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Found 13 results

  1. Hi, I bought RTX temperature and humidity smart sensor with zigbee 3.0 communication protocol. I was trying to add it to HC3 as a zigbee devices. HC3 detected it but see it as an unconfigurated device. Is there any option to add it to HC3 or HC3 doesn't support it, read temperature and humidity? Thanks for respons.
  2. Greeting everyone, I 've got stuck with the strange behavior of smart implant which I couldn't explain other as a bug. I have Z-Stick from Aeotec and wanted to configure my smart implant to send periodic reports from smart implant by schedule (every 60 seconds). So, I've changed the configuration parameter 66 to 60 as it stated in documentation and started to wait.... After a while nothing happens. The same time when I ask multisensor to send me a temperature report, I can get it without any problem. So, I tried to experiment with another automated reports. I have configured automated reports about voltage level on IN1 & IN2, this doesn;'t work.... I have attached external temperature senor and asked to send automatic reports from their - doesn't work. However when I am trying to read it directly from corresponding sensors - everything working fine but no automatic reports at all. The same time when I am using Aeotec Multisensor I can easily to see updates from all 4 internal sensors. Does anybody faced with the same behavior? IMHO, either I am doing something completely wrong and Fibaro have to provide better documentation or this is a strange bug in the device. I have sent my escalations to Fibaro but didn't get any news yet. I am not using any home automation software, just only Z-Wave PC Controller 5 from Sigma Design. This allows me to send commands on a low level which completely exclude any potential issues in mappings of UI with real commands have to be sent to device.
  3. Jak pisałem w innym wątku, testuje głowice Heat Controller z zewnętrznym czujnikiem temperatury. Zgodnie z informacją w instrukcji jeden czujnik można połączyć z maksymalnie trzema głowicami. Wczoraj usunąłem obie głowice z centralki, zresetowałem je do ustawień fabrycznych, dodałem do centralki a następnie sparowałem z czujnikiem temperatury. Obie głowice przypisałem do jednego pomieszczenia, które zostało objęte harmonogramem. Po tych wszystkich operacjach w końcu głowice poprawnie pracują w/g harmonogramu (wzbudzona głowica sygnalizuje pracę z harmonogramem poprzez pulsowanie pierścienia na zielono), aczkolwiek co kilka godzin, jedna z głowic traci połączenie z zewnętrznym czujnikiem temperatury: Nie ma znaczenia, czy czujnik przypisany do głowicy był oznaczony jako "domyślny" dla pokoju. Obecnie na liście urządzeń widzę coś takiego: Czy ma ktoś jakiś pomysł jak się z tym uporać? Czy jeżeli nie sparuje głowicy 27.1 z zewnętrznym czujnikiem, ukryję czujnik wewnętrzny (27.2) i pozostawię czujnik 32.2 jako domyślny dla pokoju, to obie głowice przypisane do tego pokoju będą pracowały względem tego czujnika? Muszę przyznać, że produkt sam w sobie mi się podoba, ale na tym etapie nie powinien jeszcze zostać wypuszczony na rynek...
  4. Hello I have following issue: my heat controller is installed in a seperate room (on the collector) and the bluetooth controller has not enough reach. The temperature sensor of the smoke detector is set as main buth the heat controller does not regulate according this temperature but uses its own internal sensor as reference (the storage room temperature). Is there an easy way if regulating this? I tried thermostat plugin but did not succeed. Would a seperate thermostat do the job? It's for childrens bedroom so the simpelest will do. Anyone can recommand a type? Thanks!
  5. Hi all, I need help for a (tricky) thing: I added 2 underwater temperature sensors on my Fibaro smart implant. Now i need to calculate the middle value of both sensors over a.e. two days. Example: -Sensor 1: 8 degree on day 1 and day 2 -Sensor 2: 10 degree on day 1 and day 2 - middle value: 9 degree This value should trigger a global variable like "summer" - for middle value >8 degree and "winter" for middle value <8 degree. I need this to know when i have to feed winter pellets for my kois and to trigger a scene that switches my pond pumps. I´m not really good into lua. I thought about to adapt other scripts that calculate time or to build a table that stores the values and triggers a global variable or maybe to use a virtual device but... What should I say? - I´m a noob Also searched different keywords in this forum and searched with google but i didn´t found a scipt that does this. It would be so nice if anyone can help me with this. I feel really sad that I don´t get it. Benjamin
  6. I'm using Apple HomeKit for my smart home. Just bought 2 x Fibaro Motion Sensor - HomeKit with the intent to use the light (and perhaps temp) sensor to control my shades. However it seems that only the motion sensor showing up in the Apple HomeKit Automatization. Can see this has been an issue in older threads but seems to still be an issue - is that correct and is there a solution on this? I do not want to use other application like Eve or Fibaro App - Sensors should be fully compatible with Apple HomeKit without use of any other applications etc (or am I wrong?) Also saw in an old thread that it only report changes if Lux value change more that 200 Lux - which of cause is unusable. Is that still the case or has that been solved as well? Let me if you can help to solve this fast as I'll have to return the products within 10 working days to get the payment back... Also - if this is still an issue - do you have an alternative to make automatization based on Lux? All the best, Cheers, Steen
  7. Testuje obecnie dwie głowice HC (FGCD-001 ZW5) sparowane z jednym, zewnętrznym czujnikiem temperatury (FGBRS-001). Po sparowaniu czujnika z głowicami, w zakładce "Zaawansowane" głowicy opcja "opcjonalny czujnik temperatury połączony i przesyła dane" jest zaznaczona. Mimo to, nigdzie nie jestem w stanie znaleźć wskazań temperatury mierzonej przez w/w czujnik. Będę wdzięczny za wskazanie gdzie mogę znaleźć tą informację.
