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Found 7 results

  1. I am trying to start a boiler and a heater from an URL that has a lot of prices and timestamps. I am using Home Center 2. I have no idea where to start from, I understand I need VD (Virtual Devices) and Scenes, but anything I have tried hasn't worked sadly. How can I start a boiler and a heater during the lowest prices with JSON timestamp values from an URL? If required, I can post the URL here. Can anyone help me?
  2. My problem: I want to change the "modified" of a global variable to trigger scenes as well, because if you assign global variable the same value it had before, Fibaro does not change the modified entry. Here is my global variable used to document if I this person is at home or somewhere else. { "name": "Christian", "value": "Office", "readOnly": false, "isEnum": true, "enumValues": [ "Office", "Sport", "Home", "ontheway" ], "created": 1644958957, "modified": 1645209384 } We all know the geofencing works only properly if app is active on the smartphone. So it might happen variable still reports "Home" although the Person is not at home. Now the person get's home and geofence switch the Variable to "Home" again. This will not trigger the "modified" because it's still the same value. This means. the globals Person I am using in scenes as trigger does not trigger, beause vaue remains the same. So my intention was to change the "modified". I receive a result 200 (means works), but the "modified" does not change, although I am able to change the "value" for debugging test. Here is the LUA, and my question is, why does it work for Persondata.value (value change) and does not work for Persondata.modified (value remains the original one) local value, modified = fibaro:getGlobal("Christian") print(os.date("%c", modified)) local Person = "Christian" local Persondata = api.get('/globalVariables/'..Person) Persondata.value = "Golf" print(os.date("%c", Persondata.modified)) Persondata.modified = tonumber(os.time() - 1) print(os.date("%c", Persondata.modified)) PersonJSON = json.encode(Persondata) local http = net.HTTPClient() http:request(""..Person, { options = { method = 'PUT', headers = {}, data = PersonJSON, timeout = 10000 }, success = function(response) local result = response.data; if response.status == 200 or response.status == 201 then fibaro:debug(response.status) -- Display('lightgreen', Text, 999) else fibaro:debug(response.status) -- Display('red','Error: ' ..response.status.. ' - Zugriff verweigert',0) end end, error = function(err) fibaro:debug(err) --Display('red','[ERROR] ' .. err, 0) end }) fibaro:sleep(6000) value, modified = fibaro:getGlobal("Christian") print(os.date("%c", modified)) print(value) and the debug is:
  3. Best all, Im trying to change the color of my phillips hue ledstrip but i cant figure out how to do this via the rest api. The phillips leds are connected to the phillips bridge and i have the phillips hue plugin installed on my HC. does anyone know how i can do this?
  4. hi, I'm having problems with creating rest api request url's. I just can't figure out how to request a specific value. I want to request the rgb color value or the current color from my rgbw2 controller but all via rest api. I need to request the current rgb values in python and then process it. How do i construct the url to only get the rgb values back. ~Jort
  5. HI out there and Merry Christmas, would someone please tell me what's wrong with that line: The story behind: My beloved daughter brought a awesome twolegged creature (maybe extraterrestrian) to my house. He installed funny lightpanels he called "nanoleaf shapes". After inspecting my router (AVM 7490) I found a device called Shapes C0EB (among new others like soundbar. smart tv....) Calling his webinterface for this device gives me: Nanoleaf Firmware update Current Firmware Version5.0.1 Serial Number S20310Hxxxxxx Hardware Version1.1-0 Bootloader Version2.1.21 Google says there is a REST Api for this device, and you have to create a new AccessToken to get access to the device. By the way, E.T. has left the building for some days. ? Should start sequence by pushing on-button for 5 seconds (LEDs will blinking in pattern) type to my browser- "http://192.168.y.x:16021/api/v1/new" within 30 sec. But this would not talk to me i.e. like HC2 api does. Thank god there is @Sankotronic and his VD. Excellent job (but that's not really new to forum User) Thank YOU!!! Inspecting the Global tabel "CanvasMain" gives me the token. Using this token with other statements works fine. So I look to VD code and thinks he didn't do something different like me. So could someone help me out and explain why? Thanks Gerhard P:S, does someone uses "Postman" i didn't get the sense, and this doesn't report the token either.
  6. Hi, I have mastervolt PV panels that have a cloud monitor with a public api The only issue is that the api is MQTT Does anybody know if a MQTT to RESTAPI exists that may run on a pi or other similar platform Thanks -f
  7. Hi all, I am looking to build out my understanding of the HC2 Rest API. Specifically its capacity to execute a lot of calls (as opposed to what functions are available) and what else leverages the API and battles for capacity. I have two reasons for posting the topic - (a) I may be having an issue and am trying to debug and (b) increasing my systems knowledge. My understand is that the API is used the following... If an http request is made to the HC2 from an external system If a http request is made from a browser to the HC2 .. but is it used for ... The android app I run on my tablets/phones ( yes ? ) The iOS app running on some ipads/phones ( yes ? ) If the HC2 scene makes a http request to an external system ( assume no ? ) Does the HC2 FW itself leverage the API in anyway ( assume not ?) If a scene executes a http request to localhost / (assume yes ?) .. what else uses it ? now if I send a lot of API calls.. What would people expect to be a resonable number before thresholds are hit (100 per second, 400 per second, 1000 per second ?) ----- assuming the are basic calls, (ie return a sensor state, true-false, return, global variable value,etc What starts to happen to system resources ? ---- Do I start to run out of memory ----- Do I see my CPU utilisation start to peak close to 100% ------ or does the system stay stable and the eveything start to slow down ? Thanks Frank
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