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Aeon Labs Multisensor - Scenes with slave devices.



Wondering if anyone help. Trying to configure a variable change with the slave devices on the Aeon Multisensor, specifically the LUX sensor.

When I try to configure the scene and select the LUX sensor in 'Devices', it only comes up with the Master device which is the movement sensor and only allows it's parameters to be set (i.e. on/off/breached etc.)

Anyone know how I can select the LUX sensor so that if LUX <150 then change variable ?

Is this something I have to do with LUA because it is not supported fully by the HC2 ?


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Same problem here:

no slave device of any primary device is shown in associations and block based scenes.

Wonder if they can be accessed via LUA ?

Any experiences like this ?


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Hi, what software version do you use? I'm with 3.548 and no problem with 4-1 sensor or lux or humidity with block scenes.. everything is nice.

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I am running 3.553.

Cross checked: all devices there in Block scenes (now?).

But this does not work (probably new topic then ?) in associations:

Fibaro dual 1.5 kW switch (FGS221), Primary is 'normal' Light, secondary is 'Flood Light'.

There is a motion sensor installed near to 'Flood Light', which is secondary device on that FGS221.

In Association of the motion sensor I cannot pick the secondary device, just not there when clicking 'Set Up' for Group 2.

Only primary devices are shown.

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Same problem here, want to switch a fan based on humidity, but can only find parameters of the master device (motion, on/off/breached/safe/armed etc) in block mode scene programming. What am I doing wrong?

The device does measure humidity, lux etc, values are shown in the events.

[ Added: 2014-02-10, 21:58 ]

Update: even though I cannot see the corresponding blocks for humidity I just used >= ON and entered the humidity percentage value (55 in my case) in the green block named "ON". This works, if humidity is equal or above 55 it switches on my fan.

Please login or register to see this image.

Another question though: I switch the fan off the same way using a different scene, if humidity is beneath 55%. I want the fan to run another 10 minutes after humidity drops below this value, so I entered 600 s in the red field behind " Trun Off". This works fine.

What happens humidity rises before the fan switches off, so within those 10 minutes Will the fan still switch off after the first timed out 10 minutes, or will it start countdown over?

In Homeseer you could see delayed events (events in Homeseer is same as scenes in HC2), and you were able to delete them when starting a new event, so it wouldn't interfere with a new scene. Can anyone explain? Thanks.

[ Added: 2014-02-11, 07:19 ]

update: there is something wrong with the Multisensor. I've set all groups to only report humidity (parameter 101, 102, 103 all set to value 64). This works fine, until the humidity reaches 90% (it's in the shower), then it starts reporting motion/temp/lux and no humidity anymore.

I've seen this twice now, I reloaded the parameters (settings were different then the ones I loaded yesterday), and it started working again. Until the next shower, it reaches 90% and stopped detecting humidity again. I'm lost here. BTW: latest firmware loaded on Multisensor. Maybe it's just getting to moist, I'll try another position later.

Never had these problems with an Oregon sensor combined with RFXcom and Homeseer.

To be continued...

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Are you sure you've included the 4-in-1 correctly? Do you have 4 devices in your device list?

I have a scene where the light in a certain room will only come on if the lux value goes below a threshold value AND movement is detected. I programmed it in block scenes to begin with - however, it didn't work real smooth, so I ended up doing it in Lua, but it should definitely be possible to do it from the block scene generator.

But you need to make sure that your devices are included correctly. The 4-in-1 can be a bit fiddly to include. The best way is actually to plug it in to USB to avoid it going to sleep. Otherwise you'll have to press the include button on the sensor for 2 seconds several times over.

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Dalle1985, yes it should be included correctly, I have 4 devices in my list. Humidity detection does work, but the blocks will only show motion detection options. But by adding the percentage as described above it works, the fan switches on above the set percentage. But when humidity goes above 90%, it stops reporting humidity and only reports motion (and occasionally temp and lux). Not very reliable.

Anyway, I ordered an Everspring sensor yesterday, let's see if that will solve my problem.

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