  8. I intend to install a temperature sensor to trigger a fan when the room temperature is too high. I have looked at several options, but none seems fully satisfactory: Using a multisensor like the Aeotec 6: Too bulky. I want to tuck the device in behind the fan with just the sensor tip visible. Besides, I don't need motion, humidity, and light - only a single temperature. Connecting an external temp. sensor to my room thermostat (HeatIt Z-wave, aka Multireg): Won't work, as the thermostat seemingly cannot be configured to have an external sensor without using it to control the heat. Buying a small dedicated single channel z-wave temp. sensor: There does not appear to be such a product on the market. I have seen humidity+temperature, light+temperature, and humidity/water+temperature, but no dedicated temperature sensor Using a spare channel on one of my Fibaro RGBW dimmer for temperature input: Would have been a good solution, except my dimmers are more than 10 meters away from the fan. The best remaining option seems to be: 5. A temperature sensor attached to a Fibaro Universal Binary Sensor. The UBS needs DC power, which I don't have near the fan. A power supply (transformer/rectifier) adds complexity and bulkiness, so I would have to use a battery. It seems a waste to have a unit with four inputs and use only one, but at least it seems workable. Questions: What type of temperature sensor will be suitable in the last case (#5)? And what type of battery? Please be specific, based on your own experience with the Fibaro Universal Binary Sensor.. Does anyone know of a device as described in option #3, small enough to tuck away with the fan?
  9. Hello I connect DS18B20 sensor in a universal module, but don't show temperature sensor, only display move sensor. ANT ..... GND - GND DS18B20 TD - DATA DS18B20 TP - VCC DS18B20 . . . GND - ( - ) P - (+) 12V Can someone help me Thanks Marcos
  10. I'm interested in using the fibaro z-wave thermostat on our floor heating system. I got two questions: -The manual says that the termostat must be mounted horisontally. Why is that? -The termostat will be mounted in the floor heating central and not in the room it will be controling. I will place a temperature sensor in that room and connect to the thermostat. Will that work? Our floor heating has 8 circuit for 8 different areas/rooms each one controled with one thermostat. Its an wirsbo/uponor RWG system from 1991. To be able to fit the fibaro thermostat to the valve i will use an M28 to M30 adapter.
  11. 4,051 Beta: The dimmer modul now have template in hc2 , but the temperature sensor does not work /do not show. Is there anyone here that knows if there are any parameters that needs to be set to get it working ?
  12. Hey all, Is it normal that the Temperature and Lux Sensor in HCL are not configurable yet? Or is something wrong with my module? (see attached files) Thanks,
  13. I'm having an issue with getting the Heating Panel to work! I have the following modules - 1) Fibaro Universal Module FGBS-001 2) Fibaro FGS-211 Relay Module 3) Dallas DS8b20 Temperature sensor I want to use these parts as a thermostat to control my hot water boiler. (i.e. temperature sensor on the hot water tank, when temperature drops below a threshold (between certain times of the day) the relay will answer the call for heat at the boiler by switching it on) I have added these modules to the HC2 but I am having problems trying to get them to be controlled by the heating panel. This is what I have done - a) I put the temperature sensor and the relay in a room named 'Water Tank' b) I have linked the temperature sensor and relay in the linked devices panel and named it Linked Hot Water c) I created a zone in the heating panel named 'Heat Control' then added the room 'Water Tank' to it d) I then set the temperature required with the day and time in the 'Heat Control' zone panel. But when the water temperature drops below the threshold set the relay won't switch on. What have I missed? Thanks
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