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Found 7 results

  1. Hi all, Recently I got me a VeraSecure to replace our X10 security system and planning to replace our smart devices by Fibaro Z-wave Plus devices. I got a Fibaro KeyFob FGKF-601 to arm and disarm the system. I added it to the VeraSecure controller running the latest firmware 1.7.4971 (7.31) by selecting the Fibaro KeyFob FGKF-601 from the picklist of supported devices in the Vera Web UI. Pairing was confirmed by the green LED of the keyfob and the device showed up in the Vera Web UI with a message 'Waiting for wakeup to configure device...'. Since nothing happened after a while I woke up the keyfob using the o and + buttons, confirmed by the keyfob LED pulsing white twice. In the Web UI still nothing happened though. I searched the Internet to fix this problem, but unfortunately I was not able to find a straightforward answer. I tried some resolutions like unpair and repair, I also tried 'Configure node right now' from the Web UI to no avail. At some moment the Vera Web UI showed the battery drained to 39 percent, so there must have been some communication. When I tried to reset the keyfob, neither the menu reset nor the emergency reset worked. Pressing any button resulted in the LED blinking red. After the supplier contacted Fibaro the keyfob turned out to be defective and it was replaced. Yesterday I added the new keyfob to the VeraSecure controller and the Vera Web UI again showed the same message 'Waiting for wakeup to configure device...'. I was afraid to drain the battery again or even damage the keyfob, so I patiently waited overnight, having the keyfob on top of the VeraSecure controller, hoping automatic wake up should make a difference. Today in the web UI the device still shows 'Waiting for wakeup to configure device...'. On the dashboard it shows the message 'Device NOT reponding - Device status'. My other Fibaro devices like FGDW-002 and FGSD-002 work fine with the VeraSecure controller. I really have no clue what to do since I am new to both Vera and Z-wave. I hope someone can help me. Thank you in advance, Louis
  2. Hi, I've added my zwave door lock for the millionth time and synchronised it again, but I can't actually get the lock to open when a code is entered whilst it is synched and on the zwave network. If i remove it from the network then the codes work fine. I have about 2 weeks to work out how best to allow access to a number of people throughout the day as my mother inlaw who is very elderly has come to live with us, and requires a lot of external services and support. I've also got some issues with cameras that I would like to sort out as they don't show up all the time in the user interface when they should. So, as I'm doing this 'for real' now, I'm thinking of getting a secondary controller to control doors and cameras better. I believe Vera is a good option for doorlock, access and camera control ? can anyone confirm this please. I need to get something happening sooner rather than later, and since door locks are still limited and unreliable since many betas ago, my hand is being forced. Lighting is a dream currently, and with the fibaro button and sensors within the alarm system it's fantastic, but locks are very important to me now. Cheers, al.
  3. Hi! I am a newbie and sorry for asking questions that may be answered elsewhere. I want to control the temperature level of an old boiler by changing the Resistance of an input to it. Ideally, I could use a Fibaro dimmer(?) to do this by controling a pontentiometer (not sure if this will work). Two questions: - how can I change the scale from "%" to "degrees Celsius" as viewed in my Vera Plus controller. Reprogramming of Fibaro or Vera? Luup programming? - what is the output of the dimmer? Less Tension or Current(?) in Rx dimming mode? Any ideas? Any other component that you would suggest. Can the Fibaro Relay be made into a dimmer? Thanks, Bengt ADMIN NOTE: No need to apologize for asking a question. The Forum is for asking questions As there is no solution offered by you I moved the topic to a correct forum. Please, read descriptions of forums before posting.
  4. Hey guys, Vera are claiming that they will be integrating with Samsungs smart appliances... What are you doing Fibaro? It would be great to have some native integration for once! http://www.samsung.com/us/home-appliances/ vera.tiff
  5. Hi, I'm new here and just started to set up my home automation. Yesterday I installed my first z-wave device, a Fibaro Dimmer 2, but immediately hit 2 problems I've tried the usual Google search, forum search etc but have not yet found a solution. Hope that someone here could help me . Problem 1: I'm using the dimmer with a toggle switch. Tried changing parameter 20 to value 1 but this does not seem to work. To turn the light on and off iI must flick the switch two times1! Any advice? My controler is the Vera Edge. Firmware 1.7.2139 Problem 2: When I turn the light off with the toggle switch the light dims to 1% instead of turning off completely. I've got a temporary workaround for this, I've set a scene 'When power usage <6 watts then turn light off' ! When turning the light off from the App or Dashboard then it does turn completely off. Any help would be much appreciated. I've also got a wiring question for the Fibaro rely but will stick that in another topic.
  6. Hi Is there anyway i can update a global variable in HC2 with a HTTP call from vera lite?
  7. Hi there, I've been using Home Automation for a few years now; and I'm really looking for some advice. I've gone through X10 and HomeSeer (hard work to set up / maintain, UI stuck in the 80s) and currently own a Vera 3 with Z-Wave, Hue and Sonos plus a few other bits. Vera's UI is ugly and also rather slow. The final straw was a recent S/W upgrade that broke the integration with my Visonic PowerMax alarm panel. I am really considering a wholesale switch to Fibaro & HC2, but I've been browsing the forums for an age now and can't really get a sense of what's compatible with what. I would like to switch to HC2. 1) With a UPS, can it reasonably be used as a standalone alarm panel, that you can arm/disarm from the web or phone UI, using only Z-Wave sensors? I could then buy a load of matched Fibaro sensors, which seems like the best / most compatible solution? 2) If a physical alarm panel would be better, which ones are recommended by the community that use wireless sensors, where the sensors are also available to HC2 to use as scene triggers etc.? The main constraint is that any solution needs to be available for sale in the UK and work on European frequencies. The alarm integration should also ideally be officially / natively supported. I'd like to control InfraRed devices in a couple of rooms - not sure what to use to send the IR commands? Needs to be a wireless IP device. Currently use iTach Flex and Roomie. I would also like it to work as easily as possible with Philips Hue, Sonos and Foscam FI9826W IP Cameras. Purchase timeframe is within the next couple of weeks. I have scoured all the forums for a simple list of devices, panels etc. that are fully compatible with HC2 but no luck. Hopefully one of you experts will be kind enough to offer some thoughts - many thanks!
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