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Found 39 results

  1. Sankotronic

    Frustration with Fibaro - some thoughts

    I can understand why users can get upset with Fibaro. I had my share of frustration with my HC2 as well. But at the end, when I look back, in past year playing with it I feel that it gave me more nice moments than bad ones. I always liked developing even I left that job for another. Making my home smarter every day gives me great satisfaction and occasional problems can't destroy that. As far as I know there is no other Fibaro forums except French one and this international one. Fibaro UK has a link to forum, this one. I believe that forums are as good as users are, since forums are made for users to help each other and not to be official support. So, as long as there are experienced users on this forum ready to help others its goal is fulfilled. I can check if there is some other forum for home automation, but that will be then general one where is not only Fibaro but everything else discussed. But I believe that we don't need to look around. This forum has experienced users that are always ready to help and when somebody get into difficult problems with his HC then help should be requested from both official support and this forum alike. To be honest, this box is not TV or refrigerator, and many people will have problems with it, either because they are not willing to put some more effort to first learn things or they are expecting that merely just buying it will make their house smart. Unfortunately with Fibaro HC that is not the case, especially with HC2. This system can give a lot, but it requires also a lot from its users, especially knowledge of wireless systems, electrical stuff and at least some basic knowledge in programming rules and good habits. So you see, this system is not for everyone, it is only for those people who like learning, or like technical stuff and have at least basic knowledge. I mean ti is much more than buying new TV and program channels on it! HomeKit is for everyone! Simple, easy to install, easy to configure since there is no much to configure anyway Apple philosophy, strip everything away, close system as much as you can so that users just can't change anything and therefore can't *abuse* up anything That is the best choice for many people, but for geeks and people who like challenges Fibaro is the best choice that can be found on market today!
  2. Hi! Are there any Chances that the Roller Shutter will be come as Homekit Device (Module) too?
  3. In iOS 11 Apple made the ability for BLE devices to have much faster triggers for HomeKit. This requires a firmware update for the module and iOS 11. How far off is the update for the Motion Sensor?
  4. big_lynx

    Temperature as a trigger

    I have relatively simple automation to develop. If temperature is too low - switch on Wall-Plug. If too high - switch it off. I have three temperature sensor in disposal: "Motion Sensor", "CO Sensor", and Elgato Eve. I was trying several automatons with different sensors, IFs, WHENs, etc - no way. I am not able to control Wall-Plug using temperature value. Any idea to solve my issue? Regards, Tomek
  5. I have four door/window sensors that work with Apple HomeKit. I have had to replace the batteries on all of them. Now they all show as “Tampered” on the Home app. How can I change the tampering status from “Yes” back to “No?” Thanks!
  6. Hi Fibaro. I am using the Heat Controler with Homekit automation for some time now. No major problems with exception to frequent calibrations (which you need to address by the way). My issue is that whenever the Controller starts its cycle of descaling or calibration or whatever it is doing (engine works loudly for a couple of seconds), it doesn’t resume the temperature setting it had before. It sets itself to 20 degrees Celsious. I have to set the temperature back to its previous setup manually from automation again. My mode is set to manual and hold. The temparature is set by automation. My hub is atv4k. Could you please help with this?
  7. Hi guys, Hub : ipad iOS 12 Heat controller firmware: 1.1.0 I have a problem with my heat controller homekit version. I have the heat controller in my bedroom and my ipad in the kitchen. On the ipad, the heat controller is not responding while another brand (eve thermo ) works perfectly. I would like to know if it possible to upgrade the firmware and how to do it? Best regards, Romain
  8. Hi all, just to be clear, I'm a new user of Fibraro product, I bought yesterday the Fibaro FGBHMS-001 HomeKit con Multi-Sensor, and I would like to use it through the homekit app with Apple tv 4th gen. At the moment I paired the multi sensor with the philips Hue lamp in my kitchen, and I have created the 1st scene (through Fibraro app) in order to turn on the light when the sensor finds a movement and turn off the light after 30 second without any movement, and everything works fine.... What want to do now is trigger the turn on and turn off the light accordingly with the light sensor.... can you please confirm that is not yet possible??? Thanks in advance for your help. Fabio
  9. Emma

