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Found 12 results

  1. Hi, I have been working for a while to get an android device working as a text-to-speech engine and to generate speech from text that I can play in any speaker at home, and now I have finally got it working! Android has a pretty good tts engine and you can even configure custom voices that creates speech on languages not yet supported by android itself. Description The scenario is the following: HC2 or some other device wants a text translated to speech, it sends an http request including the text towards the android device, on the android device there is a http server star
  2. I want to use my HC2 as a replacement for my aging alarm system. Yes I know there are people who say don't build an alarm system with z-wave devices, but here's what I've come up with so far. I want to be able to use the Fibaro Alarm Panel to enable, disable the arming of my system, to report on breaches and set off the sirens I have. It should have been easy to find the appropriate API call to arm, disarm and get the status but seemingly nothing exists. I did a bit of digging and found that when the arm button is pressed there is a call to /api/devices/1/multiSetArmed with a
  3. Hi. How to add 4 cameras to Fibaro HCL 4.100? I know http links to show all 4 channels: HIKVISION DVR DS-7204HWI-SH - DVR videorecorder with 4 analog kamerashttp://<USER>:<PASS>@<DVR IP ADDRESS>:<PORT>/PSIA/Streaming/channels/101/picture - Cam 1http://<USER>:<PASS>@<DVR IP ADDRESS>:<PORT>/PSIA/Streaming/channels/201/picture - Cam 2http://<USER>:<PASS>@<DVR IP ADDRESS>:<PORT>/PSIA/Streaming/channels/301/picture - Cam 3http://<USER>:<PASS>@<DVR IP ADDRESS>:<PORT>/PSIA/Streaming
  4. Hi, Was searching to display the date and time parts and came across this %a abbreviated weekday name (e.g., Wed) %A full weekday name (e.g., Wednesday) %b abbreviated month name (e.g., Sep) %B full month name (e.g., September) %c date and time (e.g., 09/16/98 23:48:10) %d day of the month (16) [01-31] %H hour, using a 24-hour clock (23) [00-23] %I hour, using a 12-hour clock (11) [01-12] %M minute (48) [00-59] %m month (09) [01-12] %p either "am" or "pm" (pm) %S second (10) [00-61] %w weekday (3) [0-6 = Sunday-Saturday] %x date (e.g., 09/16/98) %X time (e.g., 23:48:10) %Y full year (1998)
  5. Telegram messenger became more popular and it is cool to use it for Home Center notification also. You can use FibaroBot to convert emails from HC to regular Telegram messages. This solution can be easy used both on HC2 and HCL and does not required scripting. Messages not limits only to text, but can be used for camera snapshots delivering. You can read more details about the bot HERE. Bot link in telegram is t.me/fibarobot P.S. Please share your feedback or ideas of using the bot.
  6. If you want to generate an audio message from a scene or virtual device and ear it on a Google Home or a Chromcast device, just do this: configure a server (e.g.: a Raspberry PI) with the following software: Google Home Notifier. add a global variable in Home Center create a simple Home Center scene activated by the variable And then simply put a text string into the variable and ear it play on the audio device. Expect between 3 to 6 seconds between the variable setting and the audio to play (depending on the various devices involved).
  7. Hi! sometimes I'm lazy I want to turn on/off some devices without FIBARO UI / Mobile or Lili (particularly during Friday Shabbat ) I want to share with you, may be, useless script... but... so. here is simple powershell script for Windows desktop shortcut. you can run it powershell -File fibaro.ps1 5 turnOn powershell -File fibaro.ps1 5 turnOff where 5 is device id, turnOn / turnOff - command for a switcher powershell -File fibaro.ps1 544 50 where 544 is device id, 50 (or any) - level for a dimmer also, you c
  8. Hi guys, I've made a little python program that will locate all chromecasts in your network and update a global variable on your fibaro host for each chromecast it finds. You need to create the variable before the script can update it in the format of cc_<chromecast_name> where spaces in the name gets replaced with underscores. https://gist.github.com/tcastberg/b4ceb4763c2b6c86f8b8d22658281de3 I use this to dim the light in our TV room while content is playing. Because it's using callback from the chromecast it will immediately trigger a change when yo
  9. Because i had the same problems after last 3 or 4 upgrades i write small simple external watchdog. Why? - After message about successful upgrade my HC display error 503 with button to restart services and wait. - After several hours of working my HC2 display screen without any switch, dimmer, scenes only static info and stop working Because the proxy Apache still work on HC2 in case of this two error my script use for check and restart php and api pages on HC2. Script work without problem on openwrt or dd-wrt routers, Windows 10 linux shell. qnap nas.
  10. Hi there Forum-peoples… Here’s my post on Window Automation using chain- and spindle actuators with an Roller shutter 2 module from Fibaro… Sure this is already done, but I think I found an way for easy hardware install and payable solution. An other reason is that i dint find a sollution within the Zwave products range that can open a roof dome up to 30cm or higher. First off all, something about me… I am an newbie in the Zwave (or so with Fibaro) world. I am learning by Trial on Error… The little things I know I learned in this forum and I follow @S
  11. Better than orginal fibaro door window sensor mount Who need to include/exclude sensor and do not make holes in windows is better method.
  12. regarding: working solution for qubino on/off thermostat in HC2 (including app integration) device: qubino on/off thermostat controller: HC2 version 4.1 issue: setting target temperature fails status: found workaround Hi all, This week I decided to replace my ugly physical wallmounted thermostats with an invisible (in wall) alternative. I decided to go for the Qubino on/off thermostat to control my electrical infloor heating based on some web-site that claimed it was compatible with the HC2. Unfortunately it does not work out of the box, but I
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