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Found 6 results

  1. I have been trying to create the following scene in LUA: When i double click the light switch (Fibaro Switch 2), i want to turn all the room lights on. I have set the switch's parameters 28 and 29 to enable 2x click. I have also set the parameter 20 to the correct switch type. This is my object IDs: This is my LUA scene code (I have used this code as a template, since i don't know much about lua https://forum.fibaro.com/topic/23423-switch-2-trigger-scene/😞 --[[ %% properties %% events 109.0 CentralSceneEvent %% globals --]] local pressSource = fibaro:getSourceTrigger()["event"]["data"] --fibaro:debug(json.encode(pressSource)) if (tostring(pressSource["keyAttribute"]) == "Pressed2") then fibaro:debug('Pressed 2 times') if fibaro:getGlobalValue("Home") ~= "1" then fibaro:setGlobal("Home", "1") fibaro:debug(" Global Home set to "..fibaro:getGlobalValue("Home")) fibaro:startScene(68) else fibaro:setGlobal("Home", "0") fibaro:debug(" Global Home set to "..fibaro:getGlobalValue("Home")) fibaro:startScene(69) end end So the idea would be: if key is pressed 2x, the variable "Home" gets 1 (and trigger sceneID 68 - turn all on) or 0 (and trigger sceneID 69 - turn all off) The issue is that i don't know which "CentralSceneEvent" ID to use, i tried 109.0.1 (remote controller) but it didn't work. How does these IDs work exactly for this type of event call? What should i point the id to? Another thing i would like to know: Here i use a single ID that would call to both S1 and S2 of one switch. Can i insert more CentralSceneEvent IDs into this code, so that more switches can trigger the same scene, or i should copy this scene and create a new one for each switch? EDIT: So i figured i was not using the correct ID's to trigger the scene. The 109.0 is actually 110, which made the scene work. Now i just have to figure if i can use more than one ID in the same scene, or if I have to duplicate the scene and switch the ID to the other switch that needs to trigger too. Does anyone know that?
  2. Hi I am completely new to Fibaro and currently considering wiring up my newly renovated house with 35 dimmers and switches for each and every light circuit. The dimmer 2 and switch 2 look really good on paper and seem to do exactly what i need for basic light automation. I even ordered one and tried one on a test circut and it worked well. But what I worry about is that it needs to be really reliable. I simply cannot have the situation where I need to trouble shoot the system every few weeks, or work out why some of them are no longer found by the controller - these are the kinds of things I have been reading about. I'm dreading the situation where a simple wall switch does not turn the light on anymore , and I have to waste time to troubleshoot. Although I am very technically minded, I don't want something so simple like a light give me a headache - if this is not mature yet, I don't want it. Especially the physical switches that are directly connnected to the Fibaro need to work rock solid and near 100% reliable. The physical switches must work even in case the controller is out of action for whatever reason. If the software control, the remote access or the scenes have some issues now and again that's ok for me. It would be great of some of you could comment on long term reliability with the dimmers and switches, is it mature enough to use it throughout the house, I mean on EVERY circuit? Thanks in advance for your valuable experiences Felix
  3. Hi, I can`t understand differance between this actors Single/Doubl Relay Switch and Single/Double Switch 2... Can you explain me ? Thanks !!!
  4. Hi All! I have 2 Double Switch 2 devices installed now and i see big differences, see below. Double Switch 2 Serial number: 33777 Parameters template: 781 Has four slave devices i.e.: 1 On/Off switch 2 Controller with 8 scene triggers 3 On/Off switch 4 On/Off switch Another Double Switch 2 Serial number: 33781 Parameters template: 781 Has also four slave devices i.e.: 1 On/Off switch 2 com.fibaro.heatDetector 3 On/Off switch 4 On/Off switch Apparently both devices use template 781, but they appear totaly different even some icons are different. Anybody some explanation?
  5. Pojawiły się nowe moduły Switch 2 (FGS-213, FGS-223), które w przeciwieństwie do poprzednich Relay Switch potrafią aktywować różne sceny. W jaki sposób definiuje się sceny, które mają być wyzwalane np. w skutek podwójnego kliknięcia? Czy podobnie jak w Dimmer, czyli poprzez sceneActivation? Jeżeli tak, to jakie są SCENE ID? np. w module Dimmer są one opisane w instrukcji m. in. tak: 26 : 1 x klik 24 : 2 x klik 25 : 3 x klik W instrukcji Switch 2 nie znalazłem czegoś podobnego.
  6. I have encountered very interesting behaviour in association between motion sensor (FGMS-001-ZW5 v3.2) and Fibaro switch 2 (FGS-2x3). I set multichannel association only in Group 2 in motion sensor. I also set parameter 12 to send ON only (value 1). In Switch 2 settings i set there Auto off only. 1st case scenario: Now, when i "breach" motion sensor for first time it turn Switch On as desired. I'm trying now to encrease time to have Switch 2 turned ON by "breaching" motion sensor. If i "breach" motion sensor second time, third time, ...., it turn off and turn on Switch 2. So relay will flash always, when i breach it. 2nd case scenario when i "breach" motion sensor for first time it turn Switch On as desired. I'm trying now to encrease time to have Switch 2 turned ON by "breaching" motion sensor. If i "breach" motion sensor second time, third time, ...., it turn Switch 2 to oposite state. So relay turn on or off, when i breach it. I laso made a video of that behaviours. https://www.dropbox.com/s/9qu634urtl09ry7/VID_20161213_093908[1].mp4?dl=0 Does anyone has same experience with this case? @T.Konopka Did Fibaro engeneers encountered this issue in a past?
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