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Found 19 results

  1. Hi, here is the guide how to flash custom recovery image for the HCL 4.140-4.150 Custom recovery allows to flash unsigned firmware in your HCL. This way we can add some new features or fix annoying bugs fast. First of all, I want to say, the solution is 2 years old already. The security issue allows to execute any code on the HCL side. I have reported to Fibaro support about the vulnerability allowing to have complete contol of HCL device, but they answered its user's problem We need to get root access in order to flash custom recovery, but HCL's ssh server
  2. I initiated an update of the HCL via the App a few days ago. After that the contact was lost. I have tried all recovery options I have found with no luck. I opened up the HCL and discovered the AM3354 module inside. I then found the console port (3pins: 0V, Rx and Tx. 3.3V level signals) and see that it is stuck in U-Boot: U-Boot 2011.09-00010-g16f5006-dirty (Dec 18 2013 - 20:28:15) I2C: ready DRAM: 128 MiB WARNING: Caches not enabled No daughter card present Did not find a recognized configuration, assuming General purpose EVM in Profile 0 with Daughter board NAND:
  3. Good day, Is anybody facing the same problem like me? I will appreciate if you have any suggestion on this topic. I am trying to recover my HC2, but always I reach the following stage: black screen with text "Fibaro Home Center Recovery" and nothing else that I can do.... My IP is set by default to
  4. Hello, I have a Fibaro Lite and I can not do a reset of the unit. I have followed the manual but the recovery mode does not appear. It only says "Starting services" I haved it of power for for 24 hours and more and It have said "Starting services" for 3 weeks. There have to be a limit of how slow the product can be. Is there a hard reset that do not have to go via recovery? I do not need to save any data. Regards, Bjørn Madsen
  5. Hi, I just got a HC2 today and started playing with it. It came with version 4.056 installed and it said it wanted to update to version 4.180. So I started the update but when it finished I couldn't login to the device. Trying to access the web page gave either the spinning balls or the "Testing 123" welcome to CentOS Apache default web page. So I tried doing a recovery. It booted up in recovery mode but when doing the recovery it seems to be stuck on step 1 "Preparation" with the message "Searching for a system drive". Nothing else is happening. What can I
  6. Hello! We recived a broken HC2 at the office. Reporting that an end-user can`t connect to the HC2. Can`t find the HC2 with Fibaro finder nor using Advanced IP Scanner (looking for a mac adress) I have tried using the backup IP adress:, adjustig my computer to 192.186.81.x. Still cant find it with Fibaro Finder / Advanced IP Scanner. Tried regular boot multiple times with and without Recovery Stick plugged in. When I did regular boot. ONLY the power LED was lit up. And yes, I know the ethernet port I used has a direct connection to my computer. (A
  7. Witam Po próbie przeprowadzenia przywrócenia ustawień fabrycznych centrala nie przechodzi do okna logowania się, ciągle kręci się koło ładowania. Tryb przywracania lub restartu dochodzi do 100% ale nie przechodzi do okna aktualizacji mimo długiego oczekiwania. Miał ktoś podobny problem. Z góry dzięki za pomoc.
  8. Hi Knowledgeable folks, I have bought Home Center 2 a while back while we were extending the house and it has been in the box for a while. Yesterday, I started it and it all worked fine. I reset the admin password added my email and then it asked me to upgrade to latest version of the software. Since then, the spanner light has been blinking continously. I tried to invoke recovery procedure and found that once I remove the power and reconnect (while holding the +button), the LED starts blinking left to right and then after 3/4 times it stops. I then have to switch the console on usi
  9. Po epizodzie z wersją 4.140 oraz 4.141 Beta muszę powrócić do wersji 3.600 (uciążliwe jest restartowanie całego systemu raz na dobę, maksymalnie raz na dwie doby). Po recovery jest wersja 3.548, ostatni backup mam z wersji 3.600. W jaki sposób mogę powrócić do wersji 3.600? Przy próbie wymuszenia aktualizacji występuje błąd nr 5. Przy próbie wgrania backupu z wersji 3.600 nie idzie się zalogować hasłem domyślnym ani innym tworzonym podczas użytkowania HC2.
