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  1. Dear community, my current project is using Hoobs to control Fibaro HC3 devices, IR controller specifically. Hoobs does not detect the quick apps in HC3. May I know whether there is any method for Hoobs to control quick app in HC3? Thank you.
  2. Hi all, just to be clear, I'm a new user of Fibraro product, I bought yesterday the Fibaro FGBHMS-001 HomeKit con Multi-Sensor, and I would like to use it through the homekit app with Apple tv 4th gen. At the moment I paired the multi sensor with the philips Hue lamp in my kitchen, and I have created the 1st scene (through Fibraro app) in order to turn on the light when the sensor finds a movement and turn off the light after 30 second without any movement, and everything works fine.... What want to do now is trigger the turn on and turn off the light accordingly
  3. Hi! Are there any Chances that the Roller Shutter will be come as Homekit Device (Module) too?
  4. I have a wall plug that after a while (sometimes days, sometimes weeks) becomes unresponsive according to Homekit. An easy fix is to pull it from the socket and put it back in again, but that kind of defeats the purpose of a remote controlled socket. Any thoughts on this? Wall plug type F, firmware version 4.3.20
  5. Hi, I've just acquired two Fibaro CO sensor, for apple homekit without knowing that there is also a Fibaro version. I'm trying to pair the sensors with my Home Center 2, but nothing happens. Is there a way I can use the sensors with home center ?
  6. Amazon, Apple, Google, Zigbee Alliance and board members (such as IKEA, Legrand, NXP Semiconductors, Resideo, Samsung SmartThings, Schneider Electric, Signify (formerly Philips Lighting), Silicon Labs, Somfy, and Wulian) form working group to develop open standard for smart home devices. The industry working group will take an open-source approach for the development and implementation of a new, unified connectivity protocol. The project intends to use contributions from market-tested smart home technologies from Amazon, Apple, Google, Zigbee Alliance, and others. The decision to leverage thes
  7. Is it possible to connect both S1 and S2 on Homekit version. Since there is noted that: „S2 - terminal for 2nd switch (not used at the moment)“, but on next page there is diagram with double wall switch connection. I want to connect fan and lights in bathroom. I would like to one button to switch load to fan and 2nd button to trigger homekit action and toggle lights. Is it possible?
  8. Hello. What is the state of Homekit development please? I found announcement from T. Konopka about "few new products working with Apple HomeKit platform and Z-Wave system in the next year" from 2016, but nothing was introduced except Switch 2, afaik. I am trying to get by without HCL -> homebridge on rPi, witch adds clutter and room for error for just few (max 15) fibaro devices (price of HCL aside). Thanks for your response! J.
  9. I'm using Apple HomeKit for my smart home. Just bought 2 x Fibaro Motion Sensor - HomeKit with the intent to use the light (and perhaps temp) sensor to control my shades. However it seems that only the motion sensor showing up in the Apple HomeKit Automatization. Can see this has been an issue in older threads but seems to still be an issue - is that correct and is there a solution on this? I do not want to use other application like Eve or Fibaro App - Sensors should be fully compatible with Apple HomeKit without use of any other applications etc (or am I wrong?) Also saw in an ol
  10. Cześć, Przymierzam się do zakupu systemu automatyki do mieszkania. Dokładniej to planuje kupić nowe mieszkanie i chciałbym od początku przygotować wszystko jak należy. Mam kilka pytań na które nie znalazłem bardziej lub mniej precyzyjnych odpowiedzi, dlatego założyłem ten temat. Myślę, że najpierw napisze co chce uzyskać, a ktoś z czytających może będzie chciał podzielić się swoim doświadczaniem. Tak jak napisałem, planuję wszystko od 0, obecnie nie posiadam urządzeń smart / automatyki domowej. Pierwsza i podstawowa kwestia, chce wyb
  11. Hi Fibaro. I am using the Heat Controler with Homekit automation for some time now. No major problems with exception to frequent calibrations (which you need to address by the way). My issue is that whenever the Controller starts its cycle of descaling or calibration or whatever it is doing (engine works loudly for a couple of seconds), it doesn’t resume the temperature setting it had before. It sets itself to 20 degrees Celsious. I have to set the temperature back to its previous setup manually from automation again. My mode is set to manual and hold. The temparature i
  12. I am using a Fibaro Single Switch and a Eve Door Sensor that checks if garage door is open or closed, to automate my garage door. The Fibaro Single Switch is connected to a Relais which is uses as a Trigger for the Garage Door Motor Control. I also have manual Triggers in the Garage to open and close the door. I have two scenes in my HomeKit configured: Open Garage - that will acrivate the Switch so the relais is triggered and the Motor is started. Then there is a Automation that checks the Door Sensor. When the door sensor openes, the fibaro switch is switched off so that the r
  13. I can understand why users can get upset with Fibaro. I had my share of frustration with my HC2 as well. But at the end, when I look back, in past year playing with it I feel that it gave me more nice moments than bad ones. I always liked developing even I left that job for another. Making my home smarter every day gives me great satisfaction and occasional problems can't destroy that. As far as I know there is no other Fibaro forums except French one and this international one. Fibaro UK has a link to forum, this one. I believe that forums are as good as users are, since forums ar
  14. In iOS 11 Apple made the ability for BLE devices to have much faster triggers for HomeKit. This requires a firmware update for the module and iOS 11. How far off is the update for the Motion Sensor?
