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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, Is it posible in HC2 LUA to create global functions? I use o lot of functions over and over again and have to include them in every scene Is it possible to create functions in a centralized scene and use them from every other scene? Example: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ GlobalFunctions ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ global function BeepXseconds(x) fibaro:call(42, "turnOn") fibaro:sleep(x * 1000)
  2. I have come across several Fibaro LUA functions that do not seem to be documented in the available Fibaro LUA manual. Here are a few examples: fibaro:getName(id) fibaro:getRoomNameByDeviceID(id) The use of formatting codes in fibaro:debug("text") And fibaro:call(id, "sendPush", "text..") and similar commands for e-mail etc. I have successfully used all of these and probably more. I am sure there are still more functions/calls out there which are only known from scenes published on the forum. Is there a more complete documentation available? Has anyone collec
  3. I have written an enhancement scripts for boosting the heating in certain rooms based on presence. I already have a zwave boiler controller, and LC-13 radiators with a scripted running base heating scene.. The purpose of this is for certain rooms that meet the following criteria:- 1. Don't need to be heated to comfort level all the time in the heating panel 2. Presence is detected, and the user tends to be in the room for a good amount of time. 2 initial rooms for me are Study and Living Room I wrote it based on tabulated data, so I could just add additional i
  4. Hi, I’m relatively new to Lua and Fibaro. I have two questions about running Lua functions and accessing Lua tables from other scenes. Running Functions From Other Scenes: I have built a scene called "Initialise" which contains a collection of Lua functions. One of these functions is called Arm() and takes the parameter "_status" which indicates how the Intruder Detection System should be set. The "_status" can be: Disarm = disarms all motion sensors, door and window sensors Away = arms all motion sensors, door and window sensors Home = arms all the door and window sensors do
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