  10. Hi, I have an issue on my HC2 box, I cannot create backups anymore. My drive shows disconnected and a checksum is not completing. Also after a reboot all lights go on and after approximately one hour it runs like normal. So rebooting the box is taking multiple hours to complete I am running on 4.100 and would like to upgrade due to a message on a few websites stating that there is a security breach in previous versions. Creating a backup triggers a new screen, flickers a brief moment and finishes without generating a backup image. I have contacted
  11. Hi As most people know the custom icons get 'broken' after a recovery I experienced this a few weeks ago and I went to clean up my system today and noticed an odd behaviour. As you can see below the broken icons are below Note - There are 10 that need to be deleted Clicking delete.. and the number broken is 3 Deleting one of the broken icons gives the following... Note - There are now 9 broken icons Can anybody else replicate this HC2 running 4.120, windows 7 machine, Chrome browser thanks
  12. Hi, I rebooted my HC2 this morning and it failed to start correctly afterwards. Only the right 3 led's were lighting. I completed the recover process (power off, press learn button & hold, power on, release learn button) It went through the recover process and rebooted. The right most three leds are working again The z-wave light is flashing and now the "download available" light is flashing - (I was on 4.11 but assume it has recovered a previous version) I can't still access the HC2 web interface (about 20 mins since recovery) or do I nee
  13. After a failed firmware update, my HC2 won't start in normal mode, it's stuck on a start screen saying -starting services- .. for hours and days.. Recovery failed also, the connected VGA displays numeros read-errors from usb.. So.. I wonder... If I had a backup of that usb-key, the problem might have been solved..? But that usb-key is said to be delicate.. don't remove and make no changes. Would setting it into a windows pc and clone it, do any harm?? So I might need to buy a new HC2
  14. I am new to Fibaro and need some urgent advice. We have two power outages in the last few months since we purchased the Fibaro HC2. After the first time I learnt a valuable lesson re backups so I had to go through the whole process to reset and reinstall. When the second power outage occurred I was not too concerned as I knew I had an up to date backup. I followed the correct procedure to start the recovery process (clicking NO to the option to remove z-wave devices) but after doing this all the devices and rooms etc. are gone. I then thought that I had to reinstate the
  15. Restoration of backup! Following a system failure, where Fibaro asked me to return my HC2 I tried to use my old backup to restore to new. (I was lucky as I run my heating system on my HC2 to be able to immediately order a new one). It took me over 8 hours to get my system back to the point it was before the failure. Fibaro said the following: Each USB stick is mapped to the HC2 it is issued with and can not be used in another HC2 Only Fibaro can attempt a restore of a backup from one device to another and I would have to wait the weeks it would take to
  16. So, I'd forgotten how bad some of the early releases were till I had to recover following a failed 4.101 update a couple of days ago, and I've only just gotten to the farm to get it all operational ! This is the first Beta that I haven't successfully installed in a very long time .. anyways starting back at the archaic 1.038 has got to be some sort of sick joke yeah ? And then waiting .. Seriously is there a way to expedite the "oh look there's an update" .. and "oh good look another" .. series of life wasting moments ? Can we just jump to 4.xx .. please tell me we can, I'm sti
  17. 1167 Hi everyone! I had to do a system recovery after HomeCenter2 halted all operation completely (reboots etc. did not help). Now the system has lost knowledge of all moduls in the house. I tried to reset the moduls as explained in the user guide I found online on fibaro pages (e.g. press B-button 14sec). No success. I tried to exclude/include the moduls by pressing B 3x quickly while system is in learning mode. No success. I tried to cut power prior and put it back on prior to trying above steps. No success. What do I have to do to include the moduls (dimmers, roller shutters, rela
  18. Witam, proszę o pomoc w przeprowadzeniu recovery HC2. Wyłączam centralę z zasilania, włączam ponownie do zasilania z przyciśniętym przyciskiem Learn Mode i wygląda na to, że coś się dzieje. Diody migają od lewa do prawa a po kilkunastu sekundach świecą wszystkie i tak bez przerwy już 2 godziny. Wcześniej też próbowałem i było to samo. Gdy ponownie odłączę i włączę zasilanie, centrala działa, ale nadal z problemami, przez które chcę właśnie zrobić recovery (brak dostępu lokalnego, brak możliwości zrobienia update'u zdalnie). Co oznacza status świecących wszystkich diod? Mam czek
  19. Due to numerous requests I decided to describe the recovery procedure for our controllers. Recovery mode allows you to bring controller to out-of-the box state, with the firmware version it was shipped with to you. There is no way to go back to version older that the one you got device with originally. Entering recovery mode on Home Center 2: 1. Unplug your device from power. 2. Hold down the recovery button (with a little "+" on it ) 3. Plug the device back, still holding the recovery button 4. Release button as soon as diodes start to blink
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