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Found 17 results

  1. Hi, I have a not working Fibaro door sensor. 13 months old. Suddenly it stopped communicating with the HCL. Battery is ok. It is able to read the door position (open, close) by flashing the blue led. Tried to reset it different times, version 2.5 Now by clicking once the tamper button on its back it flashes for about 10 seconds and then off again. Do you have some idea? Broken? Thank you
  2. I am trying to push a certain button from a different device, if the door is closed, but I cant locate how to let FIBARO know that the door is closed. How can I do that in scenes? Thanks in advance.
  3. I'm trying to build few scenes with motion and door sensors but then I got confused which is the proper activation/deactivation term to use for each device: Armed Disarmed Breached Breached and Armed Breached and Disarmed Safe Safe and armed Safe and disarmed Tamper tripped Tamper not tripped Would it make difference if I select Breached instead of Armed for the Door sensor? If someone can share some example for better understanding, I'd highly appreciate. Thanks, Nikola
  4. Hi, I have just replaced the battery of my door sensor which used over a year. After replacing, I can't get any reading of my door sensor. Then I force removed the device and I can't add the door sensor to my HC2 anymore. I also reset the sensor by clicking both TMP at the same time when placing the battery, but the LED just blinked 8 times in 5 sec, this makes me feel weird. The sensor does react when it sense the magnet around. Does anyone know how to add to HC2 in my case? Thanks a lot. Regards, Brendan
  5. Hi, I am fairly new to HA, but having worked in technical fields I am familiar with tech, systems and how things work in general. I need your help to troubleshoot an issue I have. I have a Fibaro Door Sensor, and two Aeotec Smart Switch 6 (amongst other things) This issue is that the Smart Switches both turn off when the door is closed, and turn on when the door opens. I initially thought the switches had an issue, as I didn't realise it was the door that "controlled" them. I don't have these in a scene or in any groupings, and when the switch is turned off, the HC2 still sees them as being on. I have removed both switches from HC2 and added them again, but they still act in the same way. I also have checked the Alarm Panel, but there are no associations there. Will be grateful if anyone could point me in the right direction to troubleshoot and overcome this. Thanks
  6. Hi all, I got a notification from my door sensor the other day that battery was low and should be replaced. So I opened the door (i.e the magnet was away) opened the sensor and changed the battery. Now I thought that should do the trick but I'm still getting notifications that battery level is low and that it should be replaced. So, then I tested to do a soft reconfiguration and restarted the HC2 but still the same notifications. What shall I do, I dont want to conduct a full reset of the device as I then have to re-do the scene. Or is this the only option to have it fixed? Thanks for your help
  7. Hi all, I'm suddenly in a position where a lot of my sensors are showing low battery - which makes sense having bought a lot of them around the same time. I'm currently very nervous to change any of the batteries because there hasn't been a single time that I've changed a battery and had no issues with sensors. Door sensors in particular, it seems as though I change the battery, the sensor works for a few days before becoming unresponsive and ultimately killing the battery very quickly. This then leads to me being required to do a full reset of the module, delete/remove from Fibaro, scenes etc. Then re-add to Fibaro and redo all of the associated scenes, restarting the controller in between to ensure a clean removal and re-add. Now I have 2 x motion sensors and 3 x door sensors which need to be replaced - what am I actually supposed to do to ensure a smooth battery swap, without having to delete/add the device again, or risk having an unresponsive sensor that kills batteries again. I've had a quick search and the only real advice I have seen is to keep the door open when changing the sensor, but nothing really official or obvious. So, please do tell me how you change your sensor's batteries to ensure they have no issues, so I can try on some of mine. Thanks
  8. I am having the magnet of one of the door sensors attached to a steel surface and I am facing the issue that the door remains 'open' even the door is closed. Not always but very often. Magnet is about 2 mm away from the sensor when door is closed Is there any issue known if the magnet is attached to a steel (magnetic) surface? If so, how did you overcome the issue?
