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  1. Hello, I have climate shcedule problems with hc3. Now I use HC3 (now 5.140, had the same issue before with previous firmwares too), Heatit z-temp2 thermostat, fibaro relay module. My problem: I can clearly see that the issue is caused by the virtual device Thermostat& Heating zone (plugin used for manual mode). We use the heating in schedule mode, at every temperature change has the same strange thing. For example: From 4-6 pm we ask for 18 celsius, than 6-7pm we ask for 21 celsius, from 7pm again 18celsius. Now at 6pm every time the schedule mode sets the 21 celsius but immidiately after the manual mode turns on (without manually use, we do not touch the thermostat nor the application or anything for climate change) and gives again the 21 pm but with the plugin's parameter it stays for 4hours. So instead of 7pm 18 celsius the system stays on 21 for 3 more hours... Btw... I have so much trouble with HC3. The lights, scenes, heating. It has so many problems... With HC2 everything works just fine and HC3 I have issues from the beginning. I use it since about 6 months and had no sollution for many problems. Hope someone can help me, cause I need to solve this heating problem asap. Thank you!
  2. Dear Fibaro users, I want to use Heating Panel for my Bathroom as well, where is an electrical heating installed. I have here Heiman temperature sensor. Now I use LUA scene for switch on or off the heating but I need to use in my heating panel wher are the other thermostats and room temperature adjusted. When I open a Heating panel the Heiman sensor dosn't show for selection. The Heiman sensor is selected for category "climate" but no available in the heating panel for select. There is any possibility to add Heiman sensor as well to the Heating Panel ? Thanks
  3. I am trying to get my head around the use of Heating Panels in HC2. I am still a little confused, and need your help. Below, based on some testing, are some statements that I believe to be factual, but they may not be. Please confirm or correct any of them. My main concern is the lack of a way to override zone control of individual thermostats, see three statements in italics. For your reference, I have 13 HeatIt Z-trm2 thermostats, divided into three zones. When referring to apps, I mean the iPhone versions. General There are three modes: Schedule, Holiday, and Manual: · Schedule mode sets a fixed cycle per zone, based on time of day and day of week · Holiday mode sets a fixed temperature per zone, no time limit · Manual mode is not really “manual”, but a time-limited override of the time schedule (or of holiday mode) for an entire zone There is no way to control an individual thermostat manually if it has been included in a zone on the heating panel, regardless of the current mode for the zone. To allow individual adjustments, the thermostat needs to be excluded from the zone. The heating panel may not be deactivated without removing all zones and thermostats. Using the web interface Choosing Panel – Heating panel – Manage, the interface allows all operations: set or change holiday mode, define manual mode including set point and duration, define calendar and temperatures for schedule mode. Also used to define zones, and to include/exclude thermostats from these zones. If an individual thermostat device is adjusted while it is included in a heating panel zone, the thermostat responds, but returns to its mode set-point after “some time”. Using the wall-mounted thermostat display Local adjustments of an individual thermostat are reset to the mode value (same as for individual adjustments using the web interface) Using the old app Mode may be changed to “manual”, to “holiday”, and to “schedule” (by choosing “turn off”). Holiday and manual mode temperature may be set or changed. The schedule times and temperatures may not be adjusted. Individual thermostat set-points may be adjusted, but are reset to the mode value. Using the new app Holiday mode temperature may be read, but not changed. Mode may seemingly be changed to “back to schedule” or “manual”, but the latter is not available starting from holiday mode. The schedule may not be adjusted. When modes have changed using other apps or the web interface, the new app does not immediately update its list of modes per zone. Individual thermostat set-points are visible, but may not be changed (regardless of the use of heating panel).
  4. Hi, I want to make two device in to one, to use in floor heating (temp->HC2->relay -> valve) I have Fibaro Motion Sensor and Fibaro 2x1.5 kw relay. 1. I linked it together in PANELS -> Linked Devices-> add sensor and add switch-> SAVE 2. I made a Heating Panel in PANELS -> Heating Panel-> add zone -> schedule heating programs at predetermined times -> SAVE 3. The device works fine ( when temp is higher the relay is OFF; and when temp is lower the relay is ON) BUT in the mobile apps ( android tablet, android phone, iPAD) Manual mode in heating panel is not active and shows only room temp. How I set temp to be diffrent from heating program? 4. How can I Turn OFF all heating schedule or change Heating to AC mode??? 5. In my case Floor heating systems is for "HEATING" and for "COOLING" and when I make a the same for Air Conditioning Pane for COOLING again is not active in mobile apps? Best regards
  5. Why aren't there any block scene for manual heating and vacation mode? Seems to me to be elementary to a home automation to have easy access to the temperature control.