    Wall plug unresponsive

    I have a wall plug that after a while (sometimes days, sometimes weeks) becomes unresponsive according to Homekit. An easy fix is to pull it from the socket and put it back in again, but that kind of defeats the purpose of a remote controlled socket. Any thoughts on this? Wall plug type F, firmware version 4.3.20
  10. Hi Team, As of recent updates to iOS 12, the motion sensor is not responding! Tried a power cycle, it temporary works but after a minute it loses connection. Tried removing the device and reattaching to Home, it works temporarily but it loses connection after a minute or so. Any hints on how to debug the device in a more advanced way? Regards, Aurel
  11. dotneft

    Can not add Heat Controller

    Hello! I have Fibaro Heat Controller (Apple Homekit support version), I charged it till red blinking indicator has disappeared, but when I try to link the controller with HomeKit both applications Home and Fibaro app said "couldn't add accessory". Then I see constantly blinking white->red->pause->white->red... I successfully added one heat controller without any problems, but stuck with another one :-( I tried to perform factory reset according manual, but still the same issue. Any ideas?
  12. Hi there, are there any plans to extend the product offering for HomeKit? Especially the fire detector, the dimmer, maybe a switch to operate window blinds?
  13. balboaf

    wrong homekit code

    i´ve just received my flood sensor this week and tried to pair it with homekit, the process went well, code read, etc. but at the end it says that the code is wrong and try again; i've done this for at least 15 times all with the same result "wrong code". I've already contacted support but they just limited they response to a "This is strange situation" but no solution nor sending the right code.
  14. Caelan

    Single Switch - Multiway

    Hello, I bought a Single Switch 2 for my bedroom but I have 3 wall switches linked to each other. Their link is something like that: L and N -> S1 <-> S2 <-> S3 -> Q L is main line (for me 220V), N is neutral and Q is the light. How can I wire it correctly? Thank you in advance
  15. Hi: i´ve just received The Button early this week, it´s already paired with my homekit system, added devices or scenes to the commands but NOTHING works!!! i've already contacted support but they limited they response to "This is strange situation" anyone?
  16. Hi, I would like to configure a setup where my lamps automatically swiches on if a defined brightness level is measured by the Light Sensor of the HomeKit-Version of the Fibaro Motion Sensor. Normally this can be done by using the Light sensor as a trigger. But I was not able to configure such a setup sucessfully. Did anyone tried to use the Light sensor of the HomeKit-Version of the Fibaro Motion Sensor sucessfully as trigger? I configured that the lamps should be switched on if the Light sensor measures a brightness level under 100 Lux. What I experienced so far was, that even if the Light sensor measures a value that was under 100 Lux the lamps were not switched on. Only if the brightness level was 0 Lux (absolutly dark environment) the lamps were switched on. But no other setup was sucessful. Can the Light Sensor in the HomeKit-Version only be used for triggers that measures brightness levels of 0 Lux or did I something wrong? Hope you can help me! Luke11
  17. Hi all Newbie problem: I installed and started the iPhone App "FibaroHome" and on the field "Type a name of your home" I randomly inserted a name and I always get this message: "Error: Cloud data sync is in progress". Any clue how I can start the app?? Solved: First add device to "Home" App of iOS and then the "Home" name will be available.
  18. Czy można w jakiś sposób kalibrować czujnik temperatury oraz światła w Fibaro Motion - Homekit tak jak w wersji Z-wave?. Stawiając obok siebie 3 czujniki od Fibaro, Philipsa i Elgato, każdy z nich pokazuje inne pomiary przy tym tylko, że pomiary Philipsa i Elgato różnią się o pół stopnia a Fibaro pokazuje o 2-3 stopnie więcej i podejrzewam, że to raczej niestety czujnik Fibaro pokazuje złą temperaturę ponieważ nie odczuwam teraz temperatury pokojowej jako 25C według czujnika Fibaro a raczej 21.5C-22C jak pokazują to inne czujniki. Wszystkie trzy czujniki znajdują się dokładnie obok siebie. Próbowałem je też postawić w innych miejscach i pomiary zawsze różnią się o około 2-3 stopnie. Jeśli nie można tego na dzisiaj zmienić czy są jakieś plany żeby umożliwić kalibrację temperatury i pomiaru światła? Ze światłem jest podobny problem.
  19. Hey Fibaro family! A user from Singapore here wanting to make his unsmart home a bit smarter. So my dining room lights and stuff are using Philips Hue, no issue there, but my study room light I wanted to go with a ceiling light, and I wasn't willing to pay 400-500USD for a single Philips Hue Ceiling light, so I got a normal ceiling light. Now in Singapore (Not sure about other countries) the light switches at the wall have no neutral wire, and I get that. I'm quite blessed that my ceiling light is quite big and has a cover so I figured why not connect the switch inside the light itself, hidden underneath the cover. My uncle who's a certified electrician did exactly as the YouTube video said, Live wire into L (beside Q), then a new live wire from Q out to the light itself. The neutral (blue) wire from the ceiling goes into a wire connector, split out to 2, one into the light and another into N port of the switch. Now when I switch on my mains, there's a green light that shows on the switch for like 1-2 seconds, and then it switches off. I can't pair the switch via scanning the Homekit code whatsoever. Any suggested solutions as to what I'm doing wrong? Also, is the S1 and other L switch supposed to be in use? Cuz the manual suggests connecting it to the switch, but I'm placing my switch where the light is at the ceiling so.... hmmm.
  20. jakub.jezek

