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Connecting Electric Velux Windows



Has anyone managed to connect an electric Velux window to Fibaro?

I am looking to buy two electric Velux roof windows with electric blinds like this:

Please login or register to see this link.

I want to control both the opening and closing of the window and the opening and closing of the blind from the HC2.

I have heard Global Cache being mentioned before on the site. Any dieas/suggestions?

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Yes, we have done it... It works well but you need an extra interface to connect the Fibaro relays to. I think it is call a "KLF"

Each KLF can control one window or one blind... or one group (i.e "All windows)

This allows you to use the relay channels to send the open or close command.

You will have to set the relay to "Auto Off" and everytime you turn the relay "on" it will send the open or close command.

You can not use the roller shutter module

[ Added: 2013-04-20, 10:19 ]

The attached image shows a room that has the main KLC controller and 4 x KLF interfaces. (One for each window and one for each blind) Each KLF has one 2 x 1.5kw relay attached

The KLF sends the same commands as the Velux remote to the main KLC controller when the relay switches

Then the individual open/close switches can be used in scenes etc

Please login or register to see this attachment.

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  • Brilliant, thanks!

    I am ordering two Velux Integra windows with electric blinds, so from what you have said I will need:

    1x KLC 500 Controller

    4x KLF 100 Interfaces

    Where do the controller and interfaces need to be installed?

    I was hoping to hide them all in the eaves of my loft which would place them within 2 to 3 metres of the windows but hidden away from sight behind a wooden wall.

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    I believe the KLF controllers are wired to the windows and are the receivers for the Velux remote controls.

    The KLC need to be within radio distance to these as they act in the same way as the remote. The Fibaro Relays will be wired in to these so be aware of z-wave frequency distance as well.

    In our installation the windows were wired back to a cupboard so we installed all the KLF interface units right next to them with the relays on a board

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  • Inquirer
  • I spoke to Velux about the KLC 500, this is what they said:

    “Please note that after speaking to one of my technical colleagues I am afraid that the KLC 500 is not available for sale in the UK and therefore we have no information on this product.”

    Johnny, is the KLC necessary in the solution? Where did you buy yours from?

    I am waiting to hear back from io-HomeControl. I’ll keep you posted.

    *** EDIT ***: Received more info from Velux regarding the KLF 100. They say that one unit can control up to 200 products. I am guessing though that you needed to get 4 of them so that you could program each one to operate a single product (e.g. electric window, electric blind). This is because you can only connect 1 2x1.5kw module to one KLF 100.

    Is this correct?

    If yes, then it sounds annoyingly expensive. It’s a pity that Global Cache do not produce a RF device. They seem to have every other option under the sun, but given that Velux products and the KLF 100 only run on RF it doesn’t seem to be an option.

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    I think the KLF 050 is the solution for your problem

    Please login or register to see this image.

    /emoticons/default_icon_wink.gif" alt=";-)" />

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  • Inquirer
  • Thanks for your help guys.

    In the end I purchased 4x KLF 100 units; one unit per physical device that I want to control; 2 windows and 2 blinds in total.

    One Fibaro Relay is hardwired to one KLF 100 via 3 a core connection. The Fibaro Relay can send a signal to open, close or pause, but it has no idea what is happening beyond the KLF 100.

    The KLF is then configured to send an RF signal to 1 connected (blind or window) and controls only that device. This is despite the KLF 100 being able to control up to 200 devices at the same time.

    The reason for this is that there is no way that the Fibaro can send signals to multiple devices on the KLF as the interface (which is a simple 3 core setup) is too basic.

    So in the end I have 4x KLF 100 to control 2x windows with 2x blinds; 4 Fibaro Relays connected to the KLF units and then 2 more Fibaro Relays (2x 1.5kw) sitting behind 2 gang switches.

    I then wrote some LUA that works just fine to control the blinds and windows from the wall switch. You can find the code

    Please login or register to see this link.

    Despite it not being cheap to setup, it is working fine

    PS: Peter, I could not get the UK supplier to sell me the KLF 050; they said it was not for the UK market. I'm not sure what benefit it would have been anyway.

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