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Found 11 results

  1. ISSUE 1 My Fibaro HC2 no longer has a Serial Number displayed in Recovery Mode, Configuration Tab and in the Fibaro Finder Home Center app. Obviously I know what it is, as its on the label underneath, but is there anyway I can re-enter it? - Step by Step if possible??? Perhaps that's why its not getting detected in the cloud for remote access too...? ISSUE 2 EVERY time I attempt to update the software from v4.180 to v4.530, I get the same 503 Error at the end and if I click Refresh, the error re-appears. If I choose Restart Services, it reboots the
  2. I just received a brand new HC2 yesterday. I plugged it in and downloaded the Fibaro Finder software. It found my HC2 right away and I opened a browser to connect. The HC2 starts loading the page and almost immediately shows me a "503 Server Unavailable" page. I have tried rebooting it several times. I've started in recovery mode and reset the box to factory settings 6 times without any luck. It's only showing me 503 server unavailable . I tried to find a few different URL's to see if I could get past the problem, and I can load various php scripts, .js and .css just fine. I was even able to a
  3. Hi guys, who pleazzz will help me. For one week i'm stuck in an old version after a recovery. Now i'm stuck in version 4.056 and i want to have the last version 4.510. In this version i only can go to version 4.180 or an earlier beta 4.162. No matter what i choose, after the HC reboot, the ledbulb for updating flickers and you only see the screen in the last pic.. so it hangs, if i try to recover an backup i get a 503 screen Anybody know's a solution?
  4. Good evening everybody, I am new to the Home Center 2. Before today I used a Raspi 3 with "Home Assistant" and I have quite a few z-wave devices, like the Fibaro Roller Shutter 2, Fibaro Motion Sensor and so on. Since the whole "Home Assistant" thing did not work out 100% with all z-wave devices (problems with Sensative Strips binary mode, Motion Sensor, z-wave USB stick crashes) and it is also pretty uncomfortable to configure, I decided to go the Fibaro Home Center 2 way. Since I am pretty impatient I ordered the Home Center 2 from Amazon prime-now same day and just got it de
  5. Hola: A client asked Us for help when an error 503 appeared in his system. The firmware was 4.130. This issue came up 24 hrs before his deadline with his client ! We wanted to replace his HC2 so that we may continue to explore this issue but he insisted that he could re do all over the project, and then if the error came back he would send us the HC2. He tried to do recovery using the cloud backup but it didn´t help, here are some screen shots of the process when we help him. This was the 3rd time he tried recovery, he had tried with and without erasing the z wave netw
  6. Like many others here, I'm frequently plagued by periodic crashes and 503 errors. In my case, I noticed that the memory usage would increase dramatically, to the point where scenes would no longer run, and the web interface wouldn't respond. Only a restart would fix it. I traced it to what I can only think is a memory leak, and I have a suspicion that it's related to the Heating/Cooling Panels. It might be fine for a while, and then for a week or so, I'll get the memory leak problem occur again. I can't be 100% sure, but I'm coming to conclusion that this happens after I've updated the He
  7. Gee

    HC 503

    What is HC 503? I tried to restore the factory and then, can go in, and then restore the backup data, into the time or 503. Press the Restart services request to fill in the account password, did not respond after filling out
  8. Hello, Out of almost nothing my HC2 started to crash and shows 503. This is happening everytime I make a Change and push save:-( this has never happened before, it has been running very stable with the latest firmware ver. 4.120 since it was available. I have to reboot to get it back online:(( any ideas?
  9. On brand new HC2 4.056 i have got "503 Server Unavailable" page on first boot. I tried many different solutions: - reboot by power button; - reboot by detach power plug; - restore to factory default state from the recovery mode; - change the browser (Firefox, Safari); and all combination of this one. I was found this topic and was very upset - looks like only need to replace the device. But I found that the API (http://HC2_IP/docs) is fully functional. For example, GET /settings/info and other methods. So the base system works fine. Thus, the chances of a solution to the pro
  10. So, this error is present since more version, and already in 4.091. It is the 503 error but only for interface display, not for the service. We are a lot of people having that : You are connected to your interface, for me in French, for example in module part, and you have the 503 error but only half a second and you are automatically reconnected but always in English and on first page of the interface. When you are working on a VD code button, it sucks... Any idea or possibility of correction ?
  11. I'm currently stuck in a never ending 503 after I deleted some virtual devices and the netatmo plugin. Any tips on how to possibly fix this? (if already mailed support but I'm afraid that will take a while).
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