    Flood sensor update

    Hello, Apple Home app indicates, that there is update for Flood sensor. Did anybody successufuly updated Flood sensor via Fibaro HomeKit app? I have screenshot from customer, that it is not there. I have sent him following article translated to CZ (https://manuals.fibaro.com/knowledge-base-browse/updating-fibaro-homekit-accessory/). @I.Srodka, what is last version of Flood sensor (HomeKit one)? Regards, Jakub
  21. Witajcie! Mam pytanie do posiadaczy Motion Sensor dla HomeKit. Czy udało wam się ustawić powiadomienia dla konkretnego czasu? Ustawiam okres powiadomień dla zakresu godzinowego, mimo to dostaję powiadomienia cały czas . Macie jakiś pomysł w tej chwili jedynym wyjściem z sytuacji jest włączanie powiadomień jak każdym razem jak wychodzimy z domu i wyłączanie jak wracamy.
  22. Hello, My light switch has 2 wires as you can see in the drawing. Is the scheme I have correct for using Single Switch? Thank you for your response.
  23. I am trying to establish a direct connection between my raspberry PI 3 and Fibaro Motion HomeKit Sensor via BLE. Connection works, however i don't know the UUID and the characteristics UUID of the motion sensor result. Any ideas how to find the correct UUID?
  24. I am a new fibaro user. I bought flood sensor. I have Apple TV gen 4. I have iPad set as home hub. When at home both the home app and fibaro app update. When away from home i receive errors in both apps and they simply show "updating" or "two devices not responding". Can anyone help me? Thank you
  25. Hello guys, Is it just me or in app Fibaro for Homekit devices and in Home app it is unable to add any sensor into a scene (Automation type). I saw this with Flood sensor and D/W sensor. And i get that device is read-only. I want to read temperature and use it as a sensor for condition, not an acurator. I would like to test some heating control and use flood sensor as temperature sensor. Acurator is Fibaro Homekit switch. @T.Konopka or @I.Srodka, any ideas how to add sensor to a condition? Screenshot from app Fibaro for homekit devices: