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Found 22 results

  1. Hello everyone, As many before on this forum I'm working on my heating system and want to convert my current single room heating plan into to a multi zone heating plan. I want to integrate my boiler into my heating plan but want to create some safety interlock that I won't fire up the boiler if all the thermostats are closed. I think this is a very important feature and often overlooked as the behavior of a thermostat is to close more and more when the thermostat is reaching it's set-point to prevent overshoot. So therefore I need to know what to position is of the valve, based on that condition i went for the TRV's of eurotronic as it stated in the manual that it is able to report it's current valve position. And it looked like everything would work correct with the fibaro template as I was able to set parameter 6 and enable the valve postion reporting. I think everything is configured correctly but i have a bit of strange behavior now in fibaro when I enable parameter 6. The setpoint value is getting overwritten with the valve position percentage: Setpoint displays: new setpoint in degree Celsius After few minutes same device is overwritten and setpoint value displays Open valve percentage (unit doesn't update and stays on degree Celsius): Enabled parameter 6. When i change setpoint and debug the info. I noticed the following behavior: Setpoint change -> Setpoint value displays setpoint -> after few minutes Setpoint value displays: valve position -> Setpoint value displays setpoint value again. Maybe I'm looking at the wrong values but here is the list of the available values: I wasn't able to locate the opening valve percentage value in this list to make a virtual device as work around.. Does someone have a solution for my problem? I would like to receive the actual setpoint and the open valve percentage on a different value/device.
  2. Hello, I'm using 90% Fibaro Devices but for some specific function, or too big pricing difference with Fibaro for similar purpose, I'm using other devices (Qubino, NeoCoolCam, ...). I have read several topics on forums, on tested all function around that in HC3 settings (use template, pull parameters, read parameters....), impossible to upload Template from my computer to HC3... Any suggestion??? Regards.
  3. Fibaro is not providing templates for many popular products, because they compete with its own products. It should provide a template builder so users can answer all the questions and create a template for the HC2 that fully supports all the features such as energy monitoring and reading the state/status of the device.
  4. I posted this in the last Beta and I am disappointed this was not addressed: It is becoming increasingly irritating that Fibaro has failed to provide a template for full support of the Aeotec Nano Switches and Dimmers.The Home Center 2 does not synchronise properly with the momentary switches so the lights can be off when it is still showing as on.The energy consumption continues to increase based on the previous reading that stays "stuck" on on.If I go to the Read Configuration option on the web interface, it will read the configuration of the device and reset all the readings.This is the only way I know how to get it to synchronise with the device apart from pressing the off button on the App or the web interface. But even then I need to do a read configuration to get the energy monitoring status correct.So, it seems to me this is a top selling product and it is a direct competitor to Fibaro equivalents so Fibaro is dragging its feet in providing proper universal support for z-wave. This is totally contrary to the way z-wave alliance partners should behave.
  5. Hi, Can you integrate a template for Neo Coolcam - Power plug z-wave plus. Many Thanks id-0258-0003-1087-03-51--.zip
  6. Any news about the implementation of the Eurotronic Spirit Z-Wave Plus Template. n Case you do not have it, I attached it again. id-0148-0003-0001-00-10-Eurotronics-.xml
  7. Many third-party units are not supported by Fibaro templates. In some cases, the manufacturer says that such templates are "in the pipeline", having been submitted to Fibaro but not implemented yet. My question is simple: If I have already added a device to the system without using a template, and a template later becomes available, will this be of any use to me? Or will that require removing the device, and the re-adding it using the template?
  8. How do you update from an older Parameter Template to the latest? I have some Dimmer 2s with v773 and others with v796. v773 doesn't have Parameter 38 - 'Brightness level correction for flickering loads' which is proving useful for some of my LEDs.
  9. Recently I sent a few templates from sensors to the support address and now I get a notification that the cases are automatically closed. For missing templates, this does not really make sense or does it mean Fibaro is not/never implementing these sensors as the case is closed? This reads to me as deleted/solved. any comments on this from Fibaro team?
