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Found 5 results

  1. Probably a long shot since I don't see it shown anywhere, but just wanted to a final confirm, can the FGBS-222 support the DS18B20 sensors in parasitic (two wire) power mode?
  2. I'm using A hometroller SEL 3.16.0 running HS3 I'm working with a Fibaro FGBS-222 v5.1 smart implant (Z-wave version). I initially tried including as a secure node. When I did I got an error message about it not installing correctly and that some features would not work. I suspect that this is because they include a DSK number that you are supposed to use during inclusion that I was never prompted to enter. So I included it as non secure without errors. It created a total of 23 devices most of which I don't understand what they are for. However, the analog input works and the relay outputs work. The only thing that seems to be missing is the device(s) for the DHT22 temperature / humidity sensor. In the log file I see entries like this: (2) Sensor Multilevel Report for type Air_Temperature received, but the corresponding device Node ID cannot be found.(2) Node/Instance=54/-1 I have already tried going to the root node, opening the Z-wave tab, and clicking on the Rescan button. This added some of the devices listed above but did not add any for temperature and humidity. (I think there may also be a built in temperature sensor in the smart implant) Is there any way to get the missing child devices?
  3. I had two Zipato RFID Readers. Both died nearly at the same time So there is no other RFID Reader with Z-Wave support available. Because of this I had to use a "normal" one and connect it to my HC2. One disadvantage is that I won't know which PIN code or which RFID has been used during last login! Here is my description how I did set it up. Maybe others will need this information too or somebody else has some improvements (mostly according the Fibaro Smart Plant). I am pretty sure that @petergebruers has some improvements for me I did search in the web for any solutions but could not find anything useful. Most persons did ask how to wire it properly and did not come up with a working solution or some others explained that it is working...but not how why have done it. So what is needed: I am using the new Fibaro Smart Plant FGBS-222, any RFID/PIN/Fingerprint Codepanel and a power supply. You can use a normal one (between 6V and 24V) or a special one for the codepanel if a bell, door lock, additional switch or something else should be used also. I did connect power to the codepanel (DC+) and to the Fibrao Sensor (P, red wire) and ground with Fibaro (GND, blue wire) and twice with the codepanel (GND and COM). Also I did connect the alarm wire of the codepanel with IN2 (green wire) of the Fibaro module and the NO wire of the codepanel with IN1 (yellow wire) of the Fibaro module. (Later on I will do some drawing). To make this working you will have to change the settings of the Fibaro module. For me it was working by using the scene activation. For this I did set up input 1 and 2 as mono stable (I think this is parameter 20 and 21), did put HC2 in associative group 2, disabled the two output connections (you don't have to do this I think), enabled "Key pressing and holding" for Input 1 and 2 (alias parameter 40 and 41) and that's it. Than you will have to write two scenes. Both should react on the scene child module of the Fibaro Smart Implant for the action "Key [1|2] HeldDown". Key 1 will get triggered if somebody authenticated successfully and key 2 will get triggered if the alarm (e.g. somebody tries to open the case) goes on. My use case will be to open the garage door or open the cellar door by entering the proper ID or using the right RFID chip.
  4. At last the Fibaro smart implant is realesed in Sweden, I had a need of controlling a battery powered LED candle so I integrated it in this using the implant powered by a 9v battery and used one of the two outputs to act as a replacement for the switch on the candle, It worked great!...for about 48 hours then the 9v battery was on 3,5v. The problem i think is that smart implant act as a repeater in the z-wave network and it is not open to deactivate the repeating function or am i wrong?
  5. Dear Fibaro Community. I`m trying to use the new Fibaro “Smart Implant” to close the NO-contact of my gate opener . For this case the Fibaro manual suggests this wiring diagramm: My gate has a NO (normall open) contact that needs to be closed (connected/bridged) to open the door. hence I configured Parameter 154 to “0” - contacts normally open / closed when active The time these contacts are closed is the time where the gate is open. E.g. (10 seconds for example) Therefore I changed parameter 156 to 10s To my understanding these settings should work as follows: a short “activation” on IN1 triggers both contacts of Output1 to be connected for 10s Now clicking the “ON” button on the Fibaro GUI (graphical user interface) has the desired effect: the contact between the first and second out1 contact is closed and the gate opens for 10s The Problem: It only works via GUI (graphical user interface) Connecting IN1 to GND doesn`t have any effect. The “switch” is not working What am I missing? In a second step i`d like to trigger IN1 with a battery. Therefore I configured it to binary sensor. ->nothing happens What am I missing? Where do I configure the activation voltage and so on? What are the values that IN1 accepts? In short: how can I put something into IN1 to trigger the outputs? regards, Maki Ps: i also get this weird notification that the device is waiting for syncronization :S HC2 v4.540
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