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FEEDBACK on 1.020

Guest ericf

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Guest ericf

First steps on 1.020

- nice graphics/icons/...


- should be able to list and select between all available icons

- should be able open/close part of the house/rooms. If you click on element of the house it doesn't open/close the component --> they are all listed so which multiple components on the screen it becomes to long ..; and you have the scroll the window. it works on Devices tab when you click on an room (show or hide list of component linked to the room)

- on my module AEON LABS Door/Windows sensor, and set it to disarm, it still send notification. should it not be ignored are have a 3rd state --> Ignore ?

- still think that we should be able to select the type of module (the factory that has develop the product and the model), so related to this info a specific window/parameters should be available on the user has only to set default and advance parameters without have the required knowledge of all parameters of the component.

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Guest ericf
  • Topic Author
  • Power status:

    it should be could to have also the ability to have the % of power on a module. The battery icon is cool but sometimes % is more useful certainly to use in scene.

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    Guest Maarten
  • Topic Author
  • Some of my devices now have the wrong type

    - One of my dimmers is now listed as an "EZMotion 3 in 1"

    - One of my motion sensors is now listed as an

    Device kind: On / Off Switch

    Device type: Horstmann HRT4 ASR-ZW

    while the other one (exactly the same type) is listed as an " Device kind: Motion Sensor"

    - Parameters for my motion sensors are still very hard to save

    - I can move rooms up and down in the list but not sections

    Overall I think the system looks a lot more finished, mainly because the texts are almost everywhere in english now.

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    Guest ericf
  • Topic Author
  • maybe remove the module and re-add it to solve the problem.

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    Guest Fidziu
  • Topic Author
  • ericf,

    1. good point about icon we will think it over

    2. there is that option in mobile app, you can scroll down/up on room icon to switch lights or scroll right/left to open/close blinds. You can also do it on flor or whole home.

    3. I dont understand what you mean;)

    4. Give more details what you mean.

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    Guest ericf
  • Topic Author
  • regarding the status of a device like a AEON LABS:

    - it can be Arm

    - it can be Disarm

    So I think, Arm mean= actif and Disarm mean= not actif.

    But if you assign a Notification to a device in Advance tab, email me, you can assign a message that will be send to the user email address --> OK

    But if the module i set to Disarm, it means not active (like the door sensor doesn't be actif when I'm at home) so I don't want to receive a notification each time a open/close a door where this module is linked. Only when I set the module Arm, I mean want to active it, it should send a notification.

    But id doesn't take care about the Arm/Disarm ... I receive the notification.

    So maybe it is a bug or a other status 'Ignore'/'Deactivate' should be present to be able that no notification are send.

    for the last item, it means:

    If the HC2 find a EZMotion 3in1 ... actually the icon are ok.

    But we should be able to set default setting provide by you/HC2 or be able to specify the company that has developed/build the product. So if we set this from a list of manufacture/company in the General tab, the Advance that will show all possible parameter available/existing for this type of module. In fact the Advance window will allow us to modify/adapt all parameters by changing value and not like now have to add manually the parameters.

    So if for example, HC2 discover the EZMotion, we could set the company that has developed this product, then when we click on Advance tab, it should show all of the following settings of this module :

    Parameter Number = 1

    Parameter Name = Sensitivity

    Default = 200

    Description =

    Sensitivity sets the amount of motion required for EZMotion to detect motion. A higher value makes it more sensitive and a lower value makes it less sensitive. Note that values above 200 are not recommended when EZMotion is battery operated.

    Recommended values:

    10 = Pet Immune

    100 = Medium sensitivity for hallways

    200 = Highly sensitive for rooms where people are sitting still


    And a field for custom value --> where we could set our desired value

    Parameter Number = 2

    Parameter Name = On Time

    Default = 20 Min

    Description = On Time sets the number of minutes that the lights stay on when motion has not been detected.

    A value of 0 On Time is a special mode where the lights are constantly sent a command to turn them on whenever motion is detected. EZMotion will NOT turn the lights off in this mode. Note that this mode will significantly shorten battery life. Recommended values:

    5 min for hallways

    20 min for an office environment

    60 min for a library or other room where someone may be sitting still for a long time

    0* 1-255

    And a field for custom value --> where we could set our desired value

    Parameter Number = 3

    Parameter Name = LED ON/OFF

    Default = 255

    Description = LED ON/OFF turns the LED on or off. A slight improvement in battery life is obtained by turning the LED off. Setting LED ON/OFF to zero will turn the LED off and 255 turns it on.

    0, 255

    And a field for custom value --> where we could set our desired value

    Parameter Number = 4

    Parameter Name = Light Threshold

    Default = 100

    Description = Light Threshold is the percentage of light in the room above which the lights will not be turned on. Light Threshold is often used in room with a lot of natural daylight. Setting Light Threshold to a value of 50% will cause EZMotion to not turn the lights on when the natural light in the room is already at the 50% value. This feature only prevents the lights from coming on when motion is first detected and the light level in the room is already above Light Threshold. It will not turn the lights off when the amount of natural light in the room increases. It will automatically turn on the lights in a room that has motion in it and that the amount of natural light has dropped below Light Threshold.

    A value of 100% turns off this feature.

    Recommended values:

    Usually a value between 40% and 60% will prevent the lights from coming on in a reasonably well light room and will turn them on as it is getting dark. Some experimentation is required with each room to determine the proper setting.


    And a field for custom value --> where we could set our desired value

    Parameter Number = 5

    Parameter Name = Stay Awake

    Default = 0

    Description = Setting Stay Awake to a non-zero value will cause EZMotion to always be awake. NOTE: this mode should NOT be used when EZMotion is battery powered! Batteries will only last a few days in this mode.

    Stay Awake is NOT set to the factory default (0) when EZMotion is Excluded (reset) from the Z-Wave network.

    Setting Stay Awake to a non-zero value will cause the Z-Wave Listening Bit to be set. EZMotion will become a routing node in the Z-Wave Mesh-Network when the Listening Bit is set.

    To properly have EZMotion included in the routing tables, set Stay Awake to a non-zero value, then reset EZMotion (Exclude from the network), then add it back to the network. The new routing information will be used since the listening bit is set.


    So my opinion is that your are on the good way to be in domo world like the APPLE into Informatic/Music ... they are always 2 steps further than the competition ... Also hen you use Apple product, any user can use it, you don't need to be a tecky, an expert ... , it is like this:

    - power on,

    - do you want this or this (select between possibilities ... ok)

    - done ... it works

    Please login or register to see this image.

    /emoticons/default_icon_smile.gif" alt=":-)" />

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    Guest ericf
  • Topic Author
  • also ... I think it should be good in the Scenes to be able to as Command use 'Notitifaction'.


    if component Z-wave AEON LABS door/window is open + armed then Notify (send a message through Mail, or SMS, or Push ? or ...) else open + disarm --> nothing do do.

    I think that it is not yet possible.

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