  10. Zauważyłem, że usunięto urządzenie pomiaru temperatury z konfiguracji modułu Comet Z-wave - głowicy termostatycznej. Czy to tylko u mnie nie pojawia się "pomiar temperatury" ? Od chwili pojawienia się "Template" dla w/w modułu system przekonfigurował mi urządzenie i zlikwidował mi ikonę z pomiarem temperatury. Rekonfiguracja nie pomogła, nic nie zmieniła. Czy to jest działanie zamierzone czy tylko niedopatrzenie ? Możliwość pomiaru temperatury był dla mnie jednym z powodów zastosowania tej właśnie głowicy w pomieszczeniu łazienki. Odczyty temperatury były poprawne. PS System nie odczytuje również ustawień manualnych dla głowicy. W chwili ustawienia "kółkiem" na termostacie żądanej temperatury system nie reaguje. Wybudzenie urządzenia również nie powoduje zmian prawidłowego wyświetlania stanu termostatu.
  11. I have old and new zwave.me WallCS units. In the old version a parameter template (nr 370) is attached to the module containing the most used parameters. The new version lacks the template so you have to add all parameters by yourself. Not a big problem but the template is more convenient. how can I attach a template to a module? HC2 software 4.100
  12. Hello all, I just bought a few new Dimmer 2's. I found it strange that there is no device template loaded after adding them to homecenter, but I do see the parameters. Is there a way to make this possible? (see first screenshot) My other (older dimmers) have a template loaded, (see the second screenshot). Regards, Stefan.
  13. Hi All! I have 2 Double Switch 2 devices installed now and i see big differences, see below. Double Switch 2 Serial number: 33777 Parameters template: 781 Has four slave devices i.e.: 1 On/Off switch 2 Controller with 8 scene triggers 3 On/Off switch 4 On/Off switch Another Double Switch 2 Serial number: 33781 Parameters template: 781 Has also four slave devices i.e.: 1 On/Off switch 2 com.fibaro.heatDetector 3 On/Off switch 4 On/Off switch Apparently both devices use template 781, but they appear totaly different even some icons are different. Anybody some explanation?
  14. I am trying to make operational Comet Z wave Thermostat. It was connected (included) without problems, but it shows temperature "0°". The following message is shown in "advanced configuration" tab for this device: "Configuration The device does not have a template and may have limited functionality, please contact technical support in order to add the template for this device". Is any one has know-how to solve this issue?
  15. Hey! Anyone have experience with the Aeotec Smart Switch 6 and HC2? Does it work and does it have templates?
  16. Hi everyone I want to start a complaint about the Qubino flush relay's still not supported by Fibaro. Still templates are not available for these modules. I do not know why Fibaro still are not supporting these modules but to my opninion they should starting supporting these by now. Especially keeping in mind all other brands are supported much better. I did sent templates to Fibaro several times. A lot of customer have these units, probably because they support energy metering. So Fibaro, what's goinig on here? Please reply so we have as many as qustumers possible to put some pressure in Fibaro!
  17. i configured Danalock on HC2 but the notification panel inform that the device without template and it is not response could you please support
  18. Hi all, For about a year I had this (to the left) http://domitechproducts.com/products/ Working ok, ok to include, and shows up as a dimmer, all good. But fibaro are missing the tamplate, I downloaded a template for a year ago and sent to Fibaro support. But in the latest 4090, still no template? Anything I can do to get rid of the annoying notification in the event center? All the best to all of your Fibaros out there!
  19. Hi, Does anybody know if the SwiidInter Inline switch is officially supported by Fibaro and has its own template ? Device is here - http://www.vesternet.com/z-wave-swiidinter-cord-switch Thanks Frank
  20. Hi guys! I try to include the Danfoss Smartliving thermostat. It works so far but the symbol is not the right one and it is not possible to make any change in temperature or device options. Also on the thermostat LCD the antenna is still blinking signaling that there is no connection to the HC2. By pushing the middle button in the HC2 interface "device wake up" is showing. So there is some kind of a connection. There is also no device template. Are there several types of the Danfoss Smartliving thermostats? The HC2 has been upgraded to the 4.045 version before including the thermostats. I tried is with several devices. The problem is the same for all. The model I have is 01G0002. Hope to get some help here. Thanks Alex
  21. Hi All, did someone know how install downloaded template into hc2 gateway? In brief, after i've added the aeno labs siren gen5, hc2 show a warning alert regarding the siren, the message say that this device is not well configured because, doesn't have a template associated, and link me to download it from directly. After i've downloaded it, it is saved locally on my pc as zip file containing an xml file, maybe the template. But the last miles is miss. How it's possible to install it, in order to configure the Siren? Any helps is appreciated. ng--
  22. Hi, I want to use templates for my sensors; in the logging it is indicated the templates are available for download. And when I do download I have them available. But then? What should be my next step? How can I implement these? Leon
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