  6. I have some problem with my heating panel and i do not find the usage of "none" temp explained anywhere. I guess its better explained with a screenshot. See below.. My problem is that i have a temp sensor in my garage that is paired with a wall plug connected to a space heater in my garage. This i try to control via a heating panel. 01:00-05:00 the temp is set to 6c all the other times it is set to "none" At 01:00 the wall plug is switched on and starts heating when it reaches 6c the wall plug is switched off.. All good so far. Before 05:00 the wall plug was switched on again. The time passed 05:00 and the wallplug is still switched on and never switched off again until i noticed this at 10:30 and turned the wallplug off. The temp was then 10c. So.. My question is, what is "none" referring to? I thought it was "do not heat" during these times? Can't i use the heating panel in this way? And yes, i know that the temp sensor is too close to the heating source as you can see in the temp chart.. I will fix that when i got it to work correctly
  7. I have just brought me an HCL, a double relay, and heating controllers with temperature sensors. I wanted to create a system when I am able to run each room on its own heating schedules. For this. I have got the TRVs which have the separate temperature sensors linked to each TRV. .So far I have got the boiler running all the time, with the TRVs running their own schedule via the heating panel. But I am finding that at times, the room is below the temperature desired and the TRV serpoint it still stuck that temperature. What I mean by this is, I want a room to be 23c, but the sensor reporting 21c, and the trv setpoint is till at 23c. Should the set point of the trv be pushed to max in order to get to the temperature required on the temperature sensor. I am also struggling on how I can get the combi boiler to fire when a room is below the desired temperature. Any ideas on how this would be implemented.
  8. Hi Apologies if this is in the wrong topic. I am hoping that someone may be able to point me in the right direction. Whst I'm not a novice, I'm certainly no expert with Fibaro having set my last house up. However in my new house I'm going to give the Heat Controller a try and I've failed at the first hurdle. Initially I have a heat controller to replace my TRV on the radiators and I want to use my old spare FGS 211 relay at the boiler. Can anyone help me with the wiring into the relay please. I'm going to be disconnecting my wireless receiver and replacing it with the relay. I'm unsure where the 2 cables that call for heat connect to on the relay. Thanks in advance.
  9. Hello. I have a Remotex ZXT-120 for controlling the AC/heat. Is it possible to make it aviable to the Haeating panel for a zone? Viritual device with LUA or something? All I need is the Heat and Off.
  10. Hello, is there a way to set different temperature for each room (radiator thermostat) within one zone in heating panel? I already have two zones, ground floor and upper floor, each of them containing few rooms. I wouldn't like to create more zones as it is not very comfortable to make changes or set manual mode for each zone in case I stay working from home or something. The idea is, that the zone would only define time and higher or lower temperature based on presence at home while temperature would be room-specific. Maybe there I could create more zones with different temperatures and place them to some sort of master zone that would control them? Many thanks for any idea. PS I've got the Fibaro HCL Martin
  11. I am new to LUA and have been automating my heating. I wanted to be able to create a scene that triggered the manual mode for some of the heating panels. I wanted to share the code with this forum - I am aware there is a similar thread but I found copying the code (and modifying) did not work. The LUA code below works for three rooms (just copy the section to a new section for another room), sets the Temperature to 21 for 3 hours from the current time --[[ %% properties %% events %% globals --]] local ManualTemp = 20 local ManualTime = (os.time()+3*60*60) -- 3 hours -- Repeat for each room that you want to set a manual temperature in. -- Office local IdPanel = 21 local panel = api.get("/panels/heating/" .. IdPanel) panel.properties.handTemperature = (ManualTemp) panel.properties.handTimestamp = (ManualTime) api.put("/panels/heating/" ..IdPanel, panel) -- Kitchen ID 18 local IdPanel = 18 local panel = api.get("/panels/heating/" .. IdPanel) panel.properties.handTemperature = (ManualTemp) panel.properties.handTimestamp = (ManualTime) api.put("/panels/heating/" ..IdPanel, panel)
  12. Good morning, I have a heating floor system at home and I have installed sensors of temperature in every room. I regulate the opening and closing of the heating circuits with electrovalves that are controlled with a RGBW Fibaro device: each of the four channels opens one of these electric valves that open the heating circuit. In the advanced configuration settings, I have categorized the "controlled device" for this RGBW device as "other device". When trying to link the room temperature sensor with this RGBW device that controls 4 heating circuits, I can´t do it because the do not appear as available on the dropdown menu of the "controlled switch" field, because I am using a RGBW device instead of a relay... Is there a way to solve this issue so I can make the RGBW lines available as switches to be linked to the temerature sensors. Thanks. Jaime.
