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  1. Guest

    Z-Range analyzer

    Version 1.3


    First of all, I would like to express my sincere appreciation to @10der @Alex @petergebruers @robmac @amilanov @Bodyart @drboss and others for their time and help to improve / debug the code. The scene “analyzes” mesh network configuration in the system and displays the location efficiency of the devices in table format. Table sorted by the rooms according to average location efficiency of the devices in the room (in ascending order - from lowest to highest efficiency). More like "Z-wave mapping" in your residence. In addition scene analyzes location efficiency of HC2 location.
  2. Hi all, is anyone of you using an HC3 (Version 5.030.45) and able to add a Fibaro Walli Dimmer? When I start the inclusion on my HC3/ Walli Dimmer I only get the following message in the log and one new Device (191) without any child devices...so I'm not able to control the dimmer. [13.04.2020] [15:08:36] [TRACE] [ZWAVE]: Home Center in learning mode [13.04.2020] [15:08:50] [TRACE] [ZWAVE]: Device added[13.04.2020] [15:08:50] [TRACE] [ZWAVE]: Requesting neighbours, please wait... [13.04.2020] [15:08:53] [TRACE] [ZWAVE]: Requesting neighbours done. [13.04.2020] [15:08:5
  3. Hello, Today I received my brand new HC3 to replace my Homey Pro that has terrible z-wave performance. I unpacked and installed according to the setup steps. Software updated to 5.021.38. I excluded a Qubino Flush Dimmer from Homey and tried to add the device to HC3. The console shows HC3 going into learning mode but adding the Qubino (3 x switching) failed. Factory reset the Qubino and tried again with auto-inclusion and then again "normal" inclusion. No joy. Unpacked a brand new Fibaro Dimmer 2 and tried to add the device. Again, HC3 goes into learning mode but de
  4. Guest

