete the device and re-register. I'm having to do 1-2 of these per week which is a nightmare when having to edit all scenes etc. Most of these are on the periphery of the network. I love my HC2, and have never understood the haters, putting them down as not understanding the complexities of the system... but these latest issues are seriously making me consider Vera! Anybody got any ideas to save me having to jump ship? Thanks!
  20. Hello! I live in Brazil and I got a HC2 working in my house, I took a vacation to US few days ago and found a motion sensor for sale. Bought it, but HC2 could not find it. It seems that they have diferent frequences, 908,4mhz in the US and 921,4 mhz in Brazil. Does anyone knows if there’s a workaround on these matter? Could be changing its frequence module (not sure if its possible) or any other stuff, please let me know. Thank you
  21. Witam, Chciałbym przerobić sterownie ogrzewaniem w moim domu aby móc sterować zdalnie. Obecnie do kotła De Dietrich MCR2 używam termostat pokojowy Celcia 20. Jakiego sprzętu użyć firmy Fibaro i jak go podłączyć aby zachować wszystkie możliwości sterowania temperaturą w pomieszczeniu jak również grzaniem centralnej wody użytkowej? Wszelkiego rodzaju sugestie i schematy mile widziane. Dziękuję za pomoc, bs13
  22. My motion sensor will not update. i am due for a version 2.7 upgrade. every time i start the update and starts the download i wake up my motion sensor then after about 6-10 seconds it says failed. What am i doing wrong? *i have a new battery in it *no scenes are running *have limited CPU usage *motion right next to home center anyone have any ideas?
  23. HI, I am trying to register Aeotec MultiSensor 6 on Fibaro Home Center 2 (v 4.056). After registration is complete I can see temperature, light, humidity sensors but no motion or vibration sensor. Is there any specific configuration I need to load for it? Also the temperature, light, humidity sensors doesn't seem to show correct values ( most of them shows 0 value) Thanks & Regards, Kamal
  24. Hi, I would like to configure a setup where my lamps automatically swiches on if a defined brightness level is measured by the Light Sensor of the HomeKit-Version of the Fibaro Motion Sensor. Normally this can be done by using the Light sensor as a trigger. But I was not able to configure such a setup sucessfully. Did anyone tried to use the Light sensor of the HomeKit-Version of the Fibaro Motion Sensor sucessfully as trigger? I configured that the lamps should be switched on if the Light sensor measures a brightness level under 100 Lux. What I experienced so far was, that even if the Light sensor measures a value that was under 100 Lux the lamps were not switched on. Only if the brightness level was 0 Lux (absolutly dark environment) the lamps were switched on. But no other setup was sucessful. Can the Light Sensor in the HomeKit-Version only be used for triggers that measures brightness levels of 0 Lux or did I something wrong? Hope you can help me! Luke11
  25. Hi I am trying to set automatic scenes in my bathrooms so lights will come on a certain level depending on the time of day which I have setup using simple scenes - example below: This works fine and i have variable to switch from day and night, however I would like the ability to override this as the kids get annoyed when they are in the bath and the lights go off. is there a way to change the variable on pressing the light switch button On which would change the variable to override and then when the light switch if switched off change the variable back to day or night based on timings? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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