  13. I am using the Heating Panel and it works well. I have also installed the Fibaro window sensors, also working well. Adjusts temperature in individual rooms perfect. I would like to combine the 2 so that the heating in the room is switched of if the window is open. Checke a lot can´t find a way to do tat, come in ti h´the heating panel programming and introduce new code. Any ideas? Unit Home Center 2. version 4.170
  14. Hello, I want to connect the thermostat (Heatit or MCO HOME MH7H) to FIBARO HC2, I want to control it using the heating panel. On the thermostat I set the manual mode to be controlled via FIBARO. Adding (MH7H or Heatit) to HC2 was ok, 4 objects were added. I put them in the room, created a heating zone for the room on the heating panels, I assigned the appropriate thermometer to the zone. Association Group 1 is set to the default setting. The control of the heating via the set FIBARO heating panel initially works OK. If the temperature varies with time in heating panel, the setting also changes to the thermostat. However, there is a problem - when I manually change the temperature on the thermostat during the heating schedule time, the thermostat will stop responding to the heating plan! This situation may occur when I come home from work sooner, the heating plan is set to 18 degrees and I want to turn on the heating for several hours. I have to always enter manual temperature via APP ??? I would like to be able to set the temperature manually on the thermostat too, sometimes it's easier than a smartphone. Well, I would expect that when the next heating period comes, the thermostat will adapt to the defined heating plan ... But it does not work.
  15. Hello, Maybe I am wrong or maybe I don't know how to use the Climate automation on Fibaro HC2 together with Fibaro TRV (Radiator Termostat Head + sensor) but I consider the heating algorithm very strange... Here is my problem and what is happening with my automation scheme. I am using the following: - Fibaro HC2 - 4.160 - Gas central heating - Fibaro TRV (radiator head thermostat with external temperature sensor) - Danfoss Link RS Z-Wave (Room thermostat and temperature sensor) - VD - Heating Override v1.3 - @Dave Harrison - Scene 1 - Multi-room Call for Heat - @Dave Harrison - local threshold = 0.3 - Scene 2 - Room Thermostat Override - @Dave Harrison - Scene 3 - Main scene for time based events control {v 1.2.5} - @Sankotronic - Three rooms: 1. Bedroom: Fibaro TRV + external temp sensor + Danfoss Link RS Z-Wave (set as main temperature sensor and main thermostat) 2. Kids room: Danfoss Link RS Z-Wave (set as main temperature sensor and main thermostat). I have NO radiator thermostat! 3. Living room: nothing I have set the heating panel to 23 degrees all day/night (24 hours) in all rooms. Because of this, Fibaro TRV is automatically set at 23 as permanent. If in Bedroom I have 23 C, the Fibaro TRV valve is OFF, Heating system OFF. Until now all normal. But, if in Bedroom I have 22.4, the valve is still OFF (!) or almost - gas central heating is started. I know this because the Bedroom's radiator (Fibarot TRV) is cold and the Kids room radiator (without valve) is hot.To make it warmer, I have to set the Fibaro TRV at 24 C. Only then, after I hear the noise from TRV's motor, the radiator become warmer. But... is not enough. Small flames meaning radiator valve opened too little Big flames meaning radiator valve wide opened. Think only about heating the Room 1: Bedroom. So, the first problem is that the valves are closing "progressive" in a wrong way explained below. It is wrong because if I have the heating panel set at 23 C and the temp sensor measure 22.4 C, the valve is opened too little in order to rise the room temperature to 23 C. Same if I want to make 24 C when temp sensor measure 23 C. The radiator is barely lukewarm and unable to rise the room temperature. In this time, the central gas is running (consuming gas and electricity). To become HOT I have to set the thermostat (or even the valve radiator) at 26 C (or more). I can hear again noise for opening valve and radiator become hot. As high I set the Thermostat temperature, as more the Fibaro TRV is opening. The correct way is to open the radiator valve (Fibaro TRV) as much it can and when the measured temperature (by temp sensor) will become closer to the set temperature (by thermostat), the valve will close (progressive to full close). In this way will be avoided to run the gas central without heating the radiator because of closed valve... Or as I've started... maybe I am wrong
  16. Hello Dear Fibaro, I beg you to start the day at 00:00 o'clock till 24:00 o'clock. It is terrible from yesterday to set up a time so I adapt the heating plan to my needs the next day. Thank you
  17. Hello everyone, I have recently installed beha heat convectors 2000W in my house. The convectors have by manufacturer a temperature selector witch i set to the maximum point on every convector. Each of these convectors are powered and controlled (ON/OFF) via Fibaro single switch. To separate the house into heating zones i am using the Fibaro motion sensor to act as a thermostat in every room/zone (and as an alarm) and link the Fibaro single switch of the convectors in every room. The zoning works when the room temperature is lower than what i set in the zone the heat convectors turn on and when it reaches that temperature the heat convectors are set off by Fibaro ( i am using HC2 btw) in the heating panel. I can set manual mode and holiday from my computer. The problem is when i try to set it manually or set holiday mode on my ipad or my adroid phone, it gives me a message saying "Cannot Enable Manual Mode" and "Cannot Enable Holiday Mode". Does anyone know how to solve this problem ? Thank you all in advance
  18. I want to suggest that there should be a possibility to combine several temperature sensor in a room as one sensor. That plus the possibility set a factor weight on a sensor. It could be very simple to build as a linked device. Select several sensor into a linked device, with a weight on it, like 1 , 2 or 3 as option, that means a sensor with weight 3 has more influence on the average temperature then weight 1. Make sure that this linked device is selectable as main room temperature sensor, also make sure that this device is selectable as sensor for the linked heating devices. This way a lot of visual problems can go away, and you can have one average temperature in a single room, what makes more common sense. Just a thought.
