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Found 14 results

  1. Version 1.0


    Since Samsung Plugin doesn't work I decided to write custom Samsung Air Conditioner VD. Requirements: Samsung AC Local PHP server (NAS, RPI, ...) Installation: Copy smarthome folder to your php server Edit/rename Bedroom.php, Living room.php files. For each device you need separate file. In each file: enter IP of your AC device enter token of your AC device To get token follow steps 3.1 - 3.5 from this site. Check if your PHP server is working: Of course ch
  2. W końcu udało mi się uruchomić sterowanie klimatyzatorem przy użyciu ZXT-120EU Remotec. Klimatyzator z poza listy dostępnych kodów ZXT-120EU. Pracuje na parametrach: 27 2d 00 czyli na kodach nauczonych. Mój klimatyzator to AKAI. Nauczyłem urządzenie 6-ciu kodów oryginalnego pilota od klimatyzatora. Jakie było moje zdziwienie jak się uruchomił i pracował a następnie mogłem go wyłączyć. Jacek
  3. I have a problem with IR Remotec ZXT-120 that when it operates with batteries it can't control the temperature of the AC, it only controls the AC mode. Any ideas how to make it control the temperature. Note: When it operates with the 5V DC power supply it can control the temperature. thanks!
  4. Hi, I have an ACTRONAIR at Home with Wireless Controller. I have done extensive research to understand how the AC is controlled. It turns out that the AC wireless controller get it's instruction from a Web Service in the cloud. I have intercepted the Web Service Call and this is what get passed on to the cloud: PUT https://actron.ninja.is/rest/v0/device/ACONNECTXXXXXXXXXXXX_0_2_5?user_access_token=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx HTTP/1.1 Accept: application/json Content-Type: application/json Referer: https://actronair.com.au/aconnect/ Accept-Language: en-AU,e
  5. hey, Does fibaro have a plugin of the cool master. at www.coolautomation.com they have mentioned that it works with fibaro. Basically i want a two communication with the AC. Using an IR blaster for now, it just allows me to give commands, but i cant figure out unless i am at the site if the command worked. Its an VRV AC of Diakin. Cool master works with other wired automation (KNX) platforms. Can any one please provide me with a solution?? or a driver for the cool master?? thanks
  6. I have some mini split systems installed and I am wondering if it will be posible to connect them to fibaro. They have a remote control, no wall thermostat.
  7. Hello fellow Automaters, I have a problem with a brand new ZXT-120 from Remotec that should control my LG AC unit. Before I found this device I had it set up with a dry contact from LG and a relay switch from Fibaro. It was only allowing me to turn the AC on or off to the state chosen by remote. It wasn't that bad but was also giving me many issues. Switching dry contact mode was disabling LG remote at all - so when time of the year was changing and I wanted to switch from heating to cooling it was very annoying to go through the process - especially that it wasnt ve
  8. I want to try to operate my AC using the AC Panel... Shouldn't be hard right? The problem is that I'm using the Remotec to control the AC. In linked devices, it wont let me select anything but switches. My thought was to make a VD to control the AC unit. But no VD comes up in linked devices.... How does anyone control the AC using the AC Panel? This seems like a joke.
  9. Hi everyone, I need help... so if anybody can give me a hand I will be very grateful. I have following hardware: Home Center Lite, Remotec ZXT-120 and Air condition unit. I am able to control AC through Fibaro app, everything is OK with that. I can remotely turn AC ON, OFF and select heating and temperature. Challenge: The AC unit accepts only 16 degrees as minimun heating value. The cabin is only used time to time and mostly it is unoccupied and temperature inside should be only 5 degrees. When arriving to cabin temperature should be increased t
  10. Now that the weather is getting warm in this part of the world, I am trying to get the "AC Panel" configured, but I cannot get it to work. During winter, I configured the "Heating Panel" and it worked perfectly. So I followed the same steps to configure the "AC Panel": Create a Zone Add the room where the thermostat and temp sensor is Edit the schedule Save ...but the panel never changes the temperature in the thermostat at the expected times of the day, so it never triggers the air conditioning to turn ON. I also tried forcing the air conditioning to turn on by using the Holiday mode an
  11. Hello, I have a combined heating cooling system. I would like to use the heating and AC panels in HC2. The problem is that the same valves are used for both heating as cooling. When the outside temperature is below 22 degrees the system is in heating mode. So when a room temperature is below setpoint the valve is opened and hot water heats the room. When it is above the 22 degrees the system switches mode and cold water will flow through the valve to cool the room. My question is how will the two panels influence each other? Is it possible to completely disable all functionality of the
  12. Hi, I am struggling to understand how the heating panel works together / or not with the AC panel. The setup is like this: In the same room there are: 2 Danfoss radiator valves LC13, 1 Room Thermostat Danfoss RS, AC controlled by a Remotec ZXT-120. During the winter I have "moved" the 4 Remotec icons to a dummy room as AC was starting on heating whenever the heating panel demanded to turn up the heat and I wanted to heat the room only using the radiators. Now it is getting warm outside and I will soon need to cool down the room. So what I did is I moved back the Remotec con
  13. Hi, i'm trying to create a block scene with my Remotec ZXT-120. I set some time schedules but i can't set temperature, mode and fan option into the device It's a bug? Regards
  14. I have a Panasonic Etherea AC unit funtioning with the Inthesishome box and this works perfectly with the Intesis native app over internet. Recently IntesisHome has launched their API (http://developer.intesishome.com) and that is great news for integrating this into the HC2. Is there someone who can help with: 1) explaning how an API from an external device can be reached best by the HC2: through lua scripting or php? 2) scripting php and/or lua code to setValue in the Intesis api? 3) setting up a plugin for this api (as the Intesis home box allows for controlling multiple brands of AC unit
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