  9. The Fibaro door sensor have one dedicated external input (which also is connected in parallell with the reed switch). There is also another "input", the tamper switch. I do not need this feature and wonder if I can "rebuild" my sensor using the tamper input for a reed switch. Doing so will make the door sensor a two input device, I hope, both inputs able to trig their respective scenes. There might be some problems doing this..will the tamper-alarm mask/disable signals from the ordinary input? So, have anybody tried this?
  10. witam. czy ktoś z Was montował door sensor na antywłamaniowych metalowych (magnetycznych) drzwiach? czujka głupieje i nie odbiera prawidłowo sygnału z magnesu, nawet po zbliżeniu go w dłoni. po odlepieniu od metalowych drzwi działa ok macie na to rozwiązanie? (drzwi nie chce zmieniać :))
  11. Hi, could you please help me to configure the FGK10x Door sensor? My goal is to obtaining a notification when the window is opened or the shutters is moved. So I'm going to connect an external sensor to the FGK10x. How can I connect it? I'm using a Raspberry where I have installed Home-Assistant and I have plugged a Z-Stick Gen5 as controller. If I'm moving the magnet, the sensor icon turn on an icon and "Fibaro .... Access Control" icon changes the value to 22. While if I connect the shutters sensor to IN and GND inputs, the magnet sensor stops to working and if I move the wire sometimes the sensor icon turn on. In attach there is the node configuration file. I have tried to create a post in the Home-Assistant community. Thanks in advance Francesco node configuration file.xml
  12. I have a very weird problem. I have set up a door sensor as switch and have associated it with a Dimmer2. The association works ... except, when I turn off the dimmer with the wall switch, I need to press the switch on the door sensor twice before it turns on the light. Why is that? Tried the new and old door sensor, and tried it with the 3.4 and 3.5 firmware of the Dimmer2.
  13. I have a strange problem with the fibaro door sensor. It is connected to an external switch and has the sceneActivation on. By switching the external switch the scene gets triggered and everything is fine, but the breach time is not always updated. At the moment the system shows that it was breached 1 day ago, but the scene was triggered just minutes ago. Is there anybody who had the same problem?
  14. Hello! I am newbie in Fibaro in the system, but learning! There are door sensor and IP camera Hikvision. I want to create a scene in which a door is opened - will come an e-mail with the subject "Door Open" and with a screenshot of the camera, and maybe a few, with a delay of a few seconds. A similar scene for closing the door. Now using a block scene, but they can not specify the subject, and it is impossible to put a few screenshots in one letter Controller HC2 Please help!
  15. Hi Im reading your block, and I like your LUA scripts for Z-wave, Thanks it helps to have something like that to look at, Im having a problem with My WC that also is a storage for some cleaning things, Using the Fibaro Motion to pickup moments and turn on lights works well, It will time out after 2 min, However I also like the lights to be on with no time out when the door is closed. So I install the Windows/Door sensor from fibaro so it also turn on lights when door is closed and off when then open, however the Timer on the movements kicks in and turn off the lights after 2 min regardless if door open or closed Any Tips your able to share ? Thanks Im not a programmer, but Im able to read logic code if needed
  16. I had my Fibaro door sensor FGK 101 mounted on a door, connected (included) to my HCL system and working fine. Then I decided to reset my HCL and start all over. I did not exclude my door sensor at this point. Then, in order to include the door sensor in my new setup I needed to first reset it, then include it again. Now my problem is that I cannot reset the door sensor whatever techniques I use. I have done as it says in the supplied manual (and at fibaro.com support). I do not get the diod to blink twice. There is a slightly different description at the vesternet.com homepage. Does not work either. What to do?
  17. Today I Add a new door sensor FGK 101 in combination with een DSB1820 temp. sensor and a binary switch. All sensors work correct but on the advance tab there are no parameters. The message below is shown. Configuration The device does not have a template by what might have limited functionality, please contact technical support in order to add the template for this device.
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