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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, New to the forum and seeking advice respecting available touch pads for the RGBW controller. Background: We've been using 5 RGBW controllers in different applications in our house for the past 5 years and are very happy. They are rock solid! We use 3 controllers to control kitchen lighting with a web page that supports about 200 color scenes as well as the built in animations, one controls my front porch aluminum rail lighting and the other a back porch wooden rail lighting. I presently use Indigo as my HA system. I am adding 2 more soon to replace the old controllers for stairs and pathway lighting in the upper hall. When this happens I want to add wired touchpad dimmers to 2 of the RGBW controllers so we have manual control as well. I have looked at the toggle and momentary switch solutions but would prefer wired touchpads . I have searched for many hours and have only found wireless/z-wave types, except for this wired dimmer which is available in single channel as well as 4 channel 0 -10v output. Would this work with the RGBW controller and still allow me to control it with my automation controller? I'm not an electrician but it looks like it meets the electrical spec: Sunricher Touchpad type dimmer If this dimmer does work manually with the RGBW controller while continuing to allow me control via the z-wave controller in Indigo, which parameters should I change to allow this to work? If there is another preferred wired touch pad could you kindly provide the source or link where you purchased it? Many thanks for your advice!
  2. Hello, I've got a Samsung Smartthings WiFi hub and I'm trying to add an RGBW LED strip via the Fibaro RGBW Controller model FGRGBWM-441. I've tried using the default FIbaro RGBW Controller device type in Smartthings. Then, after reading some forum articles, I added the Device Handler created by richb1 on github (https://github.com/richb1/FIBARO-Official-SmartThings-Device-Handlers/blob/master/FIBARO- RGBW Controller). In both cases, the LED strip lights and flashes a few times (both the white channel as well as a greenish hue on the RGB LEDs. Then it shuts off and I get an error message: "A network or server error has a occurred. Try again later" on my SmartThings app (on a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 smartphone). The two devices are next to me less than one meter apart. I've excluded and then re-added the Fibaro controller a number of times, but for the life of me I cannot get this to work. I've tried two different ways of physically connecting the Fibaro controller to the LED strip - one as pictured on the instructions (with the four "In" pins being tied to Ground) and I've also tried it without the "In" pins being connected. Same result in both cases. I got a cheaper German-designed RGBW ZigBee controller to work out of the box the first time with this same LED RGBW strip - one would think getting a Fibaro to work with SmartThings would be simpler than this. I'm open to any suggestions the community might have! Thanks, Forrest
  3. Bug V4.152 beta In my bathroom I have 2 RGBW Controlllers from FIBARO with halogen spots. 3 inputs are connected by momentary switches, so that I am able to switch them ON/OFF + DIM. If I press a button from any of those switch inputs then the status has been represented in the web GUI and APP. This is not working anymore in V4.152 !! As I have several scenes running to see if the status of the lamp is ON (> 0) That at this moment those scenes aren't working properly. Could that be fixed in the next firmware version? Thanks
  4. Hello all, I have an Amazon Echo Dot and I've enabled the Fibaro Smart Home Skill and Fibaro Custom Skill. I have a Home Center 2 set up. I've installed my first Fibaro RGBW Controller today with existing RGBW LED Strip and I was looking forward to controlling it with Alexa from my Echo Dot.. The issue I have is that I can turn on/off and dim/brighten the LED strip (it starts by default on white color) but I can't seem to get the advanced commands to work. For example, when I say "Alexa, ask Fibaro to activate Rainbow on LED Strip" (I've named the RGBW Controller as "LED Strip" on both HC2 and Alexa app), Alexa will tell me one of the following: - LED Strip is turned on (LEd strip was already turned on) - Wasn't able to turn on LED Strip (my LED strip is actually turned on during that time) -> I have tried the above with the LED strip off as well, same outcome - Having trouble communicating with the Fibaro Custom Skill (this is usually after I try the commands several times consecutively without any luck) My RGBW Controller was added perfectly to the Z Wave network and Alexa discovered it easily but I can only turn on/off or adjust brightness through Alexa. I would like to do the following: - specify which color I want through Alexa - ask to activate a program (Rainbow, etc.) Can anyone help? Thank you.
  5. Today the RGBW Controller has two options as it was before was power cut (memorized) or off. I would like to have another option "device turns on with status set in parameter XX". This would give the possibility of cutting the power to the LED Driver and upon power-on set a default value. Today: 16. Memorize device status at power cut. Device will be set to status memorized before power cut. Default setting: 1 0 - device does not memorize its status at the power cut. Load is disconnected. 1 - device memorizes its status at the power cut. Load will be set to the status from before power cut (parameters, current outputs status, energy) Parameter size: 1[byte] Suggestion: Parameter 16 ... 2 - device turns on with status set in parameter XX Parameter XX If Parameter 16 is set to A. The RGBW controller will start with the values set here. Each byte refer to a given output channel. Ordered as Red, Green, Blue, White, where Red is the MSB. Calculate value as (Red x 16777216) + (Green x 65536) + (Blue x 256) + (White x 1) Parameter size: 4[byte] Please replace A and XX with available numbers. (I deliberately avoided setting numbers)
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