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Found 11 results

  1. SveinW

    Fibaro ID

    Hi I have 2 Fibaro HC2, one pleased at my home and one at my cottage. Can i use same fibaro ID for both HC2 and that way chose which I want to open?
  2. Hi guys, For the last several months I am thinking about the following - is there a possibility to automatically log on on the mobile app? After all, so close to 2019, practically all the modern phones have some kind of internal credentials store and a secure way to obtain credentials from it - being it fingerprint, stereo camera, pin, pattern... Since my mobile banking apps (all the three) support biometrics/pin logon, I just cannot believe it's not possible from technical and security point of view to make the home automation authenticate the same way. Obviously, for
  3. OK i see in the latest update you can now use an installer access panel to allow installer to do remote work. tried setting up as per the instruction on the installer access panel. added new fibaro ID, logged in, and input installer email into the installer pane, comes up in red under neath must be a fibaro ID email, which it is as i created one already. No instruction anywhere, i thought this was pretty self explanatory but seems not to be so easy. what is the correct way and steps to do this/. Many Thanks.
  4. Hello, I have users in my system and want give them external rights. But i don't want to give them my fibaro id and password for safety resons. Can i make for the user his own fibaro id witch is not connected to an fibaro controller and give then in the controller permission for this user to logon to my system? Greetings Marco
  5. Hello please could someone help me. I have just bought a home center lite and created a fibaro id. I have selected remote access in my LAN settings but when I try to add HC it says " HC already added by other user. Please contact tech support " I have email a couple of days ago but I have had no response ?
  6. Hi guys, I have the following issue when I try to obtain Fibaro ID: 1. After registering for Fibaro ID, I don't see my HCL in the list. When I try to register my HCL, the system says it has been already registered; 2. Maybe some time ago I had registered my HCL, but I neither find the e-mail and the password or delete my previous HCL registration. The system offers to use my old pass, but it is a stupid loop!!!!!!! 3. I sent an e-mail to the Fibaro support but have no reply. Please advice how to proceed? Best regards Nick
  7. Any more than me that lost admin/superuser connection to HCL? Sw version 4.120. Have an [User] account, no [Superuser]. Fibaro support do not answer my questions anymore, Morgan
  8. Lokalnie po Wi-Fi (i kablu PC) wszystko działa ok. (PC, Android - Tablet, Telefon). Po rejestracji i zalogowaniu na Fibaro ID wywala komunikat “Błędne Dane Centralki” (dane pobrane z zakładki konfiguracja). Jaka jest przyczyna? Dlaczego centralka jest niewidoczna?
  9. How can I use the new Fibaro-ID with my Android tablet Fibaro app ? App tries to connect only to home.fibaro.com ?!
  10. Now that we are forced to use the Fibaro ID, this unique ID needs to be configured in the Smart Phones from all the users as well ! So, all Smart Phone app users login into Fibaro HCx with the same unique Fibaro ID ! I spend time to configure several user accounts in my HCL and also for configuring Access Rights per user account. How can I use them now on the Smart Phones to have them logged in with the configured user rights? Please someone tell me that I'm wrong or that this is a bad joke soon to be fixed by Fibaro..... (Or is it now really the
  11. Hi Forum users, I just did the upgrade of my HC2 and also did create a Fibaro ID account (migrate the old one) But i have a guestion... Is it now possible to create a Fibaro ID account for each individual local user that what to use the system remotely... or is that still a "shared" ID for the remote portal? (and so all the new sevices in the future?) @Fibaro: you may comment also... thanx. Regards, Marcel
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