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Found 22 results

  1. Hello Community, Quick question, hope you could help After trying a QA for managing my lights, it looks like the HC3 didn't like it. Don't know why but the code has put some mess. HC3 keeps restarting, then going in automated repair with, truly, 2 sources (A & B) of the same issue but with two different OS version... It finally restart but reboots again after a few seconds. No trace in logs of an issue. I'm turning in round. My question, if i do a factory reset and then reconnect my account to the box, will i see my former cloud backups and be in a position to restore a "c" version ? (older)? thanks in advance for your answers, getting mad. br mathias
  2. Hi All, I did download the following Virtual Device from the Fibaro Marklet place to create Backup's and reboot my device. https://marketplace.fibaro.com/items/reboot-and-create-update-based-on-virtual-device For some reason both, the backup and the reboot doesn't work for me. I'm using HC2 Ver 4.510 I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. Username:Password ([email protected]:Password) was converted to Base64. Here my string: Backup: POST /api/service/backups HTTP/1.1 Host: Connection: keep-alive Content-Length: 50 Authorization: Basic XXXXXXXXXXXX {"action":"create","params":{"name":"AutoUpdate"}} Reboot: GET /api/service/reboot HTTP/1.1 Host: Authorization: Basic XXXXXXXXXXXX Any ideas? Thx!
  3. Hi there, My hc2 keeps on reminding me that the backups that i have made so far are incompatible and that I have to make new ones. But in the backup screen is says that the backups that I made so far are compatible. Is it a bug, and/or do more people experience this? Let me know. hc2.pdf
  4. Hi, Because of lack of space I need to delete some backups. Unfortunately, I cannot delete any backup. First, nothing happens, and then after a long time when I refresh the browser and try to delete any scene, I get an 403, access denied. I already checked the alarms and they are all off. I have to problems deleting devices or scenes, it's just the backups that give the 403 error. I'm running version 4.180 on my HC2. Please help! Thanks you.
  5. Hi. Yesterday I made a backup of my HC2 (version 4.180), which I do from time to time (usually without problems). After the backup it restarted, and then 36 of my devices were "not configured"! A lot of devices that I had hidden in the user interface, reappeared. The unconfigured devices are impossible to configure. They just have a status of "reconfiguring", and that's all, for many hours. The devices don't work, of course. If I try to, say, adjust i light dimmer, it says "configuring" and then nothing else. No response from Fibaro support either. I tried to restore a backup. No change. Please, wise forum, help! Helge
  6. Hi, Since almost 1 year and at least 5 version updates of my HC2 I am not able to create or restore backups. When I create a backup (of when during a system upgrade an automatic backup is created) the bleu progress-bar suggests that a backup is created but at the end of the backup process the system comes back with a message that the backup has failed. Also my list of backups remains empty whatever I try. With over 60 devices, 8 virtual devices, over 30 scenes and a lot of tailor-made icons I've spend months to get the system working in it's current state. This means I currently run a high risk as I have no backups available to restore in case of a system failure. Setting up everything again would mean months of work. Is there a way to clear the backup list and start from a clean situation or another way to fix a faulty backup process? Your help would be highly appreciated!!
  7. Hi @ll. Since there were some discussion going on in the FW 4.082 thread, I thought we should make that issue more prominent by a new topic. Since we rely more and more on the HC2 to manage our homes, a proper backup solution for the HC2 is needed urgently as well. No one can send HC2 away for days or weeks. There should be a way to fulfill security issues on one hand and user requirements on the other in one solution. Maybe some Statement of Needs to start with: - system should create a secured(/encrypted) backup of all HC 2 data (secured with internal Fibaro signature/key) - user should be able to input a key phrase for securing backup file (key phrase AND Fibaro signature secure backup file) - backup file should be stored outside HC2 - user should be able to define place to store backup file (network, PC harddisk, USB stick) - backup file should be restorable on new HC2 gateway <- most important! Fibaro could use signatures to secure backup file, new HC2 hardware have same signature inside so is able to read backup file from other hardware + user has to enter key phrase to make a certain backup file usable. By that mechanism I think we should be able to secure the backup file enough. File could not be used on different HW (Fibaro's internal key is missing) and cannot be used by any user on any HC2 (because initial user's key phrase is missing) Of course there is also the problem with Z-Wave security to be solved by which (if I got that right) all devices are bound to one gateway during inclusion. So a new HC2 HW would actually bring a new Z-Wave "key". But maybe we can have a function to read out Z-Wave key to input that one in a new HC2 hardware. Hope you can consider this solution. Thanks a lot. And thanks a lot for optimizing this forum as well. Seems to me in the last days were a couple of very positive changes here! Please go on like this! Regards to all.
  8. Po epizodzie z wersją 4.140 oraz 4.141 Beta muszę powrócić do wersji 3.600 (uciążliwe jest restartowanie całego systemu raz na dobę, maksymalnie raz na dwie doby). Po recovery jest wersja 3.548, ostatni backup mam z wersji 3.600. W jaki sposób mogę powrócić do wersji 3.600? Przy próbie wymuszenia aktualizacji występuje błąd nr 5. Przy próbie wgrania backupu z wersji 3.600 nie idzie się zalogować hasłem domyślnym ani innym tworzonym podczas użytkowania HC2.
  9. How many backup copies do you normally keep in backup/restore in the HC2 ?
  10. Hi All! Sometimes also to save storage I try to delete some old backups, but the system says: Access Forbidden. Is there a rule for making and deleting backups? B.t.w. yesterday I had the same situation and after rebooting HC2 that backup i intended to delete was gone. Can't figure out this isuue....
  11. Hi, I found two issues with the REST API, one with the API and one with the documentation . The two are separate issues API the /api/service/backups is not accessible over local host ip and port This will work local ipaddress = '' -- IP of HC2 local port = 80 local rs2 = Net.FHttp(ipaddress, port) local result_bkup = rs2:GET("/api/service/backups") but this won't return any data and throws an error local device = fibaro:getSelfId() local localhost = '' local localport = 11111 local rs1 = Net.FHttp(localhost, localport) local result_bkup = rs2:GET("/api/service/backups") yet this will work (different api call) local device = fibaro:getSelfId() local localhost = '' local localport = 11111 local rs1 = Net.FHttp(localhost, localport) local result_diag = rs1:GET("/api/diagnostics") local result_info = rs1:GET("/api/settings/info") Documentation http://<HC2IP>/docs shows the call correctly to be /api/service/backups The Fibaro developer site shows the call to be /api/settings/backups and doesn't work I assume it was deprecated at some stage and the documentation not updated Regards _f
  12. Hey Everyone, After working with Fibaro support for a couple of weeks on a checksum issue with my HC2, I have no been told I have to send it to Poland to be repaired. The only thing my fibaro doesnt do in my house is flush the toilet. ! My HC2 serial number is under 1000 so have been using for a long time. I currently have: Zwave Devices - 107 Nodes - 384 Virtual - 47 Camera - 8 Plugins - 6 Plugin Nodes - 56 185 Scenes !! Can anyone let me know if they have a solution for this? Am I expected to purchase a second unit? How well does handing over all functions to a second HC2 work?? Stressing feel like it could fall over anytime now... Please someone give me some hope... I have used the HC2 Toolkit... there has to be a way I can image the box ghost? StorageCraft? Thanks Rich
  13. Hola: A client asked Us for help when an error 503 appeared in his system. The firmware was 4.130. This issue came up 24 hrs before his deadline with his client ! We wanted to replace his HC2 so that we may continue to explore this issue but he insisted that he could re do all over the project, and then if the error came back he would send us the HC2. He tried to do recovery using the cloud backup but it didn´t help, here are some screen shots of the process when we help him. This was the 3rd time he tried recovery, he had tried with and without erasing the z wave network Whenever he asked for not erasing the Z wave network this is how the system looked afterwards . The system has over 50 z wave devices If he tried to recover the latest backup the error kept coming We believe that he did factory restore and the problem was Solved… Any light on the matter would be highly appreciated
  14. Hi, My latest backup seem to be taking much longer than usual It's now been running for just over 1 hour, normally its 10 mins I tried the usual things (browser cache, connection from phone, tablets, no zwave lights) The backup seems to be running too long IMHO I'm slow to interrupt it (and I don't how to safely ) but was wondering how ling shyould I leave it running.. thoughts ? -f
  15. Guest

    Upgrade takes forever

    During the last two updates the update process has been taking forever. The problematic step seems to be creating backup. I'm now going from 4.110 to 4.120 and the backup has been running for close to one hour. Same happened when I went to 4.110. Have anybody else experienced this?
  16. Right so the way i comprahend the Fibaro ID, it is being (in part) done to allow storage of backup into the cloud from which you could (theoretically) download it. That sounds very much like HCL solution so my inquiery is: will this work for HC2 aswell or will there be independent solution for them and (potenciall HC3)? Because HC2 has backups on (PAIRED WITH UNIT!!!) flash drive, it would make sense to either have separate method or both personal backup choice for the more expenssive option. From my participation and reading of various backup related threads i understand that there was never anny proper backup solution (how the hell did you people survive for this long on Fibaro units ill never know). I've learned: backup on own USB drive isimpossible, clonning of USB drive is not recommanded/potencially hazardous (i assume if Fib finds out about it but i can never be sure), Up untill we first caught glimpse of ID.Cloud.Fibaro . com there was not even decent enough rummor on sensible backup and one has to allways send their damaged HC unit to Poland no matter where you are from (well there is German company that dose something simillar, but A) payed service and B) its Neigbouring nation, i rather send it to makers than some company few hundreds of KM West of Fibaro). Right my questions are : I. Assuming that the ID cloud dose infact bring backup (wich could end up on same pile as HCL's batt pack, GSM module if something goes bad so untill its released i will assume its just a theory) into your account, will this service extend into HC2, II. will this service be free, III. will this service allow me to have 2 units (one on standby incase annything goes wrong) wherein the secondary unit will be able to have primary unit's data coppied into itselve in order to remove anny waiting time for mail (basically have secondary unit become clone in terms of Z-Wave network data, scenes, settings etc.). You know will this backup be actuall backup and not some sort of image? I am sortof hopefull towards the backup but i all hinges on quite a complex proposition not everyone is happy with, and some users will keep demmanding backup to whatever they choose to backup into so thats going to be nice. I am glad Fibaro seems to at least make moves towards creating some sort of backup as oposed to just ignore the whole thing for years, hopefully it will continue the trend of improving (at least slowly) its products. Oh and opinions are wellcome here, come tell me how wrong is Cloud and why woudl your prefered system of backup be better, i am curious to see what points there are for other popular solutions.
  17. After a failed firmware update, my HC2 won't start in normal mode, it's stuck on a start screen saying -starting services- .. for hours and days.. Recovery failed also, the connected VGA displays numeros read-errors from usb.. So.. I wonder... If I had a backup of that usb-key, the problem might have been solved..? But that usb-key is said to be delicate.. don't remove and make no changes. Would setting it into a windows pc and clone it, do any harm?? So I might need to buy a new HC2
  18. I am new to Fibaro and need some urgent advice. We have two power outages in the last few months since we purchased the Fibaro HC2. After the first time I learnt a valuable lesson re backups so I had to go through the whole process to reset and reinstall. When the second power outage occurred I was not too concerned as I knew I had an up to date backup. I followed the correct procedure to start the recovery process (clicking NO to the option to remove z-wave devices) but after doing this all the devices and rooms etc. are gone. I then thought that I had to reinstate the backup so I went to the backup section of the admin and selected the up to date backup. This process just kept going and going for an extremely long time (my setup only has about 12 devices). After about 30mins I refreshed the screen to only be presented with the 503 error screen. I have done this procedure about 6 times and still get the same result. Have emptied the cache from multiple browsers but still no luck. Can somebody tell me if I am going about this the correct way and if not tell me how. Or is the recovery process meant to reinstate from your last back-up. Cheers
  19. Restoration of backup! Following a system failure, where Fibaro asked me to return my HC2 I tried to use my old backup to restore to new. (I was lucky as I run my heating system on my HC2 to be able to immediately order a new one). It took me over 8 hours to get my system back to the point it was before the failure. Fibaro said the following: Each USB stick is mapped to the HC2 it is issued with and can not be used in another HC2 Only Fibaro can attempt a restore of a backup from one device to another and I would have to wait the weeks it would take to; send the old unit back, Fibaro to assess, Fibaro to repair or restore. This is not acceptable when people are now using these systems to manage their homes. My questions: Why can't Fibaro allow an option to backup to the "Local" PC Why can't Fibaro allow a local restore of key items: Core configuration; Users, Location, Timezone, Time format, Temperature Setting, Hotel mode, etc. Global Variables Sections and Rooms Panels (All devices would have to be nulled but at least the hours of tweaking to get the right room temperature, for instance, would be recovered) Scenes *** Now I understand that the way Z-Wave works each device has to be re-associated and therefore you could not import scenes directly back in. So how about a scene is restored with an Underscore at the beginning of its name and set to disabled. Allowing the user to re-associate the device and modify the DeviceID in the scene. My recommendation until Fibaro put this KEY functionality into their product. Get a copy of HC2 Toolkit by; Jean-Christophe Vermandé. (Please donate this is a great tool). From the menu settings you can save all your LUA code, Scenes, and a report on your current configuration. Fibaro, please respond!
  20. hi guys, yesterday I wanted to upgrad from 4.080 to 4.082. After the upgrade finished, I had only 5 devices left of my previous 43 devices. I tried to load the backup, that was automatically created. Same result 5 devices only. I then went back to 4.080 with recovery mode. Loaded the backup and again 5 devices only. If I go back further, where I had 31 devices only, everything is restored as expected. But ofcourse not all devices are there then. When the restore of the 43 devices Backup finishes, i can see breefly a message telling somithing like: finished removing dead devices ... Now my question, how can I get my devices back without having to: exclude them from the z-wave pull them out from wall-covers all over the house move them close to the main controller to include them again move them back to their places across the house correct all the IDs in my szenes find a solution to prevent this happening again I'm happy for any help/hints to get things up and running again. Thank you, kro
  21. Hi all I would like to create a backup after I restored a previous one following unstable behaviour of my HC2. Now I reinstalled some of my devices that were not part of my previous backup, I would like to create a new backup. When I click on the create button, I enter the description then click ok and nothing happen except that it seems the ZWAVE engine restart !!! Here attached a screenshot of my concern. What's happen again ? Thanks David
  22. Dear all My HC2 took the initiative to delete many devices without any confirmation from my part. I just restarted it !! So I wonder if I restore a recent backup or I retrieve all the deleted devices and include them again but that means I have to check all the related scenario. Does restoring a backup restore deleted device (deleted by HC2 without my confirmation) with the same IDs ? what about icons ? are they restored too ? Thanks a lot for your help David
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