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Time triggered scenes unreliable



I have several time triggered scenes running in my HC2 and for the past weeks I have noticed that they often work, but sometimes don't.

I have the strange feeling, I can not confirm it, that the HC2 is busy with other things and therefore misses the time slot of 1 minute that it has to compare a trigger time with the actual time.

Can anyone confirm this behaviour? And does anyone know a better way to time trigger scenes in Lua that is independent of what the HC2 is doing?

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I have the same problem. All time controled scènes which are made by the Blocks are having the problem.

I was thinking of changing it to lua. Maybe that helps. Or did you use lua?

It is not z-wave. It is the scène engine as I have the same problem with time controled controling a virtual device which executes lua http command.

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i have the same issues with the HCL. (its running on 3.590)

Any time triggered scene is not working.

if press run it works one time, but the shedule doesn't start.

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Guest shapa

I had multiple stability issues with Fibaro's block scheduled scenes. Lua is much more reliable but still not perfect as it could easily miss the time in case of "==" (and HC2 was busy with something) and "catchup" is not implemented.

It should be improved dramatically in v4.x as multithreading is finally implemented.

For today, the only way to "fix" issues (HC2 / HCL time scenes are extremely unreliable) is to use excellent robmac's sheduler. It works 100% reliable.

I'm very confused why Fibaro is not able to fix such issues, but there are many other strange decisions made (like non-configurable SMTP server, etc).

[ Added: 2014-03-31, 20:59 ]

Please login or register to see this link.

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  • Inquirer
  • mvrekum,

    Are you sure that controlled device are in range of your Z-Wave network?

    Yes, all the devices are in range.

    The problem is the autostart command. I did a little test where I used the fibaro debug command in a scene and had autostart start the scene. I took about 1.5 minutes between 2 autostarts.

    So when you have a scene that has to start for example at 12.00 and autostart starts the scene at 5 seconds before 12.00 then the if command will compare 11:55 with 12:00, which is false. During the next autostart, 1.5 minutes later the time is 12:25, which is then compared to 12:00 and is also false, so the scene simply misses 12:00.

    I solved this by putting the whole scene in a while loop: while true do ... end with a fibaro sleep command of 45 seconds.

    Could you please tell us what the exact goal is of autostart? Using autostart to start a scene and then compare times in an if statement, like the block scenes do, does not work reliable.

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    autostart only starts an instance of the scene on save or on HC2 restart.

    You always need a loop to get a timed event with fibaro:sleep(1000*) to avoid a closed loop eating your processor time.Then make sure you compare the time you want in minutes not seconds. If you want within a minute sleep has to be 1 min or to avoid the occasional miss slightly less.

    It does work.

    Another gotcha is make sure you only have one instance running. HC2 will run more than one instance as it is multithreaded (other then the z-wave engine we now know).

    I eventually had so many timer scenes that I wrote the scheduler so it was all a bit simpler. If you are going to have lots of timers you may find it easier.

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    I had this issue with my hcl. I have 2 scenes turning of lights at 7:30pm and 10:30pm.

    Because of other issues I had to restart the box at 5pm. The box was up and running seconds later.

    The same day my scenes did not function. Is this normal?

    The day after all scenes worked again.

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