  15. I have relatively simple automation to develop. If temperature is too low - switch on Wall-Plug. If too high - switch it off. I have three temperature sensor in disposal: "Motion Sensor", "CO Sensor", and Elgato Eve. I was trying several automatons with different sensors, IFs, WHENs, etc - no way. I am not able to control Wall-Plug using temperature value. Any idea to solve my issue? Regards, Tomek
  16. I have four door/window sensors that work with Apple HomeKit. I have had to replace the batteries on all of them. Now they all show as “Tampered” on the Home app. How can I change the tampering status from “Yes” back to “No?” Thanks!
  17. Hi guys, Hub : ipad iOS 12 Heat controller firmware: 1.1.0 I have a problem with my heat controller homekit version. I have the heat controller in my bedroom and my ipad in the kitchen. On the ipad, the heat controller is not responding while another brand (eve thermo ) works perfectly. I would like to know if it possible to upgrade the firmware and how to do it? Best regards, Romain
  18. Hi Team, As of recent updates to iOS 12, the motion sensor is not responding! Tried a power cycle, it temporary works but after a minute it loses connection. Tried removing the device and reattaching to Home, it works temporarily but it loses connection after a minute or so. Any hints on how to debug the device in a more advanced way? Regards, Aurel
  19. Hello! I have Fibaro Heat Controller (Apple Homekit support version), I charged it till red blinking indicator has disappeared, but when I try to link the controller with HomeKit both applications Home and Fibaro app said "couldn't add accessory". Then I see constantly blinking white->red->pause->white->red... I successfully added one heat controller without any problems, but stuck with another one :-( I tried to perform factory reset according manual, but still the same issue. Any ideas?
  20. Hi there, are there any plans to extend the product offering for HomeKit? Especially the fire detector, the dimmer, maybe a switch to operate window blinds?
  21. i´ve just received my flood sensor this week and tried to pair it with homekit, the process went well, code read, etc. but at the end it says that the code is wrong and try again; i've done this for at least 15 times all with the same result "wrong code". I've already contacted support but they just limited they response to a "This is strange situation" but no solution nor sending the right code.
  22. Hello, I bought a Single Switch 2 for my bedroom but I have 3 wall switches linked to each other. Their link is something like that: L and N -> S1 <-> S2 <-> S3 -> Q L is main line (for me 220V), N is neutral and Q is the light. How can I wire it correctly? Thank you in advance
  23. Hi: i´ve just received The Button early this week, it´s already paired with my homekit system, added devices or scenes to the commands but NOTHING works!!! i've already contacted support but they limited they response to "This is strange situation" anyone?
  24. Hi, I would like to configure a setup where my lamps automatically swiches on if a defined brightness level is measured by the Light Sensor of the HomeKit-Version of the Fibaro Motion Sensor. Normally this can be done by using the Light sensor as a trigger. But I was not able to configure such a setup sucessfully. Did anyone tried to use the Light sensor of the HomeKit-Version of the Fibaro Motion Sensor sucessfully as trigger? I configured that the lamps should be switched on if the Light sensor measures a brightness level under 100 Lux. What I experie
  25. Hi all Newbie problem: I installed and started the iPhone App "FibaroHome" and on the field "Type a name of your home" I randomly inserted a name and I always get this message: "Error: Cloud data sync is in progress". Any clue how I can start the app?? Solved: First add device to "Home" App of iOS and then the "Home" name will be available.
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