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Found 7 results

  1. First- I couldnt find Fibaro in Alexa skills (In India). Neither i could find Google also. Is there any regional restrictions? I configured ha-bridge and it was configured and the webpage is opened : https://github.com/bwssytems/ha-bridge However i couldnt find any devices - neither z-wave or wifi equipments were not visible. Both Z-wave and Wifi network (+Alexa) is working . How can i trouble shoot. Is it because data/group.db is empty . Sorry for being dumb.
  2. Hi with the current alexa options most of us have been stuck with Turn on and Turn off This doesn't make sense for gates and garage doors and has other limits as well such as being able to say "Alexa I'm home" or "Alexa, Start my day" If you have the latest version of the ios or android app you'll see routines in the menu options IT IS NOT AN OPTION IN THE WEB SITE /BROWSER VERSION These are three of the routines I added Create A new routine gives the folowing The first part is what you say and the second option is what this voice command does There appears be be no limitation to what you can add to the first part In the Add Action , click Smart Home to see a list of your devices Select the device Choose 100% brightness (but maybe 1% will also work) (brightness appears for me as I use the HA Bridge and my devices are an Hue bridge Emulation Click Next and you're done I also added another action to get alexa to say something back besides the usual 'okay' and that's it !! It may take 30 second functional but it works a dream f(for me anyway) _af
  3. Hi, Hopefully this will be replaced in a few months with direct control of Sonos from Alexa through a native skill supplied by Sonos themselves In the meantime if you are using the http-api and have the HA bridge running then this may provide a stop gap for you if you require one This compilation builds on work from a number of people including @morpheus75, @lennypenny, @matt1981 and others. This solution has two parts and both will be needed for each zone you have. 1 - A simple sonos VD to provide limited control over a player. (volume, mute, play, pause, favorites and playlist access) There is no main loop code (as we are not displaying status) and should be light enough on your system 2 - The commands for the VD that will need to be entered into the bridge There are three files included below The sonos VD ( required for step 1 below) A summary of the commands that with a simple find/replace will work for you (required for step 2 below) A outline of how to structure the entries in the HA bridge and what the alexa verbal commands are for each function (required for step 3) Lets get started.... Step 1 Import the VD and add a name (should match the name of player in sonos) IP address (of sonos-api) and Port (normally 5005) You will need to customise the VD for your favorites and playlists. Modify and confirm all is working, Make note of the VD id number Screenshot of VD and a suggested icon Step 2 Open Commands file attached in your preferred editor Replace the text user with your email (something like auto.frank%40gmail.com) Replace the text password with your password, (something like JackBox$) Replace the text hc2ipaddress with the ip of your HC2 (something like Replace the text VDid with the id of your VD created above (something like 245) You will also need to modify the HA bridge entry names (#8 to # 13) to match the favorite and playlist changes you made in step 1 This will then give you the command strings that you will need for your system that need to be entered into your HA bridge Step 3 Enter the commands into the HA bridge. @morpheus75 has an excellent video on how to add entries to the HA Bridge I have added a link to the youtube video below - skip to timeslot 27:00 for the part that outlines how to add an entry to the bridge. Files Step 1 Virtual device : Roomname.vfib Step 2 document: HA bridge commands.txt Step 3 document: HA bridge entry instructions.txt Adding HA Entries: Youtube link.txt Hope this will be of use to forum users _f
  4. Hi, I would appreciate help to find the correct string to trigger HUE emulated devices on HA Bridge. The purpose for now, is to control Harmony Activities in block scenes on Home Center Light. The device to turn on/off, on HA Bridge ( with ID 24: A functioning http request using the Postman app in Chrome: The string I have tried to use in the Virtual Device is not working. This is from the VD found on this forum for Phillips HUE. PUT /api/test/lights/24/state HTTP/1.10x0D0x0AContent-Length: 120x0D0x0AContent-Type: application/json0x0D0x0A0x0D0x0A{"on":true} VD screenhots:
  5. I have both the ha bridge and a real HUE bridge running separately on my network. I have read that its possible to proxy the real HUE bridge through the Emulated HUE and control the HUE through the ha bridge. i just dont know how this is done, nor found any clear directions one how i do this. Thanks in advance! Matt
  6. Hi, I just wanted to let the forum know that I have submitted two requests to BW Systems for the HA bridge 1) Extra verbal commands - There was reference to activate/deactivate and run/stop in the Git documentation so I asked for clarity on that. I also ask for Open/Close for http requests 2) Speaker control of the echo device itself - volume up/down and mute I'll let you know what the response is _f
  7. I would like to create a scenne called "sleep time" which is invoked by amazon's Alexa by saying "Alexa turn on sleep time". The purpose is to turn bedroom lights off and switch off my Kld-40hx750 Sony Tv by sending the http post protocol (text/xml) to the TV like in attached Foto (the one is working example where I switch my tv to netflix by saying "Alexa, turn on Netflix" (to turn tv off the code is the same with the only difference in the string "AAAA..."). The Problem I have is that I can not send to Fibaro the Get Method (text/html) to turn the lights off (second Foto) and in the same time http post (text/xml) using HA Bridge (perhaps I'm wrong?). Therfore I was thinking to run the scene in Fibaro to turn the lights off simple calling function "fibaro:call(ID, "turnOff")" but the Problem remain with sending the http post protocol to the TV. I have read this can be done by making VD and sending http Protocol over it. Any help would be appreciated.
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