  19. Hello I am glad that I was understood. I hope this is only the problem is. Hello there are many professions that start working in the middle of the night. Gastronomy, doctors, police ...... I have to get up at 4:00 am and heat my bath at 02:00 - 03:30 o'clock. for this reason I need the second times. Therefore I use my second times from the day of the day. it is a dezaster. Have a suggestion. Could they make the time shiftable. For the will. In the settings one should be able to adjust from the individual day begins. Please submit this to the responsible one. or is better. This is just an example. Dear fibaro please change that for me this is a big disaster. When I bought the box that was all right with the madness that is no longer acceptable for me . Please answer three and let the possibility of each divorce my day begins. I hope that you understand my situation, thank you in advance.
  20. Dear colleagues, does anybody know how to create scene in LUA for switching a heating panel to the manual mode?
  21. I have my heating panel set up to control the timing of 4 zones. Each zone has a SRT321 themostat connected to Fibaro relays which switch electric heaters. The timing from the heating panel works perfectly. Also, if I need to deviate from that pattern I can successfully do that through the heating panel manual setup (e.g. change the setting to 180 for 3 hours. I can also physically change the thermostat to alter the set temperature for a chosen number of hours. All fine. However, if I change the temperature up on the HCL interface, although the message is successfully sent to the thermostats, the relay switches on for only a brief period (seconds) then reverts to off. This is becomes a real problem if I want to change the temperature 'at a distance', e.g. through the android app. What do you think is happening?
  22. I have been using HC2 since mid August. Mainly to control a number of Heatit Z-Wave Thermostats (electric floor-heating). Each room is assigned to different zones in the heating panel. In the heating panel I have designed time schedules for each zone with different set temperatures depending on time of the day. Lately (3 weeks ago) I have started to observe some very strange behavior. The temperature is set at 18 degrees from 22:00 (10pm) to 05:00 (5am). At 22:00 the temperature starts to fall (I track this using the consumption tab). The temperature continues to fall until 0:00 exactly (midnight) when it bounces back up to 23 degrees. It then maintains 23 degrees until next time the heating schedule shifts to a new set-temp (@11am) Anyone that have experienced this problem? Thoughts and ideas highly appreciated!
  23. Hi I have Heat-it thermostats controlling floor heating in all rooms. What is the best way to link these to an external temperature sensor (e.g. a fibaro fire alarm or motion sensor) – AND get it to work with the heating panel? (Some of mine Heat-it thermostats are mounted on the outside of the actual room. Leaving me we no other option than using the floor sensor integrated in the floor.) The easy way to do this would be to use the Linked Devices function (under panels), but this is only able to control on/off switches (not turning the heat-it thermostat on/off or a VD doing the same thing), right?… I guess the way to go, would be to use a scene with the external temp sensor as a trigger, the current set-temp value from the heating panel as a condition, to control a VD turning the Heat-it on/off (30/5degrees set-temp) My struggle is to get the current set-temp from the heating panel into that scene. Any ideas on how that could be done? Thanks..
  24. Hi Guys, I am looking for a way to compare the values of a room's temperature sensor to the desired temperature in the heating panel of that room. Because my house has many rooms, I have no thermotats just fibaro motion sensors in every room wich can tell me the temperature. Each radiatorvalve is controled by an relay. There are 2 pump groups for 4 zones. I created a heating panel but that can only control thermostats. I would like create something that, for a given time, compares the actual room temperature too the set room temperature in the heating panel. That way I can controle the valves and pump relays accordingly. Is there a way to find/call the values of a specific room in a heating panel from within a scene or virtual device? Many thanks
  25. Hello, I created a non-admin user with access to several devices in HCL(4.140) . When I'm logged and tried to modify some values in my heating panel i was not able to do it. Also tried to set the hotel room mode on but i have a http 500 error during setting it up. Would be great that a user can adjust the heating panel based on their needs without having an admin access. Anyone has a solution or faced the same issue? Thanks
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