    Z-wave monitor

    Version 3.0


    This scene monitors and catches Z-wave commands traffic between controller and devices. The data displayed to user as a table which includes total commands and their properties per device, in addition same data displayed at graphical chart and shows system activities over the time. Since Z-wave protocol is not a fastest one (in many case it's just freeze) this code helps to analyze the data and to take necessary actions to reduce overall Z-wave traffic and system load. Scene functionality 1. This is not an auto started scene. You need to start it manually. While the scene is running
  5. Hi all, I see that some users have downloaded Z-wave monitor script and I think it could be a good idea to share our data and know-how to optimize our Z-wave performance. In my case I have manage to reduce Z-wave traffic from average of event per 1.7 sec. to 4.8 sec (24 hours monitoring, 78 physical devices, 382 IDs), but I don't know if this is a good number. It will be interesting if anyone could share an average of his system. That way we can compare and might be to achieve the right number and stable performance which may be could prevent Z-wave freeze in the future. I thin
  6. Cześć, Przymierzam się do zakupu systemu automatyki do mieszkania. Dokładniej to planuje kupić nowe mieszkanie i chciałbym od początku przygotować wszystko jak należy. Mam kilka pytań na które nie znalazłem bardziej lub mniej precyzyjnych odpowiedzi, dlatego założyłem ten temat. Myślę, że najpierw napisze co chce uzyskać, a ktoś z czytających może będzie chciał podzielić się swoim doświadczaniem. Tak jak napisałem, planuję wszystko od 0, obecnie nie posiadam urządzeń smart / automatyki domowej. Pierwsza i podstawowa kwestia, chce wyb
  7. Why is this two in to different blocks? I will have all info in one block.
  8. I'm seeing increasing popularity for DALI for Lighting solution. We have some solution for DALI with IP2Dali gateway called DALInet, but there are only Scenes and custom virtual device for control Groups of devices for DALI. Fibaro team, could you please make Z-Wave to DALI converter, that can be functional with DALI Lights?
  9. Picking a Z-Wave controller can be troublesome, they all do similar things, where as in distinct ways. So it's an exceptionally subjective choice - relying upon the client's needs. This guide is our endeavor to clarify what I comprehend from the exploration is there isn't yet a repository for plugins that are written for the Beta Python plugin framework, so I am posting this in the discussion on the off chance that it can be useful to a few clients... What is the functionality of an Controller? The controller also known as hub or gateway, that controls your Z-Wave sys
  10. Hello, Do you have any experiences with Z-Wave to KNX Gateway? Link. And sorry it is in Russian language.
  11. Hi all, i recently bought a FGT-001 Thermostat and added it to my openHAB system. From what i read in the description and the manual of the FGT-001, it should be able to measure the temperature of the room. I also see a channel that is named Sensor(temperature) but it is always 0 Is my thermostat broken? Or is this functionality just not implemented and the description is wrong? Regards, Nayenia
  12. Chcem zamontować syrenę na zewnątrz Z-WAVE jaka mogę integrować posze. Listę pod rynek USA
  13. Hi Everyone, browsing earlier on I noticed that Maplin UK have started selling z-wave products. There are only selling a handful but I was impressed with the price of them. I came on here earlier and did a search for the Foxx water sensor and couldn't find anything. so I thought with them being on offer for £9.99 I would go and get one and see if it works. When I got into the store for some reason they aren't on the shelves so I had to get a member of staff to go and dig one out of the back. It has just paired with my HC2 without a problem, it recognises
  14. Hello there, My colleague sent me this article: https://www.cepro.com/article/ring_protect_shatters_price_barriers_for_security_monitoring_video_storage Finally keypad, that looks great as security and it is in Z-Wave. No offence to guys with Zipato, BeNext and simmilar (i do not like Zipato keypad). I think i even buy this one, if it will be in EU version .
  15. https://smartapfel.de/fibaro-stellt-vier-neue-homekit-produkte-vor/ and translated with google: Fibaro introduces four new HomeKit products From Yannic - 1 September 2017 4 Share on Facebook Tweet on Twitter Fibaro is actually known for its Z-Wave products. At the end of last year , the Polish manufacturer for the first time trusted the HomeKit ma
  16. Hello guys, Is there any idea how to add other z-wave fire alarm device to HC2? I am having First Alert smoke/co alarm which I'd like to add to Fibaro HC2 but could not add it yet. Please help. Fyi, HC 2 Software Version:4.110 Thank you.
  17. Hello guys, Is there any idea how to add other z-wave fire alarm device to HC2? I am having First Alert smoke/co alarm which I tried to add but unsuccessful. Please help. Fyi, HC 2 Software Version:4.110 Thank you.
  18. I have found an interesting info on connecting Z-Wave + ZigBee + HomeKit Bridge : https://9to5mac.com/2017/01/06/focalcrest-announces-mixtile-hub-to-bridge-existing-zigbee-and-z-wave-smart-home-products-into-homekit-siri-control/ https://www.macrumors.com/2017/01/06/ces-2017-mixtile-homekit-hub/
  19. I purchased three TKB home power switches with power monitoring - none of them work with my HC2. When adding them I was told to send a zip containing the template to a specific email address, am I ever likely to receive a response? I know this isn't a problem with TKB as I have the standard power switches (without monitoring) and they work perfectly. It seems a bit redundant this... Can anyone help with just getting the thing working? My requirements are pretty simple - turn off and on and tell me how much power's being used. Can anyone help at all? Just for completeness I've attached
  20. Hi, I have installed three (3) Fibaro Dimmer 2 (FGD-212) switches in my home. Number 1 dimmer is in my front room Number 2 dimmer is in my hall (with immediate <1 Meter proximity to dimmer 1) Number 3 dimmer is in my master bedroom (top of stairs) ~15 Meters away from the hub controller I am using a Smartthings Hub 2 controller. All devices have been found/discovered and are paired to my Smartthings hub and visible on my Smart phone app. All devices operate (on/off/dim) as expected using the physical switches connected to the dimmers
  21. i configured Danalock on HC2 but the notification panel inform that the device without template and it is not response could you please support
  22. Allowing pre-programming of devices may involve quite a change to the Fibaro gateway workflow. Ideally I'd like to be able to manually select a device template to add without having the device exist on the z-wave network. It would just be a placeholder. Then when adding a device to the z-wave network, an option is presented to select an existing device or create a new device. Even better would be if it was possible to enter the serial number of the device when manually adding and then if a new device with matching serial is included on the gateway, it is automatically configured from the pre-
  23. I know the HC2 can include gen5 devices, since they themselves are downwards compatible. But can the HC2 itself act as Z-Wave Plus controller and thereby use all new functions introduced with Z-Wave Plus? Will that be possible with a firmware update for the Z-Wave RF module, that's integrated into the HC2?
  24. So we all know that Fibaro dose not quite work with everything z-wave, at least not to potenciall of those devices, we've all gotten something Z-wave only to realise that its not working with our dear plastic or metal box of wonders. And i begain to think *sky darkens and you can see muffled screams of horror from distance* how far one would have to go to be able to have proper as intended Z-wave interoperability with all devices past and present. just how manny slave/master HUBs would it take which ones they'd be? Maybe i am completly missinformed (Bad me!) about this and there is so
  25. what is wake up interval? and what is the best value of it? i have fibaro motion sensor and it is not response because it is waiting for wakeup and also i cant modify the wakeup interval
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