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Found 18 results

  1. I'm using a ZRC-90EU and everything works fine but I don't like the way I need to assign a action to a button (function). As you can see in the picture, in the Advanced page of the device you can assign an action to each button but you have to start from scratch every time (I can not assign an existing scene to a button).... With a block scene it is possible as well but if you want to assign 1 function/scene to one button and you know that every button has 4 options (1x,released, held and 2x) than I have to create 32 scenes.... I am new and have a HC3 so I never had HC2, HC
  2. Hi Fibaro, Please add support for this device as a matter of urgency please. it's a 8 button scene controller/master that I suspect is likely to get very popular considering its form factor and price. http://www.zwaveproducts.com/learn/blog/scene-master-a-look-at-the-remotec-zrc-90 I included it with my HC2 but have no control over the scenes it activates I download the template from the HC2 after I added it and have attached it here id-5254-0001-8510-01-01-Remotec-.xml on the box is it also referred to as BW8510EU Thanks in advance -Frank
  3. Version 1.0.0


    ZXT-120 is an IR extender for air conditioners, but it can be learned up to 20 defferent ir code for multimedia. The process of learning of zxt-120 is written in its manual, but i want to show a way to use that codes in fibaro HC. For this purpose we have to change the virtual device IP Address with your HC ip, and write 80 in TCP port box: You can change the buttons according to your custom multimedia device (here we made a TV control): Now you have to change commands for corresponding buttons. For example for first button:
  4. W końcu udało mi się uruchomić sterowanie klimatyzatorem przy użyciu ZXT-120EU Remotec. Klimatyzator z poza listy dostępnych kodów ZXT-120EU. Pracuje na parametrach: 27 2d 00 czyli na kodach nauczonych. Mój klimatyzator to AKAI. Nauczyłem urządzenie 6-ciu kodów oryginalnego pilota od klimatyzatora. Jakie było moje zdziwienie jak się uruchomił i pracował a następnie mogłem go wyłączyć. Jacek
  5. Hello. I have a Remotex ZXT-120 for controlling the AC/heat. Is it possible to make it aviable to the Haeating panel for a zone? Viritual device with LUA or something? All I need is the Heat and Off.
  6. Hello fellow Automaters, I have a problem with a brand new ZXT-120 from Remotec that should control my LG AC unit. Before I found this device I had it set up with a dry contact from LG and a relay switch from Fibaro. It was only allowing me to turn the AC on or off to the state chosen by remote. It wasn't that bad but was also giving me many issues. Switching dry contact mode was disabling LG remote at all - so when time of the year was changing and I wanted to switch from heating to cooling it was very annoying to go through the process - especially that it wasnt ve
  7. Hi guys, I have the followin problem - when i updated the HC2 to the newest beta version (4.134) all my Remotec with firmware version of 1.0 and even those of 1.2 have stoped working. It seem that they are using the template as the ones i have with firmware 1.8, but i tried to remove and add them and got no luck with the codes i thought they were using for controling Daikin AC units in the apartment. The main problem is that there is no info on the web about the code list for versions 1.0. I've tried so many configuration of codes - nothing. I tried with and without soft reconfigur
  8. Hi ALL! While my HC2 is making a backup, i want to share following experience. I made a LUA scene to control my Remotec ZRC-90, see below. Then I deleted all "the magic associations" made earlier. The LUA scene is still empty without any scenes triggered. One of the buttons on Remotec was still triggering one scene. Then I rebooted HC2, but the button triggering was still there, so I had to exclude whole device (the forced way) and include it again. After the inclusion everything works properly. I can't understand the problem, how coul'd HC2 remember the triggering which
  9. Hi Folks, I contacted vesternet about buying a Remotec Scene master - ZRC90 I was told by Mark Onions that a FW update by Fibaro was required to get this working for the HC2 Hi Frank, So far this is not working in HC2. It will need a new firmware release by Fibaro to allow it to work. Hope this makes sense. Mark Onions Vesternet Does anybody know what update is required and when we might expect to see it. This device seems like it could be very useful Thanks Frank
  10. Hi Having just purchased me a Remotec ZXT-120 ZXT is connected to the 5 volt power supply. As I have read on this forum, there is a problem with the temperature measuring and updating the measurement. 1 if polling is off, everything works fine, just not the temperature gauge. 2 if polling is on, does the temperature gauge, but AC's setpunktmode change from "Heating" to "cooling" to "Dry air" while polling. The result ends up mode is "dry air". After the next polling is mature perhaps "cooling", but never "Heating. The result is that I can not use the temperature gauge and n
  11. ZXT-120 is an IR extender for air conditioners, but it can be learned up to 20 defferent ir code for multimedia. The process of learning of zxt-120 is written in its manual, but i want to show a way to use that codes in fibaro HC. For this purpose we have to make a virtual device, and fill its IP Address with your HC ip, and write 80 in TCP port box: Then make buttons according to your multimedia device: Now you have to write commands for corresponding buttons. For example for first button: We can learn up to 20 code according to
  12. I want to try to operate my AC using the AC Panel... Shouldn't be hard right? The problem is that I'm using the Remotec to control the AC. In linked devices, it wont let me select anything but switches. My thought was to make a VD to control the AC unit. But no VD comes up in linked devices.... How does anyone control the AC using the AC Panel? This seems like a joke.
  13. Hi everyone, I need help... so if anybody can give me a hand I will be very grateful. I have following hardware: Home Center Lite, Remotec ZXT-120 and Air condition unit. I am able to control AC through Fibaro app, everything is OK with that. I can remotely turn AC ON, OFF and select heating and temperature. Challenge: The AC unit accepts only 16 degrees as minimun heating value. The cabin is only used time to time and mostly it is unoccupied and temperature inside should be only 5 degrees. When arriving to cabin temperature should be increased t
  14. Hi, Just installed a remotec v1.2 on my HC2 running 4.100 NO TEMPLATE The release notes clearly show its supported Why does this []?
  15. Hi all is there a lua command to perform a "soft reconfiguration" on a zwave device. Specifically, my immediate need is to configure s remotec zxt-120 v1.6 aircon controller. It's just a little tedious to change the IR code set, then perform a soft reconfiguration to test it. I'd rather write a script and stop the script when the device in question receives a valid IR signal.
  16. Hi guys, is there a lua command to soft reconfigure a device. I'm trying to write a script to test the IR code sets of a remotec zxt-120 v1.6 aircon controller, but given a soft reconfigure is required after every code set change, it would be easier with a lua script
  17. Hi, i'm trying to create a block scene with my Remotec ZXT-120. I set some time schedules but i can't set temperature, mode and fan option into the device It's a bug? Regards
  18. Hi, i'm glad about the new compatibility between HC2 and Remotec ZXT-120 and now i'm trying to test it with Linked Devices, Heating and AC panels. In the Linked Devices - > Air Conditioning configuration I add my Remotec temperature sensor in Main Device option and i'd like to put my Remotec control in "1 Switch" device . It would be helpful to have at least the ability to add a virtual device with 2 buttons on / off that can control my Remotec through the panel but there's no way to add virtual devices. How can i solve it? Regards
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