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Dreambox http request


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hi damian

can you tell me how i must write the following line ?

[ Added: 2013-03-25, 08:47 ]

I find it by my self,

this code works for me to change to desired channel

GET /web/zap?sRef=1:0:16:51CC:C96:3:EB0000:0:0:0: HTTP/1.10x0D0x0A0x0D0x0A

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I have ADB 5800 decoder (popular nbox in Poland) with Enigma2 software.

I create virtual device witch on/off button, text message button and volume slider.

Please only rearrange the IP address

power button

HC2 = Net.FHttp("")
wynik = HC2:GET("/web/remotecontrol?command=116")

power on

HC2 = Net.FHttp("")
wynik = HC2:GET("/web/powerstate?newstate=4")

power off

HC2 = Net.FHttp("")
wynik = HC2:GET("/web/powerstate?newstate=5")

message on screen, %20 its space

HC2 = Net.FHttp("")
wynik = HC2:GET("/web/message?text=message%20text")

slider volume

-- do zmiennej SetVol wczytujemy wartość suwaka
SetVol = fibaro:getValue(19, "ui.Slider1.value");
HC2 = Net.FHttp("");
-- wysyłamy wartość do dekoder
HC2:GET('/web/vol?set=set' .. SetVol .. ''); 

main loop

HC2 = Net.FHttp("");
-- wczytuje wynik zapytania do zmiennej dane, status i errorcode nie wykorzystamy
dane, status, errorcode = HC2:GET("/web/vol");
-- wyszukujemy 
data = string.find(dane,"");
-- wyciągamy wartość
datatxt = string.sub(dane,data+11,data+12);
-- aktualizujemy wartość suwaka
fibaro:call(19, "setProperty", 'ui.Slider1.value', datatxt) 

My virtual device in Attachment,

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If I want to do something similar but only see on my VU + box (enigma2) are on and which channel is displayed

you can use the browser if you want to see if the box is on or not

1:0:19:57 D: E: 46: E080000: 0:0:0: TV4 HD

if it is turned on and the channel TV4 HD is on and so on

N / A N / A

appears when the box is off

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Hi Johan71,

Did you create a VD for your VU+?

Could you share it with us.


no noting yet, still waiting if someone are willing to help me.

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I have created a virtual device for my VU+ Solo2 which shows current channel and program, I use the following code for this:

local VU = Net.FHttp("",80);

response ,status, errorCode = VU:GET("/api/statusinfo");
jsonTable = json.decode(response);
local osd = jsonTable.currservice_station;
local prog = jsonTable.currservice_name;


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Any idea how to do the same with HCL ? via http only and not LUA

You can execute the GET request but have no way to manipulate the response or display it in HCL. You would need access to a scripting server of sorts. Any local web page you control would do. Then let that scripting server do the work for HCL and update the labels on the virtual device via a json PUT statement. That last part I haven't tested yet so not sure if it can be done.

I'm considering making life simpler by using PHP on my NAS as the scripting buddy for HCL. I'm quickly getting tired of the cumbersome manual coding of http requests in virtual devices.

Then again it might be simpler to upgrade to HC2.

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Hi Raul,

Did you make a VD also with power on/off and volume control?


No I didn't since I never power off my VU+, but you should be able to add those functions by using the code yulas posted in this thread.

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